Ireland has fallen

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

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    This shattering! Powerful. Poignant and horrifying in its blazing truth. "Harrod's shop window" makes me think of King Herod.
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    Sorry for the disturning image - this is the Sinn Fein pervert Fintan Warfield (born 1992) who has served as a Senator for the Cultural and Educational Panel since April 2016. He was elected as the youngest senator in Ireland. He is the Sinn Féin Seanad Spokesperson on Youth affairs, LGBT rights and the Arts.


    Sinn Fein has fallen so far - they are Marxist traitors to the Irish cause -- imagine this pervert is Sinn Fein spokesman for youth.

    He is also rabidly anti-Catholic.

    How far Ireland has fallen!
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    So true, complete cultural Marxist but most people don't even realise that, most still think Sinn Fein love Ireland and are nationalistic which is now so far from the truth. Wrong is truly right and right is wrong.
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    So very wrong.

    On EVERY level.

    How can a child POSSIBLY make a LIFE-altering decision?? They can't comprehend ramifications, consequences...

    And how much of the cut from medical co$t$ does Sinn Fein get?
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    Sinn Fein the richest party in Ireland -one of their European MPs earned 646,271 Euros in expenses


    Sinn Fein are creaming money from the Brits, the European Union and the USA - like Judas they have sold their Irish souls for a few dimes --
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    Reminds me (for Americans too) of a man (can't recall his name) who said he'd rather be attacked and killed by one lion (a monarch) than eaten alive by hundreds of rats (democratic politicians).

    In my darker moments, I sometimes recall that and wonder if he was onto something. :whistle:
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    Sinn fein are nothing but commies in green skin. They have a stranglehold over many nationalists because basically the people in the he North have been living in a socialist welfare state nightmare for time immemorial. This is from experience btw as I grew up in Belfast in a place called Twinbrook at the edge of the city jurisdiction. They play on the narrative of their proud Republican struggle it's a load of .... and great patriots shun them.
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    So sad and dismayed for Ireland. I'm not surprised he is rabidly antiCatholic. It is all of a piece.
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    If we ever needed a "signs of the times" to tell us where we are in our frightening journey toward the great apostasy the fall of Ireland is that sign.
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    Just as a.... by the way,
    we have a talk back host in Australia, who calls all the green parties and their followers, "watermelons", because they are green on the outside but red in the centre.
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    Nemesis might be on the way. A COVID recession topped off by a hard Brexit with an EU unlikely to be in a position to bail us out will be unimaginably grim. You reap what you sow.
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  14. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I see an announcement at the morning Mass in Our Lady help of Christians in Dublin this morning 18th September 2020; that Ireland could be on phase 3 lockdown after today.

    This will mean the Churches will be closed/locked! from midnight tonight. Only Masses live streamed again. We should hear today.

    How depressing is that. And I don't think there has been one case of covid contact at Mass. Remember there are Masses where Holy Eucharist is administered on the tongue. Of course it has been stated time and time again, Communion on the tongue is more hygenic than on the hand, not to mention the reverence which is in reality the first and most important aspect of reception on the tongue.

    What concerns me is, we can of course as individuals make a spiritual Communion and benefit for ourselves. But when we receive Holy Eucharist, we have Our Lord, tangible, visible in our hearts and souls, where He can extend His Graces and Blessings through us to the whole community. We can be the yeast Jesus speaks of while we can receive Holy Eucharist.

    The Church hierarchy have a serious responsibility to co operate with Almighty God through the actions of Bishops and Priests and enable Holy Spirit to do the job of nourishing the Church and indeed the wider community, through Faith in Jesus Christ and His Glorified Body made present on our Altars for each of us in order to keep the Mystical Body of Jesus Christ alive and thriving in our sad, degenerate world, if we hope for God to save us.

    Bishops, who do you serve. Our lives depend on God, not the state. Our immortal souls are a higher priority than our flesh.
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    I think it's only Dublin that's going to Level 3 lockdown, not the whole country, at least for now. I hope not.

    Anyway I have noticed churches are becoming increasingly intolerant of more traditional parishioners and after the hit piece in the Irish Times today I don't honestly feel welcome in the church any more. The counterfeit church at least.
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  16. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Receiving on the tongue is not peculiar to the traditional only. It has been possible for me to receive on the tongue in the modern Mass until this crisis.

    I do hope it will be possible to attend Latin Mass and receive Holy Eucharist on the tongue somehow if we are plunged into another lockdown.
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    I'd pay no notice to that satanic rag. It obviously has its own 'go-to' traitor priests for all controversial situations. There are still some faithful priests. Recently heard from a reliable source that our own PP has continued throughout the crisis to visit the sick and dying and to administer the last rites, as required. Doesn't hide behind a mask, either. I don't like his cheesy taste in hymns, but he's shown himself a true man of faith, God bless him, so I won't be as annoyed by the hymns as much from now on.
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    I know you are right but it's hard to ignore it, especially when this priest is spokesman for the diosese.

    I heard about a wonderful old priest not too far from me that refused to close the door to mass goers all throughout the lockdown, despite warning from his Bishop. He reportedly said that the last time the churches were closed for mass was the Penal times and he wasn't about to let that happen again. Bless him.
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