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    The great tragedy was that Eamon O Cuiv didn't get the FF leadership instead of Martin. I told my then sceptical wife back in 1996 that Martin was a no-good liberal who hadn't a principled bone in his body. I think that if O Cuiv, who was not in the cabinet that broke the country, had taken the leadership, the chain of events would have been different and the 8th would not have been repealed. It appears that in politics the victory almost always goes to the most corrupt.
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    I agree Ó Cuív was the natural leader for Fianna Fáil.
    Fianna Fáil under Martin betrayed their grassroots hence this victory for the sinners.
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    I mean Shinners
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    They're Sinn Fein, so your original is technically correct...and more than technically!
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    My two grand uncles fought for the British in the First World War and won medals, one of them being an expert on using the old Lewis Machine gun.
    Upon retunring from the Great War both at once joined the Irish Republican Army, fighting with the North Monaghan Flying Column (they were both from Clones). One time my uncle was hiding on a farm when the Black and Tans came and he hid under some straw in a barn. The soldiers used a pitchfork to search through it and stuck it through my grand uncles leg. He did not cry out, for if the English had found him , they would of course have executed him on the spot, probably after torture.

    Towards the end of War of Independance the IRA rerouted a northern trains so that it went through Clones with a crowd of the newly formed paramilitary Protestant/ British Police the B Specials. They were ambushed at Clones Railway station and through the town by the local flying column and I believe my grand uncle killed six of them with his heavy machine gun..

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    At the end of The Irish War of Independence there was a Treaty with the English leaving the southern 26 counties free but the north eastern six counties in the hands of the English.
    A Civil War broke out between the pro Treaty Free State Forces and the anti Treaty Republican IRA/Sinn Fein forces.
    Both my granduncles served with the Free State Forces and my grand uncle also joined the Free State Ar my. My father was born in the Free State Arbour Hill barracks in Dublin.
    My grand father went on to serve with the Irish Foreign Brigade in the Spanish Civil War again the Communists there (he was a Staff Sergeant commanding and armoured vehicle).

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    When the Protestant/ British six county statelet was found in the six counties my grandmother had moved to Belfast. Their were massive pograms against Northern Catholics with many , many thousand being murdered, injured and driven from their homes.

    The new General commanding the Free State Army visited Belfast secretly and stayed hidden from the British in my grandmothers house in Belfast .
    During the same period of time my grandmother on my mothers side had her family burnt out of their home by rampaging mobs. My mother told me that anytime the Protestant B Special para military ,' police'. Visited the area she used to take down her picture of the Sacred Heart and hide it behind a sofa in case they saw it.

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    My grand mother took the Republican side during the Civil War and since although her husband and brother were with the Free Staters.

    My family has been Republican ever since. But for a hundred years now one way or the other fighting against British Rule in Ireland.

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    The Erection of the Protestant British Northern Irish six county statelet resulted in decades of Discrimination and hostility towards the Catholic/ Nationalist minority who were treated as second class citizens in the their own country.

    My father was one of the founders and leaders of the Northern Irish Civil rights movement which rose here in the late 1960's.

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    When the long 30 year war her broke out here my father and elder brother were at once Interned by the British..imprisoned without trial or charge. My older brother had been tortured by the British Parachute Regiment and I recall my mother crying when she came home from first visiting him on the inerment ship the Maisdstone when she saw the state he was in after being burnt withcigarette butts and badly beaten.

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    I turned to hatred myself and was imprisoned myself.
    It was the second time I was in prison in Crumlin Road Jail that our Lady appeared to me and I was converted.

    It now seems to me that the words of St John are so true.

    1 John 4:20

    If a man say, “I love God,” and hateth his brother, he is a liar. For he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen?

    But it also seems to me that i we are to point the finger of blame at others for violence, then there is plenty of blame and finger pointing to go round.

    This is where Our Lady appeared to me and taught me how to pray.

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    Yes there is a lot of hypocrisy with parties refusing to deal with Sinn Féin as they all have come from the same movement with reference to Irish Indepdndence movement. In fact Fianna Fáil were carrying guns in their pockets when they first entered Dail Éireann. All parties in todays mix have lost their Catholic past and are fine with the deliberate killing of the unborn. We really have no representation now of a just society with respect for life. There are some independent TD's but small in number.
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    They all, with the exception of Veradkar and a handful of others, are products of a Catholic education. What does that tell us?

