Is the Warning Imminent?

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Is the Warning Imminent?

  1. Yes it is.

  2. No ,it is still a way off.

  3. I have not got a clue.

  1. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes Sean. I am sure of it. He radiates holiness. Sadly he might have passed away. I will have to check. If he has gone home to the Lord we should ask his intercession!!
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  2. Dean

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    Don't read too much into it. It is NOT a secret society. It is two people having an affair talking. focus on the trump stuff and see where that goes. They want you to get caught up in what could be sensational but is nothing. What I mean by this is say that you, me and 10 others on this board wanted to overthrow Padraig as the supreme leader of this message board and we communicated via text to do so. We could call our selves a secret society or we could call our selves the Illuminati or whatever. That doesnt make us really THE Illuminati or a secret society, so don't get caught up in that, just follow the investigation and watch where it goes. You start talking about a secret society and people will think you are nuts and won't believe anything you say just because of that. diversion tactics
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  3. Byron

    Byron Powers
  4. Praetorian

    Praetorian Powers

    Yes the Fr. Roux I was speaking to was elderly, though in good shape. It must be the same priest. He is wonderful. I have nothing but good things to say about him.

    Fr. Rice is one of the priests at my parent's parish. They are elderly and so lately I have been taking them to Mass (which I am not crazy about since it is a very liberal parish, but you do what you have to do.) When I first came back to Church I was going to morning Mass there. It was my first day at Mass after my first confession in 20 years and he was the priest (not the one who did my confession, but the one saying Mass). He opened the Mass with a song about rejoicing of the return of a sinner (or something to that effect) and ended it singing the Hail Mary which I was so happy about.

    I didn't really even know him, but he stopped me on the way out, grabbed my hand and began speaking in "tongues". It really ooked me out. I don't really care for that sort of stuff, but he is a very Spirit filled priest as well. He actually preaches about Heaven, Hell, the Devil, sin etc.
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  5. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

  6. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Sorry Carol can't find anything as accurate online. I have his book, and his pamphlet. I've also met him. I recommend you buy his book.
  7. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Byron, Is it too much trouble for you to jot down a quick chronology of how he sees the end times events? Thank you again.
  8. AED

    AED Powers

    Yes. He reads souls! It can be spooky but he has a long experience of doing deliverance. He literally saved a friend of mine before she became Catholic by discerning her situation and praying against the evil that was afflicting her. He brought her into the Church. I am not comfortable with all of those manifestations either but when it is a priest who is absolutely tuned to the Holy Spirit it can be very very powerful. How wonderful you have had a chance to meet Fr Roux. Maybe the holiest priest I have had the blessing to meet.
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  9. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Byron, Can you recommend the name of a good book about Father Gobbi's prophecies? On the Marian Movement of Priests (United States) website, I don't believe that they include his prophecies. .

    I am just really interested in his chronology of end times events and it appears that Ron Conte has them stated on his website. Can you verify that this is what Father Gobbi stated? I am not sure about Ron Conte as a source, he states the following in reply to an objection about Father Gobbi's timeline:

    Reply: These ten years, from 1988 to 1997, inclusive, are called decisive years, during which we enter into the final part of the second Advent. From these words it is clear that these ten years are the end of the second Advent, but also merely the beginning of a long series of subsequent events, including the secrets, and the great tribulation, and the glorious return of Christ. The 'culmination' and 'completion' refer not to the end of the end, but to the end of the time of preparation (second Advent) and the subsequent beginning of the series of events leading to the return of Christ.

    The sequence of events is as follows:

    • Second Advent - from 1970 (the 2000th anniversary of the Immaculate Conception) to 1999. This time period includes the 2000th anniversary of the Incarnation and Birth of Christ in 1986, and even the birth of the great Catholic monarch in 1997. This time period is called the second Advent because it prepares for subsequent periods of time which eventually reach fulfillment with the return of Christ.
    • the Forty Years - from the Jubilee Year of 2000 to the end of the three days of darkness in either late 2039 or early 2040. This time period includes a preparatory period from 2001 to 2009, with increased sufferings for the world. This time period also includes the first part of the tribulation (also known as the 'lesser' tribulation) from 2009/2010 to 2039/2040.
    • the reign of the great monarch and the Angelic Shepherd - in the 2040's and 2050's
    • a long period from the late 21st century to the early 25th century when the world slips gradually into greater and greater sinfulness
    • the reign of the ten kings in the 24th century
    • the nearly seven year reign of the Antichrist from 2430/2431 to 2437 A.D.
    • the Return of Christ, with Mary, in 2437 A.D.
    • the Seven Bowls of God's Wrath
    • the first Resurrection, Christ's Second Ascension, Mary's Second Assumption, Second Pentecost.
    • the Millennium of peace and holiness over all the earth
    • the second Return of Christ and Mary on Judgment Day, at the general Resurrection
    • God makes a new heaven and a new earth
    Mary says that 'there will come to completion the time of the great tribulation' because, during the 'second advent' (1970 to 1999) all the preparations for the tribulation will be in place. The ten years about which she speaks is from 1988 to 1997, inclusive. The year 1997 was the year of the birth of the great Catholic monarch, who has such an important role during the first part of the tribulation (and his reign even prepares for the second part of the tribulation centuries later).

