Ireland has fallen

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

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    Very heartening to see.
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    Very few waking up, in my experience.

    There is one very interesting comment below the linked article, displaying a graph and map (source is Johns Hopkins University) of Africa, which emphasises the radically lower death rate in those areas of the continent which routinely use human Ivermectin anti-parasiticides. I heard lately that one of the Big Pharma companies is offering a new COVID wonder-therapy for €500 a pop. Meanwhile, the official story is that Ivermectins are ineffective.
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    I agree with you, the people of Ireland are sound asleep at the wheel. And not just about Covid!!
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    I read on yesterday's Independent that Ivomectin is going to be trialled in 4 Irish hospitals. Maybe someone is waking up
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    Praying this is true.
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    Hopefully this is true and then we will wake up about the EUSSR too.:eek:
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    My opinion is that the Silicon Valley IT companies have a far greater influence on Irish political and social policy than anything coming from Brussels. I got the impression that this was the case during the quasi-marriage and abortion referenda. The threat of these IT companies pulling out carries more weight with Irish politicians than dictates from Brussels, which is limited somewhat by varying interests and opinions of different nations. The Silicon Valley companies are in ideological lock-step, it seems to me.
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    I thought you couldn't fit a Rizla between any of them, ideologically - EU, Silicon, our media. I really thought when the EU says jump our Gov can't jump high enough or roll over enough.

    Interesting to hear you say Silicon Valley's influence is greater.
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    I have very little memory, but that could be my fault, of EU pontifications in regard to those notorious referenda, but have encountered several accounts of the influence of Silicon Valley. Of course these are only my impressions, but it seems the EU has not been the primary source of 'wokeness' in Ireland. Most of our television, films and other cultural phenomena are sourced from liberal America. Likewise, I'd say the primary influence from the Internet is US-sourced. Of course, the shared language is probably the main factor-relatively few Irish are fluent in European languages, I would say.

    I perceive relatively little cultural influence from Europe here in Ireland, apart from a growing interest in wines and fine dining. I regularly holiday with my wife and one of our daughters in France. Two years ago, before we were interrupted by COVID, I saw several 'Pride' flags displayed in Dublin before we left, but saw not one all through France (we bring our car on the ferry). Not very scientific, admittedly, but it is a subject to which others might be able to provide more substantial data.
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    Afghanistan has fallen back into the brutal, crushing hands of the Taliban, as we know. Mostly Biden's fault. That said, I was surprised to learn that Afghanistan, since the original fall of the Taliban in 2001, had become (or at least the major cities like Kabul) rather quite Westernized: Wanting life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness ... it SEEMED to me.

    A bit more reading soon revealed the presence of (the) American University in Kabul. It was teaching women to be "fierce" (no doubt including abortion on demand), promoting trans ideology, honoring murals of George Floyd (who didn't deserve to die, but he was no hero either); etc., etc. "Woke" clap-trap.

    So it was only a matter of time before Afghanistan would destroy itself by itself. :(
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    Yes I agree the main cultural influences in Ireland come from America mainly through film & media. I remember Big tech companies operating here in Ireland were letting us know what result they would like from our referenda on 'gay marriage' and abortion. Don't forget all the money from Soros & friends given to Irish Universities. All these campuses have active LGBT movements but Pro Life organisations are banned. The attack on Ireland started years ago.
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    Teaching that kind of poison was only going to infuriate most Afghans. I find it hard to think they're now any worse off.
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    A little Ray of Hope

    Men's Rosary Rally, Newry, Co Down 6/11/2021

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    Beautiful. Inspiring. May God richly bless them through Our Lady.
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    We had someone call to the house last week offering a free copy of the Independent. Having read the attached report about the trial, I'm reminded of why I declined the offer:

    I wouldn't hold out much hope for the trials. All the doctors who recommend Ivermectin use it as part of a treatment protocol which includes vitamins and other other medications. Most of all, they stress the importance of early treatment. According to the report, the trial involves offering Ivermectin to patients whose illness has reached the stage of requiring treatment in an ICU.

    I heard today that Pfizer's new drug will be made in Ringaskiddy.
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    Well, I just want to live with a little hope.
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    The COVID figures for Sub-Saharan Africa are very low, apart from South Africa. It doesn't prove anything, but the use of ivermectin anti-parasiticides in this region is routine.

    As a practising veterinary surgeon, I can categorically state that the anthelminhic Levamisole has powerful anti-viral effects in the bovine, a helpful side-effect that only became apparent with usage. The latter is not an ivermectin, but achieves these desirable effects by boosting immune response. Unlike ivermectins, and being an older drug, it has a narrow gap between effective dosage and toxicity, so it would not be suitable for human use. However, it does show that seemingly inappropriate drugs can have surprising uses.

    The question arises, with vastly more expensive drugs being offered by Big Pharma, is it unsurprising that they would resist the usage of cheap alternatives? In the animal world, the patent has long expired for Ivermectins, so any drug company can produce their own version, implying that no big financial windfall is possible. I suspect the same applies to the human version.
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    Please God, your trust in the medical profession will be rewarded. I have lost all trust in them where Covid is concerned. Even if the trial shows that Ivermectin works for some people in ICU, it's unlikely that it will be approved for early treatment which is where many doctors who recommend it say it is most effective when used as part of a treatment protocol. It looks like Pfizer's new drug will be the only medication permitted for early treatment. Reports are that the drug will be very expensive which raises the question will it be approved under the drug payment scheme and for medical card holders. Whether or not it is approved, Pfizer won't lose out.

    Social media is already clamping down on comparisons between IVM and Pfizer's new drug:

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    I just saw this today. It is beautiful, yes.

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