Is Trump really pro life, or is he just pandering for votes?

Discussion in 'The Spirit of the USA' started by BrianK, Jan 24, 2020.

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    The House of Congress has nothing to do in a supreme court nomination, nor do any of them vote on the nominee. This is done in the Senate, which Republicans control. The Senate head has said he will move the nominee forward to a vote before the end of the year. Neither Dem's nor Congress can stop the Supreme court election and that is why they are spinning nuttier then ever. Senator Graham said they have enough votes in the Senate to bring President Trumps nominee into the supreme court before the new year. Not a good moment for the pro-baby killer Dem's. Their highest sacrament of abortion could come to an end!!
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    Looks like those thousands if not millions of prayers are starting to change the temporal reality. Let's KEEP those prayers coming EVERYONE!!
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    The kind of vitriol coming from them now sounds like they want to disrupt the election and this will be their excuse. If they were confident of a win they wouldn't need to resort to such tactics.

    They want to defund the police but they must know that no country can function without a police force. Will the rioters be drafted into the police after the election? Or will they have BLM leaders overseeing the police?
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    That is their plan. They want their paid thugs (antifa and blm) to "police" because they need to cause disruption to overturn the Constitution. It's like the what the deep state has been doing for years in the Middle East....regime change". We are witnessing what went on in other countries right here now.

    I imagine as it gets really close to November 3rd we will see really bad rioting and things happening as they want to prevent us from voting.
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    exactly Tanker....
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    A couple of thoughts. In 1994, George Pataki(R) was running against incumbent Mario Cuomo(D) for governor in New York. Pataki was fiscally conservative, but like Mario, pro-abortion. Many friends and I spent hours talking about whether we should vote for Pataki or a pro-life 3rd party candidate because Mario's liberalism on other issues was also extreme. So back then it was not a clear choice.

    This year, it is a clear choice for me for two reasons. Obviously, Trump's pro-life position is one. However, here is the other: Trump will give me and my family and most fervent Christians another four years of breathing space from the onslaught and tyranny of the NWO. The Democrats and a number of Republicans are fully on board in laying the groundwork for the Man of Lawlessness. And their number one roadblock right now is Trump. The NWO will be permitted by God because of mankind's growing rebellion against Him, but at least Trump is the best choice to provide a little more time to fortify ourselves before all hell literally breaks out.

    I guess one could argue why wait, bring it on, but to tell you the truth, I'm too chicken!:barefoot::LOL:

    Watch the following beginning at the 17 minute mark:

    Safe Under Mary's Mantle!
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    Well said!!! I am a chicken too :p
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    Bawk bawk:p
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    The following is, yes, a pro-Trump analysis. But clearly the Left is willing to do almost anything to stymie the Constitutional prescribed process of selecting a new Supreme Court Justice. Why? It appears that a Trump picked candidate would be approved by a Republican majority in the Senate. This would shift the majority on the Supreme Court bench to a 5-4 balance in favor of judicial restraint. (Roberts has obviously shifted in favor of judicial activism the last few years). This country hasn't really had such a balance in the Supreme Court for over 50 years!

    One Democratic politician from California stated a willingness to go to DC and bodily prevent (with the help of others, I assume) the Senate from voting on the Court nominee until after the election! In other words, obstruction of a constitutional mandate! Things cannot get any worse, apart from civil war.

    I hope you can understand that the vote this November simply isn't about who will be President.

    Lord have Mercy!
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    Great explanation
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  12. BrianK

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    To a Catholic who says, ‘I could never vote for Trump.’

    If Trump loses the election, the abortion holocaust will greatly increase in the U.S. and worldwide.
    By Dan Zeidler
    Mon Sep 21, 2020 - 6:17 pm EST
    September 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — I grew up a happy Democrat in a blue-collar union family. I was told and believed that the Democrats tried to help the “little guy.” But it’s been a long time since I voted for a Democrat. I did not leave the Democratic Party. The party left me. The clearest sign that there is no room for me in the Democratic Party is the Party’s radical enthusiasm for promoting the “legal” killing of children — roughly a million babies slaughtered per year thanks to Democratic policies and the actions of Democratic public officials.

    If you are a believing, practicing Catholic who truly accepts the Church’s teaching that condemns abortion as an “unspeakable crime” (per Vatican II), or if you are a Christian of another denomination or any person of goodwill who understands the moral depravity of abortion, please read the comments below.

    * * *

    Many Americans have a negative opinion of President Donald Trump. They reject his person and at least some of his policies.

    But most people do not know that the policies of the Trump administration to protect the lives of the unborn and their mothers make Trump the most effective president in the battle against abortion — far more effective than any other U.S. president in history.