    Again, Mary speaks in the manner of referring to a long series of events by means of their starting point, in this case, the ten years leading up to the birth of the great Catholic monarch, near the end of the second Advent. Mary is not saying that the secrets or the tribulation or the return of Christ take place during those ten years, but merely that all the preparations will be completed for that long series of events to occur.

    I am not saying that I agree or disagree with this timeline, I simply would like you to verify that it is what you are referring to when you stated that Father Gobbi's chronology appears to match what Birch has for the end times events. Birch does not associate any dates with anything in his chronology of events but if this is Father's Gobbi's timeline it does appear to have the same general order as Birch's with some different details highlighted and dates included as I mentioned.

    Ron Conte also states the following from Father Gobbi,

    There will be an Illumination of consciences, also called the Warning. It will occur
    during the reign of Pope Benedict XVI. The date will be announced beforehand.

    Again, I am not certain of Ron Conte's source and that is what I am trying to verify. We know from the Garabandal seers that the date of the Warning will not be announced beforehand but the date of the Miracle will be announced beforehand. So I am not all certain about this information from Ron Conte. Do you know if Father Gobbi stated this about the Warning? It is interesting, maybe he meant in the lifetime of Pope Benedict, idk.

    Thanks for your help. (Or anyone who is familiar with Father Gobbi's prophecies who is willing to take the time to answer this post. Thank you in advance).


    I found an online book which appears to contain all of Father Gobbi's locutions. Here is a link to it if anyone is interested,
    I am in no way promoting his messages because I have not gone through them myself and I am not certain that I plan to. It is important to note that the Church has not made a decision on the authenticity of these messages yet. I am merely posting the book here for those who are interested in reading the original messages opposed to Ron Conte's interpretations which I have posted above.
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  10. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Hi, Carol I just read this. Sorry for the delay. Well, I don't believe Ron Conte is accurate on Gobbi's chronology. I think he adds his own analysis. I don't have any book I can recommend to you on Fr Gobbi, other than his own. His writings about his locutions is very beautiful and very Marian. Our Lady through Fr Gobbi is speaking to her son's the priests. It's not so much a book on chronology as it is a book on love. One must truly be in the Spirit in order to grasp the importance of it. It changed me forever. I do recommend you reading it. When I get back home, I will try to write as much as I can on Fr Gobbi's chronology. I just don't have the book with me right now. God bless.
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  11. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    Ron Conte's predictions of the future have changed (after not coming to fruition) more than the Jehovah Witnesses. He is the last person I would follow.
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  12. Carol55

    Carol55 Ave Maria

    Fatima, Yes, I know and I think the timing of the Warning was Ron Conte's own statement. I am not following him or Father Gobbi. TY.

