Ireland has fallen

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Thank you, garabandal.
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    So beautiful!!!!!
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    Kneeling in a cold, windy rain did not stop their devotion.:notworthy:
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    I read somewhere that Ireland is paying approximately 20million euro a day IN INTEREST PAYMENTS ALONE to the European Union.

    When you're in that deep,they have you by the proverbials!
    When they say dance; you dance!
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    I would agree if the EU was completely united in ideological terms. However, this union of twenty-seven states is far from being in lock-step. Poland is the outstanding example of a 'rebel', but there are others, not to mention nuanced differences between the views of apparently similar states and regions. On the other hand, there seem to be very few, if any, exceptions to the consistent wokeness of the large IT companies.
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    Read the other day a critical comment in a blog I quickly passed through that I thought was an excellent analogy to describe Ireland's sell-out to various liberalising factions. The comment was that we had 'taken the soup'.
  8. Indy

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    Latest news from Ireland

    New bill being proposed to create places to put people who are a danger of spreading the virus. Was this called internment once? Or a precursor to concentration camps.

    Children between 5-12 are being geared up for masking and vaxxing.

    Proposal to get masks on kids 5-12 in Church, come on!!

    Army starting to patrol the streets.

    Various politicians telling us we need to keep unvaxxed out of shops.

    I am finding it hard to find the balance of being a christian and relying on praying vs being involved with a group who are prepared to use force to solve this.

    Maybe I need to quit, twitter, telegram, I don't know.

    Give me wisdom dear Lord.
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    This island has been through that shite before brother,, you can never squash or silence true Gaels we will rise for sure,,,do they not know the angels of heaven sing with a Gaelic not fret comrádaí with God on our side who can defeat us...STAND FIRM ;)(y)

    lol I can just imagine some eejit telling me I wasnt allowed into a shop to buy food for the kids ...:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes: there wouldnt be much left of the shop ;)(y)
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    I'm glad you Irish are...let's use a nice word: feisty; but unless we feisty find some path to be united in fact and purpose, with some political framework to push back against the powers-that-be (never discounting the truth and power of the Gospel), how does one move forward?

    This is what the governmental entities are counting on: disunity among the disgruntled. :cautious:
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    There is hysteria among the political classes and the media about COVID, but the crisis in Ireland, such as it is, is clearly really about the inadequacies of our health services in coping with numerical challenge. Every winter, and this long pre-dated COVID, we have had insufficient staff, beds and acute facilities to cope with the inevitable seasonal rise in challenge. In the last two years, countless amounts of money have been spent on PPE, hand sanitisers and so on, which are at best marginal in effect, while huge numbers of businesses have been closed or seriously hamstrung. All this wasted wealth could have been diverted to the hiring of more front-line medical staff and acute hospital beds-this would have allowed the system to cope relatively untroubled with the winter rise in COVID, which is going to last for a number of years. Unfortunately, Ireland is dominated by politicians so low that their methodology is no more than the creation of an atmosphere of fear for which they alone, conveniently, possess the solution. The political and media establishment is currently generating fear for a South African strain of the virus of which the doctor responsible for identifying it says that its symptoms are notably less severe than the standard strain. This aura of fear is what creates the atmosphere tolerant of draconianism. I engage in a local hurling blog, which would be a broadly representative one, and the establishment is definitely fooling few of those who are prepared to comment.
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    So true, every word.

    On a side note, I did not have you pegged as a hurler.
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    A passion since my earliest memories, not that I was much of an exponent myself!
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  14. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Thanks for that, I will take your advise and stand firm for now. My family don't want me attending too many protests or getting involved with people I know who are prepared to take the battle to politicians homes, but I am tempted. I know so many who have been badly affected by this last two years, even today its small but I can't take my daughter to her favourite place to eat for her birthday, its not a fancy or expensive place but they are checking certs at the door, truly sad.

    Enslaving kids with masks and jabs is just about the last straw for me.
  15. padraig

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    There was a protest here the other night at Cit Hall. I never knew about it until it was over and so never went. Even if I had known about it I could not have gone because of my shift patterns. I was half sorry half not. :) I would have considered it my duty to go if I had known and could have.

    I have noticed recently that the protests around the world the world have grown really HUGE. I mean massive. Also that the media have turned a totally blind eye in what can only be censorship.

    It was so pleasing that in Eastern Europe at least there was loads of Religious symbols like crucifixes being carried.

    Not everyone has turned into a sheep.

    But I am very sorry more young people are not involved. It should be the young leading this, not the older. It's more natural that the young should be asking the questions and leading things forward. It's their future more than anyone's. I like the young to show fire.
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  16. Indy

    Indy Praying

    Yes, some great things hapening at protests. The people I know who protest are religions who i met praying the rosary outside local churches in the last lockdown. It drew a lot of attention from the gardai here who would drive by with the paddy wagon, when slow down and stare at us. My family are lacking a lot of courage our ancestors had in abundance and want me to hold back and stay quiet for now.

    I told them then that the gov would be coming after the kids and now it is happening and I feel its time to organise locally in some way. I guess prayers might be the best approach.
  17. padraig

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    GK Chesterton once said,

    'The people who do not believe in God will have Government as their God!'

    How true. We are seeing in right before us. People are terrified of a Bogeyman which is the virus. A Bogeyman which has little real existence. So they turn to Government, their New God, to save them.

    It a bit like sheep trusting a pack of wolves protect them.

    I am remember a top head shrinker years ago being asked what he thought of politicians. He asked what anyone would think of anyone who stood up on a barrel and claim to have all the answers to all the countries problems. The Doctor said that we would consider them egotistical maniacs. But that is what, he pointed out Politicians do for a living. They seek power.

    I love the old Chinese saying , 'Governments are more to be feared than tigers'. The more power you give the tiger the hungrier and the more power it wants. This virus means they have the powers of Gods. Why would Gods who sit on Olympus want to give such powers up? They know people want to totally surrender their freedoms to them. Why would these egomaniacs want to give such a gift up. The virus is a never ending Christmas gift to them. They can be kings forever.

    I could never quite get people who want to organise other people's lives and tell them what to do for a living. I always thought their was something not quite right about it.
  18. Beth B

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    Praying for your decision here Indy. May God speak to your heart…
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  19. Indy

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    Thanks all.
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  20. DeGaulle

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    Yes. They create an atmosphere of fear and claim, conveniently enough, to be the ones with the answers that will 'save' us.

    They're having trouble, in Ireland anyway, at providing the matching rational narrative, with our Minister of Health escaping his minders to announce that Christmas pantomimes should go ahead, but children ought not attend!
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