    Whether one likes Trump or not, that is the truth.

    It can’t be denied. A look at the actual record of the Trump administration is enlightening.

    These policies, which he has implemented for the protection of women and their unborn children, are enormously popular among Catholics and others whose well formed consciences lead them to reject abortion as “an unspeakable crime.”

    As important, or more important, than his anti-abortion policies are his judicial appointments. To date, over 200 federal judges nominated by Trump have already been confirmed by the Senate for lifetime appointments. These judges are overwhelmingly likely to restore our constitutional order and reject abortion as a supposed “constitutional right.”

    The significance of this for the future of the country is enormous.

    There is much hope that tens of millions of children’s lives can be saved in the future, and their mothers spared the agony that abortion brings them.

    If one day in the future the dictatorship of abortion in the U.S. comes to an end because of court action, it will be because of the appointments President Trump has made and has pledged to continue to make in the future.

    Those who fully understand the destruction that abortion has inflicted on this nation thank God for these actions President Trump has taken.

    And all knowledgeable people — whether “pro-lifers” or “pro-abortionists” — recognize Trump’s absolutely key role in this regard.

    There is no debate on this point.

    If it weren’t for Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton — a committed radical pro-abortionist — she would have further propagated the culture of death through her anti-life policies and her lifetime federal judicial appointments.

    Now radical abortion proponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are leading the Democrats in support of abortion up to birth for any “reason” or no reason. This is a crime against humanity!

    And the Democrats want us, as taxpayers, to pay for these killings.

    Even worse, they want to export abortion killings all over the world.

    One need not be a fan of Trump’s sometimes crude manners and tweets, or of some of his policies, to understand that we are living in a time now of hope instead of suffering under the draconian baby-killing policies of Democrats.

    Trump has surrounded himself with many excellent policy advisers and key appointees in the administration who are committed to implementing policies protective of the unborn and their mothers, both nationally and internationally.

    It cannot be denied that we have been given an opportunity to stop the fanaticism of the Democrats, who want to take us deeper and deeper into the abyss.

    Serious Catholics who recognize that abortion is an absolutely “pre-eminent” issue in politics will never vote for or support the candidates of the pro-abortion Democratic Party.

    Until the Democrats return to their true humanitarian and commonsense roots, which they abandoned decades ago, they will continue to be the baby slaughter party.

    If there is a dislike of Trump for X reason, okay, but let’s not forget what will happen to the precious unborn if the Democrats gain control of the country.

    And heaven help the unborn babies around the world, because President Trump’s current U.S. international pro-life policies will be overturned by the Democrats to allow full promotion and funding for abortion, and further undermine pro-life legislation in other countries if Trump is not re-elected.

    Trump may not be a saint, but his policies regarding abortion and his judicial appointments are key to stopping the radical abortionists in the U.S. and worldwide.

    If someone is not going to vote for Trump because he is not a saint, whom will that person vote for? For Biden and Harris, who are committed to facilitating the “legal” massacre of millions of babies and the destruction of motherhood and our society?

    And if Catholics and others who truly hate abortion vote for a third-party candidate or just do not vote at all in the presidential race because they can’t stomach Trump, the effect will be devastating, increasing the likelihood of a pro-abortion Democratic victory.

    If Trump loses the election, the abortion holocaust will greatly increase in the U.S. and worldwide.

    That is too horrible to contemplate!
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  13. BrianK

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    I’m not sure how one can refute this.
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    Me either.
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    Because, as mentioned before, Catholics like myself will not vote for a candidate that supports one of the sins that cries out to heaven. That’s how.

    I’m not willing to lose - or rather support the loss - of the values that the party stands for. These issues have nothing to do with his personal holiness, but rather his stance and that of the judges he picks on important issues like LMNOP issues.

    It’s not a complicated stance, in fact it’s the stance from Trump supporters that is more complicated.
  16. KnightTemplar

    KnightTemplar Principalities

    Frodo, I get that you won't budge on this issue. You see it as somehow compromising your beliefs if you vote for the less of two evils. I get that.

    Suffering in this life is the only certainty. Christ mentions that we all must carry our cross to meet him for our eternal reward. We all have to muddle our way in this life as best as we can, and sometimes when possible try our best to minimize the suffering. No way to end the suffering...but do what I can to minimize it.

    This can be hard for some that don't want to compromise their beliefs. And it sort of boils down to that really, when you think about it:

    Should people vote for a sinner who supports other sins to possibly end other sins?