    Byron, I agree that it is better to go to the source if we can, hence, I found Father Gobbi's locutions. I don't believe that there is any need to discuss this further.
    I will read the online book if I have time. TY.
  13. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    From Father Gobbi's Blue Book, #485 The End of the Times revealed by our Blessed Mother (not the end of the world and the general judgement). The first few signs are well underway and it seems probable that the rest of the signs will be like domino's falling prior to the reign of the Antichrist that so many other credible messengers have foretold.
    • The first sign is the spread of errors, which lead to the loss of faith and to apostasy. These errors are being propagated by false teachers, by renowned theologians who are no longer teaching the truths of the Gospel, but pernicious heresies based on errors and on human reasoning. It is because of teaching of these errors that the true faith is being lost and that the great apostasy is spreading everywhere. The day of the Lord will not come unless the great apostasy comes first (2 Thes 2,3).
    • There will be false teachers among you. These will seek to introduce disastrous heresies and will even set themselves against the Master who ransomed them. Many will listen to them and will follow their licentious ways. (2 Peter 2:1-3)
    • The second sign is the outbreak of wars and fratricidal struggles, which lead to the prevalence of violence and hatred and general slackening off of charity, while natural catastrophes, such as epidemics, famines, floods and earthquakes, become more and more frequent".
    • When you hear of reports of wars, close at hand or far away, see that you are not alarmed, for these things must happen. Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. (Mt 24: 6-8 12-13)
    • The third sign is the bloody persecution of those who remain faithful to Jesus and to his Gospel and who stand fast in the truth faith. Through this all, the Gospel will be preached in every past of the world. Think beloved children, of the great persecutions to which recent popes, above all of my Pope, John Paul II, as he brings to all the nations of the earth the announcement of the Gospel. They will hand you over to persecution and the will kill you. You will be hated by all because of me and many will abandon the faith.
    • The fourth sign is the horrible sacrilege, perpetuated by him who sets himself against Christ, that is, the Antichrist. He will enter into the holy temple of God and will sit on his throne, and have himself adored as God. One day you will see in the holy place he who commits the horrible sacrilege. The prophet Daniel spoke of this. Let the readers seek to understand. (Mt 25:15)
    • The fifth sign consists in extraordinary phenomena, which occur in the skies. The sun will be darkened and the moon will not give its light and the stars will fall from the sky and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. (Mt 24:29). The miracle of the sun, which took place at Fatima during my last apparition, is intended to point out to you that you are now entering into the times when these events will take place, events which will prepare for the return of Jesus in Glory. And then the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven. All the tribes of the earth will morn, and men will see the Son of Man coming upon the clouds of heaven, with great power and splendor. (Mt 24:30)
    • My beloved ones and children consecrated to my Immaculate Heart, I have wanted to teach you about these signs, which Jesus has pointed out to you in his Gospel, in order to prepare you for the end of the times, because these are about to take place in your days.
    • The year which is coming to a close and that which is beginning, form part of the great tribulation, during which the apostasy is spreading, the wars are multiplying, natural catastrophes are occurring in many places, persecutions are intensifying, the announcement of the Gospel is being brought to all nations, extraordinary phenomena are occurring in the sky and the moment of the full manifestation of the Antichrist is drawing even nearer.
    • And so, I urge you to remain strong in the faith, secure in trust and ardent in charity. Allow yourselves to be led by me and gather together, each and all, in the sure refuge of my Immaculate Heart, which I have prepared for you especially during these last times. Read with me, the signs of your time and live in peace of heart and in confidence.
    • I am always with you, to tell you that the coming about of these signs indicates to you with certainty that the end of the times, which the return of Jesus in glory, is close at hand.
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  14. Fatima, i think you made a typo in the red text (?) I think it should say are now entering into the time instead of are not entering into the time it makes a huge difference.
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  15. Fatima

    Fatima Powers

    You are correct. Thanks for catching my typo. As this is not something that I can copy and paste, I had to type it all out and it should have read, "you are now entering into the times when these events will take place" (emphasis in red is mine).
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  16. Byron

    Byron Powers

    Thank you Fatima.
  17. Booklady

    Booklady Archangels

    Fatima, am I correct in thinking that we are in the time of the Second sign?
  18. Byron

    Byron Powers

    What about the third? There has been a major bloody persecution in the Middle East against the Christians. Fr Gobbi didn't specify where this was going to happen. Syria is after all the bedrock of Christianity.
  19. BrianK

    BrianK Proud2bRC Staff Member

    I fixed it for you in the original post.
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  20. josephite

    josephite Powers

    Carol is this for real?
    I see that Ron Conte has Jesus' second coming, happening twice?
    And he also proclaims to be a 'catholic' theologian?

    • a long period from the late 21st century to the early 25th century when the world slips gradually into greater and greater sinfulness, [I have a question, how will the world possibly continue for another 400 years getting even worse than it is today?]
    • the reign of the ten kings in the 24th century
    • the nearly seven year reign of the Antichrist from 2430/2431 to 2437 A.D. [Another question, is it seven years? doesn't Daniel and revelations say 3.5 years?]
    • the Return of Christ, with Mary, in 2437 A.D. [Question again, is this Our Lord's Second coming? If not what is it?]
    • the Seven Bowls of God's Wrath
    • the first Resurrection, Christ's Second Ascensiono_O, Mary's Second Assumption,(n) Second Pentecost. [Question, Is this even remotely in scripture? possibly in some coded text perhaps?]
    • the Millennium of peace and holiness over all the earth [Q, does he mean a literal 1000 years]
    • the second Return:confused: of Christ and Mary on Judgment Day, at the general Resurrection [Why does he have Our Lord returning a third time? ]
    • God makes a new heaven and a new earth
    That poor, poor misguided man, [catholic theologian?] I must remember to say a special prayer.

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