    If I were the parent of young children, I would do my best to get them out of the school system so that by the time they get to University level they will be better prepared for what awaits them there. I read something in Alive magazine about a home schooling network in Connaught. I don't know whether it's nationwide because Connaught was the only region mentioned.
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    This is not Iran or the stalinists--this is England doing these outrageous things. England!!!! My Irish blood is heating up! Seriously. What an outrage committed against all of you.
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    I think many if not most Irish people today are in fact Communists of one sort or another.

    I don't mean Communists in the old fashioned sense of flying the Red Flag or carry a Party Card, but cultural Marxists in the sense of turning Government as a kind of God or all caring mother. They have lost a healthy scepticism, which their Irish forebears had for Government. They have forgotten that Government is more to be feared than a Tiger. It is true that those who no longer believe in God will believe in anything.

    This is especially true of the young...and our clergy too. For some weird reason our priests fall for Cultural Marxism like nine pins. Our Bishops too.

    I think the reason why it attracts many clergy is that they mistake being nice with being loving.

    But being nice is not the same as being loving at all.

    Ask any good parent.

    Pretty well all the German and Italian Hierarchy are Cultural Marxists..and our Holy Father himself is crazy for it.

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  16. maryrose

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    All the product of brainwashing. Very few are capable of independent thought and that includes most of our high clergy. Sadly we are very isolated minority
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    Yes so sad.

    As a result of Cultural Marxism everyone thinks of themselves as victims.


    Women are the victims of Patriarcarchy and toxic masculinity.

    Homosexuals are the victims of Societal bigotry and intolerance.

    Irish society is oppressed by the Dogmas of an intolerant Church.

    Migrants are oppressed by the intolerant Irish.

    The working and middle e class are oppressed by the super rich.

    We are all oppressed by Global warming.

    Everyone is oppressed and the people who do not feel oppressed are made guilty by the fact that they simply want to get on with life.

    There is nothing so enjoyable as being a victim
    and blaming other people for your own perceived misfortunes. If you are unhappy..and a Godless person will always feel very deeply unhappy ; there is nothing so satisfying as blaming other groups and people for your own deep sadness.

    It's as though the entire Irish Nation had become an irresponsible teenager. Everything is someone else's fault.I have to take responsibility for nothing.

    Sin as a Reality, for the poor Modern Irish, simply does not exist.

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    Great insight. Few wish to take any responsibility for anything. Even philanderers delude themselves that they have 'sex addiction', taking upon themselves the role of victim. Their desire for every woman they see is just something that happens them that they can't be expected to resist.

    Nothing new about all this. The Ancient Greeks were a great civilisation, consisting of a strong paganism as long as they believed in their Olympian gods, with their heroic, though obviously unChristian virtues. Then they abandoned these old gods and began to believe in Fate and Fortune, with their implication that no good was ever obtained by hard, honest effort, but merely the product of Chance. Replace the role of Chance with that of the State and you have present society. This abandonment of responsibility didn't end well for the Greeks; no reason to expect any different for us. The Romans later suffered the same fate. I read recently that a study conducted in the last century concluded that 84 out of 87 historical civilisations that had undergone a sexual revolution collapsed within three generations. We're well on our way.
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    I love reading about Dorothy Day and her Catholic Workers Movement. Their won particular spirituality is so foreign to me but all the more interesting. I have never truly been cold or hungry my whole life but I did meet a friend one time who did come from a truly poor family who became very angry with me when I talked bout the poor.

    He said when he was young they had no money to heat the house in winter they used to go to ed early to sleep under blankets. He siad they had no food food so their mother used to feed them sugar on bread as their diner.

    It's true I have never walked in such shoes.

    But on the other hand I think he misunderstood me. The poverty I would look for is the poverty of simplicity, of relying on the Lord. Material poverty can be a great evil. But the acceptance of it from God as Carrying it as Walking with the Lord a very great good..and the striving to overcome it and even greater good.As Dorothy Day teaches us.

    we can never walk in an other man's shoes, but at least we can be silent enough to listen to him tell his tale.

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