    It's a hard question to ask. Will I be judged a co-conspirator to the sinning, because I have voted some sins to continue under Trump? I understand that.

    I trust and know though, that the Lord is righteous enough to discern to see what's in my heart to know that I did my best with the circumstances I was given. The issue of "lmnop"s are sins of personal nature...those that do it, will have to answer for it and THEY are not innocent in their actions.

    Now, getting back to voting for the lessor of two evils, and whether it is worth holding your nose and going to the polls and voting for Trump, because he might completely change abortion? I don't know...that's a decision you will make in November.

    I would like for you and those that didn't vote for him 4 years ago to ponder this though: If there were more people that thought like you in the last election, that viewed the world as you do. (Where they were not willing to hold their nose and vote for the lessor of two evils.) We certainly wouldn't be talking TODAY about a possibility of repealing of Roe Vs Wade. And that's it...the lessor of two evils got us here. We would be instead talking about another 4 more years of Mrs. Clinton.

    And now this ties back to my original theme, on suffering. Today, because some held-their noses 4 years ago and went to the polls and voted for the lessor of two evils we have that real possibility...and that of minimizing the suffering. The suffering of the innocent.
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  17. Frodo

    Frodo Archangels

    No, the LGBTQ sins are not personal. That is not sound doctrine. All sin is not merely personal. It is sin against nature:

    St. Bernardine of Siena

    “Just as people participate in the glory of God in different degrees, so also in hell some suffer more than others. He who lived with this vice of sodomy suffers more than another, for this is the greatest sin.”

    This is not a sin that we can “hold our nose “ on. Look at the youth and society at large; they are succumbing to this lifestyle in numbers that we have not seen before.

    I ask you: at what point are you willing to draw the line? How many evils would be an evil too much? We’ve seen picture and know from history that priests and religious have saluted Hitler thinking him to be the lessor of two evils. History does not judge them well now. Neither will history judge us well as we hold our noses to such a sin and allow our votes to be cast for a man that openly supports a lifestyle so evil.

    If four years ago we had enough people willing to declare the above, I submit to you that we would have a much better candidate running today - one that would uphold Christian values in all aspects, and especially those aspects which are non-negotiable. Instead, trying to right one evil that has went on for decades some are willing to allow another just as heinous from, which it will take us decades more to dig out from - if at all.

    It is foolish to think that abortion will be blotted out because of Trump. Best case scenario is it goes back to the states. Let’s not count our votes before they happen - they have a tendency to not turn out the way we thought (Suter anyone? Gorsuch?).

    No, this is not a situation where Catholics like myself are shirking our duty and not thinking through this clearly, it is a situation where ALL Catholics should demand the basic minimum from a candidate. I’m sick of hearing how we must go along with the system and hold our nose. We are Catholic, let’s act like it. Let’s be the light to the nations. Let’s stop capitulating in areas where we can’t. Let’s stop minimizing sins where we should not.

    Yes, we will all have to answer for our vote or lack thereof. There is nothing in the above which requires people like me to defend their choice as we are not required to vote for the “lessor of two evils” - we are merely permitted to. And that is only if we are correctly analyzing the situation. Which I believe objectively many are not (not judging your heart or intentions here).

    World of difference.

    Let’s refrain from attacking Catholics who are suffering because they in good conscience can’t vote for such a candidate. This is a classic case of friendly fire, and seems to happen too often here.
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  18. Don_D

    Don_D ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

    Clearly we do not have enough people willing to declare anything even remotely resembling what you propose. Catholics, in the US are not a majority of the US voting population and lets not forget that we ourselves are bitterly divided even among ourselves. It is not only a great number of Catholics which have adopted modernist Marxist theory but a great many Protestant denominations who too have abandoned right from wrong and instead have declared "their" truth.
    It is far too late for what you are advocating. We are in an age when the terms racism and religious zealot are tossed about like adjectives anytime someone refuses to raise their fist in solidarity with the mob.
    The lesser of two evils is the absolute best outcome we can hope for at this point. Don't waste your vote, cast it for the closest ideological proponent available that realistically has a chance of winning and push for radical change at a time when it can actually make a difference. That time is certainly not 40 days before a election. It has to be built up over time and gain momentum.

    I would suggest giving a listen to Father Ripperger's recent video's for a better grasp on the times we are in.

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    Bottom line. Period. 89AD793A-A186-4A62-BCAA-F6E3E9308376.jpeg
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  20. HeavenlyHosts

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    Don and Brian, thank you as always.
    Insightful and truth posts. Don, I will watch Fr Ripperger today. He is truly orthodox and can be followed.
    Frodo, we are not attacking you. We are
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