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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Indy

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    Michael D Higgins is a vile, communist and I know a few social workers around Galway who could tell you a few disgusting secrets about his past in relation you at least one young person who has taken her life. He is a sick puppet. He is satans president in Ireland. May he not last much longer. Please God.
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  2. Blizzard

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  3. SteveD

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    Would it have been terribly un-papal to have throttled him for a short time then kicked him up the a**e? Merely enquiring.
  4. padraig

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    He has a large family, several young sons and daughters.
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  5. Michael Pio

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    God bless Gerard!
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  6. Whatever

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    Higgins has always been pro-abortion even when the pro-aborts were a fringe element in Ireland. I think he apostatised, certainly from Catholicism but probably from any belief in God, a long time ago. That said, the presidency in Ireland is largely a ceremonial role and his signature is little more than a rubber stamp. A referendum gave us legal abortion. Voted for by Catholics - non practicing and practicing Catholics - and promoted by politicians who regularly go to Mass and receive Communion. I suppose it's easier to blame the President who never made any secret of his contempt for the Faith and its adherents than to face the harsh reality that very many apparently devout Catholics pick and choose from the menu in the cafeteria.
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  7. Beth B

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    Oh dear Lord…have mercy.
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  8. indaiatubano

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  9. DeGaulle

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    Much as I admire Niamh Ui Bhriain and her colleagues, I think only limited responsibility can be placed upon these foreign interferers, contemptible though they are. The Irish are supposed to be an educated people and yet they voted to repeal the Eighth in very large numbers, with such a majority we can hardly lay all the blame on a gullible younger generation.
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  10. Mylordandmygod

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    I agree with you we really believe that went they meet christ at judgement they can say o well I fell for what these outside people said.No in their hearts of hearts they know it is a terrible wrong.That excuse will not fly with jesus or our lady.
  11. garabandal

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    The people of Ireland chose the wrong side - the side of evil -

    And what ensued? The loss of personal freedom to eat and drink where you will. A government fit for slaves.

    God will not be mocked.
  12. DeGaulle

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    Worse is to come. We have a government that is so 'woke' and so keen on virtue-signalling their wokeness to the world that they've shut down electricity power-plants without taking thought for what will replace them, while simultaneously selling most of our electricity for data storage. While the Chinese continue to open coal-fired power plants of the order of about a thousand per annum, all these actions will have less impact on the environment than the urination of a gnat into the Grand Coulee Dam, but the extraordinarily electricity-dependent Irish will discover the pleasures of power cuts in the coming winters.
  13. Adoremus

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    Infuriating, isn't it? And our beautiful countryside blighted with wind turbines that are of zero benefit to the ordinary people who have to look at them every day.
  14. DeGaulle

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    I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels like that about those abominable wind-mills. They're very destructive of wild-life, as well, but isn't all this just another example of modern inversion of values?
  15. maryrose

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    We are in a terrible situation. The majority seem to accept any statement no matter how crazy from the government. They are truly a bunch of compliant sheep. The green party ideology that is calling the shots with the government is incredible. They close down Bord na Móna só Very little briquettes being produced in Ireland but replacements being imported from Eastern Europe. They government haven't the slightest concern about people being unable to heat their homes or the job losses resultant from such crazy policies.
    The big problem is who do we replace this aful government with???
  16. DeGaulle

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    The replacement will be no better, but the most important thing is to replace them-otherwise we effectively agree with them. Unfortunately, SF are the only realistic alternative. As Garabandal said, we are suffering the consequences of our giving two fingers to God. Our choice is between the devil and the deep blue sea.
  17. garabandal

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    Irish Catholic Men Hold Rosary Rally in Derry

    I see Micky Harte (famous Gaelic football manager in Ireland) in the crowd.
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  18. DeGaulle

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    Northern men seem more manly, on the whole, compared to Southerners. I noticed this in the All-Ireland Football Final. Tyrone looked like a bunch of Mexican gunfighters, while Mayo looked a lot less intimidating, particularly their pony-tailed players.
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  19. Indy

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    We need this to happen all over the country. Amazing.
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  20. jackzokay

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    Im delighted! This is my hometown. Though I didn't even know it was happening....
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