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    Never fear, Sean, it's all in hand. If we put more energy into caring for the birds and fish, somehow it will lead to saving innocent babies from abortion. Laudato Si is the magic bullet. Make sure you do your bit by reducing your carbon footprint and joining your local Peace, Justice and Integrity of Creation group:
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    I just finished listening to Fr Altman's Sept 6th homily on you tube. His bishop has since silenced him. I pray he goes to Bishop Strictland who has expressed unqualified support. But in this homily he lays out clearly. Word by word. Fearlessly. He says "this pandemic is the least of our problems!" And gets into the whole pachamama sacrilege and the faithlessness of many churchmen. He says God misses nothing. And isn't it interesting that 2020 means "clear vision". The year 2020 is showing clearly where we really are. Fr Altman is a beacon of truth.
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    I think that the good priests are afraid to say anything that will get them bad publicity. Didn't one priest get moved out of his parish and sent to be a pastor for a convent because he told his parishioners that voting for abortion is a mortal sin?

    I'm happy if they say the Mass without any theatrics and try to share the faith in the homily. Some don't do that because I suppose they can't share what they don't have so they they do their social worker in vestments routine. You know how it goes: If it's good with you it's good with God provided you're a nice person.
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    You need to read the writings of Bella Dodd, an erstwhile Communist Party of America member who converted to Catholicism. She stated that during her tenure over a thousand communists were infiltrated into seminaries
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    There is always the exception - Father Paddy McCaffery always shoots from the hip ---

    You cannot vote in favour of abortion and be allowed to marry in a Catholic Church a Belfast priest has said.

    Fr Patrick McCafferty, a parish priest in Ballymurphy in Belfast, has said those who voted Yes to repeal the Eighth Amendment on abortion can “get married in City Hall” to avoid being “hypocritical and dishonest by using the church for a day”.

    In an opinion piece in the Belfast Telegraph newspaper, Fr McCafferty wrote: “You cannot be a Catholic and be in favour of abortion.”

    He said those who do not agree with the Catholic Church’s teaching should “have marriages solemnised in a civil setting”.

    “If you don’t support the church’s teaching on a fundamental issue, why be hypocritical and dishonest by using the church for a day? It’s a total fiasco,” he wrote.

    He said the church would continue to support those who had been affected by abortion but would not advocate for it.

    He said, many of the 1.4 million “Repealers need a reality check” of their own. “Undoubtedly, there are those among them who consider themselves as ‘Catholic’ even after voting for something entirely incompatible with the faith,” he said.

    Fr McCafferty said abortion was a “sin” and was not compatible with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

    “Deliberate abortion is so grave a sin that those who procure an abortion, those who carry out the procedure, those who participate in it, or facilitate it, are excommunicated with immediate effect. People who reject such a vitally important teaching of Christ need to be spiritually and morally honest,” he said.
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    Is he still in the parish? Kudos to his Bishop if he wasn't moved or if his Bishop didn't issue an abject apology on his behalf.

    There are some good priests. The priests in our parish are good but picking Communion off a tray doesn't sit well with me. I think they may have stopped doing that but I don't go to Mass there for various reasons, not least because the church building is very much in the style of the "spirit" of Vatican 11.

    Sometimes I go to Mass in the Augustinian, Carmelite or Capuchin churches but I prefer the Dominicans. The Dominicans are fastidious in the celebration of Holy Mass. There's great devotion to the Blessed Mother in that church, and they promote the First Saturday devotions. They're not in-you-face fire and brimstone preachers but neither do they go off on a tangent about the latest news headlines. I nearly fell off my seat recently when the priest told us that they are not social workers but are here to lead us to Jesus and that any priest who isn't doing so is in serious trouble. His tone very very gentle but firm and there was no doubt that he believed every word of it.
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    I haven't read Dodd, but I did read the book by the French nurse who discovered incriminating papers on a priest mortally injured in a car-crash. Similar infiltration occurred in Europe. Much of the Church has been deceived into falling for one of the temptations of Our Lord in the desert by the devil-that stones ought to be changed into bread, that salvation is a wordly aspiration rather than a Heavenly Hope.
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    I avoid going to buy toilet paper .

    I avoid going shopping.

    I avoid public transport.

    Not because of the virus. But because of fear. I'm leaving them all to it.
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    I've just opted out of the whole deal.

    As far as I can no masks, no shit. It's not really happening.

    I'm just going to get on with life.
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    I read that book as well. Yes a good insight. The temptations of Christ in the desert.
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    Avoid the news. That's the first thing. I truly think there is a electronic frequency in those MSM broadcasters that agitates the soul. And then as you say just avoid the fear filled masses as much as possible.
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    I read it, also. Good post, DeGaulle.
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    Oh, there have been far more deadly snakes than that in Ireland for quite a while, now.
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    The ageing Flannery has been like this for as long as I remember. He'll be quite surprised to discover, when he meets his Maker, that he himself is not, in fact, God. He needs our prayers, God help him.
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    Yes. It's very sad. One of the comments suggested that he apply for a job in McDonald's. Can you imagine what would happen if an employee in McDonald's spent his time telling customers what's wrong with the Big Mac. He'd be handed his P45 before he got to utter the words "will you have fries with that?".
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    I wouldn't let that keep me away from Mass and receiving Holy Communion.

    Most churches here have the tape and bright yellow stickers on the pews saying "sit here" or "don't sit here". We also have big arrows on the floor for a one way system and "Entry only" or "Exit only" signs on the doors. Our church has had hand sanitiser since long before the covid scare. No church has holy water in the fonts. You can bring your own holy water. Before the current lockdown our church was closed two days per week for deep cleaning - that's in addition to the pews being cleaned after every Mass.

    The Augustinians have a cleverly designed gadget for the hand sanitiser. It's dispensed by stepping on a lever on the floor so no hands touch the bottle. I have only seen perspex screens used at online Masses. If I'm receiving in the hand I rub my hands with sanitiser before approaching the altar.

    Although it seems weird, I think that the tongs would be better than picking Communion off a tray because you aren't self-administering the Sacrament as happened in our parish. Have they given any reason for leaving straight after Communion? That's very strange. Does it mean you miss the blessing at the end of Mass?

    It's hard for priests to please everyone. My sister and I are in the same parish. I was appalled at the Communion on trays. She thought it a very sensible safety measure and she's a lot more devout than me.

    Don't deny yourself the graces of being present at Mass and receiving the Blessed Eucharist because the priest is doing what he considers best to keep Mass open to the faithful. Sometimes what looks like abuse might not be abuse.
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    Thanks -- you leave after communion as they want only one movement of people.

    I am going to find another Mass in some other parish.
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