Ireland has fallen

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Jo M

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    :eek: Only an evil, twisted mind would think of this. Yes, this is the devil's work.
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    I’m glad they carted her away. What a blessing that those courageous men are praying the rosary.
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    Update on this. A few people on a WhatsApp group I'm on phoned this bar to complain after this picture was posted on social media. The bar said they had received a storm of complaints about it and they were very sorry about the whole thing, that they hadn't thought it through properly and they were not going to serve the "communion" with that drink any more. They also said it wasn't a real wafer, only a cardboard picture cutout. I'm glad so many people complained, that's a good sign and maybe a bit of a wake up call to the people who run this bar.

    One of the women who phoned took the time to explain to the person she spoke to that Catholics believe Holy Communion is the true body and blood of Christ and turned this into an opportunity to give some catechesis, praise God.
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    How dreadful. Can you imagine to the media frenzy if he was on the other side but with media Christians especially pro life pro natural family are fair game.
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    I have a similar 'hobby'. I count the number of people at Sunday mass. Then discuss with (emphasized surprise) how astonishingly low these numbers are with family members and friends.
    I have a forlorn hope that this will somehow encourage (or guilt) people into returning.
    It hasn't worked, unfortunately.
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    It seems clear that as events progress people who stick to the Faith will be very,very special indeed. Going to Mass when facing death or imprisonment and torture will be quite something.

    It is clear we are rapidly reaching that point.
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    Dear God, Pope Francis is at it again. Praising an out and out Communist anti Catholic, Masonic, Bigot of the very worst stamp..

    I will say no more, it speaks for itself.

    “I would like to thank you all, to thank the President for his visit. I would like to say to all you, it’s not only the President that is with you, but a wise man has visited me. One of the wise men of today,” the Pope told the visiting Irish delegation.

    “I thank God that Ireland has such a wise man as its head.”

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    'Thank God', for a, 'Wise Man', like Michael Higgins?

    I give up.
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    I'm throwing in the towel with you.:(
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  17. AED

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    That's how I felt when I just read this. How can such words be spoken? I am just sick at heart.
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    I'm wondering if PF is as they say 'away with the fairies'. It reminds me of some older ladies who help with me in doing church sanitation after Mass. They were delighted when Joe Biden won because he seems so nice. I said he is all on for abortion. They didn't really believe me. It must be old age!!!
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    I've wondered about this too maryrose. He seems more "with it" than Joe Biden however. ;)
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    'There'll be a welcome on the Hillside!'


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