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    That was when Catholic Church was very powerful that time as they surely influenced politicians. That was the era when I was a child in that school. I didn't understand the concept of good and evil until my teens. I didn't have any religious education but still I was confirmed. Mind boggles.

    Time went on as I realised that there was some evil inside the church no matter what via religious orders(brothers, nuns) , priests, bishops, cardinals, turning a blind eye nor did they complain.

    I realised I'm lucky that I came out and survived.. Having seen some evil for few years in a person for instance a nun. Then I transferred to another school cos of age. I haven't seen such depth in evil until I met a priest Fr Fortune at a wedding. Locals said to me, avoid him at all costs. He brought me back to my memory of nun superior. It was deeper evil that time rather than floating on the surface. Evil is getting deeper here and stronger due to church failures with no accountability. That's why ireland turn their backs on them.

    Then came along Leo varadkar now deputy PM as he is showing hatred of the poor, homeless and downtrodden. He's introduced SSM, abortion, gay friendly laws cos he's lapsed Catholic and gay, introduced abortion vote, gay vote as well. He's not that exactly popular here. Hes allowing evil to take over very fast time frame all within 5 years of him as prime minister at helm.

    There is no question that top ranking cardinals or bishops or even the popes were evil at some point by abetting and aiding an abuser.

    One same message came back and
    resounding all over again was 'mammon' . The vatican is very very interested in money not you or me or anyone else except for a rich businessmam or wealthy benefactor.

    If I donate money, it won't be the church as I donate to local charity especially homeless, poor and food bank etc.

    MC Carrick, law of Boston, marciel of legionnaire of christ had millions in the bank as the vatican need them badly rather than firing them for their unprofessional behaviour and conduct, abetting and aiding abusers at the expense of normal ordinary catholics.

    Ireland will come back.. It might take years but another one similar to padre pio coming here and change it all over again just like st Patrick did.
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    Graces comes in here as it grows when evil grows. God showers gifts on lay people now more so than before which I hadn't seen it before.

    People would consider relics are dead similar to dead language in Latin. But I met a person whose gift was relics which he sees then coming alive as authentic. Also he sees false relics as dead in contrast to real true relics come out as alive on display. That is one of many gifts that God showers on lay people nowadays which I never seen it before.
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    Ireland's Heretical Bishop!

    The heretical Archbishop of Dublin Diarmuid Martin seems to have forgotten the 1st Commandment as he is here seen giving his blessing to an Islamic celebration at our sacred Gaelic grounds in Croke Park! This is not merely a scandal, it is a mortal sin.
    The Catholic hierarchy has failed the Irish people many times, but this is pure heresy!
    Diarmuid Martin should be excommunicated from the Catholic church for his heretical actions.
    Has he forgotten the religion this liberal cleric claims to preach? The 1st Commandment is very clear;
    "I am the Lord thy God, thou shalt not have any strange gods before Me."
    How can we accept an Archbishop who gives his blessing to an Islamic celebration of animal sacrifice!
    Christ's sacrifice on the cross was the final sacrifice, yet Martin has decided that this barbaric Islamic festival deserves the endorsement of the Catholic church!
    This is heresy!
    Here lying, heretical bishop Martin is pictured at the centre of Gaelic culture engaging in outright apostasy!
    The true Catholic people of Ireland cannot accept this treacherous, corrupt heretic as a fellow Christian nevermind our Archbishop!
    He must be not only laicized but excommunicated! This heretic does not deserve the title of Christian nevermind of Archbishop!
    Sign The Petition To Excommunicate Archbishop Diarmuid Martin!

    Go mbeannaí Dia is Muire duit
    Niall McConnell
    Ceannaire, Síol na hÉireann
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    This was allowed but Croagh Patrich pilgrimage banned
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    The country and world are falling apart and the story about Richard Bruton's abs has been on the main page of the news of the Irish Independent for the past week. Says it all really!
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    Signed, shocking, using Croke Park was extra salt in the wound.

    I pray that he is removed from the Irish church, clearly he is a big part of the rottenness at the top.
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    He tendered his resignation few months ago after reaching age of 75. He's on way out until bergologio decides otherwise.
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    Total hypocrisy by bishops allowing Muslims in and at the same time, banning croagh Patrick.

    Bishops can't have both ways.

    You ask yourself a question, are they true catholic bishop or not.? More likely pharisees in disguise.
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    Bishops don't control Croke Park or the GAA. I wouldn't be surprised to see it renamed in the cause of inclusiveness.
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    Bishops control their choice of attending Croke Park by way of invite which they could turn it down or attend. It's in their full control re invitation to CP ceremony of muslims.
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    That's true. I responded to the comment "Total hypocrisy by bishops allowing Muslims in and at the same time, banning croagh Patrick".

    Croagh Patrick is in a different diocese on the far side of the country from Croke Park.

    As to the Archbishop attending the Muslim event in Croke Park, while I don't like it I can think of a possible reason why he accepted the invitation which presumably was issued by the Muslim organisers of the event. I don't read the newspapers or watch RTE so the only information I have about the event is what was posted which included a video of people calling the Archbishop a traitor. If Croke Park is "sacred" ground (from a Catholic perspective), they're a little late expressing their concerns about violations of its sanctity.
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    I’m so saddened. I’m not surprised or shocked anymore, just saddened.

    It is unfortunately a bigger problem than a bishop though.
    The unfortunate documents of Vatican II recognised other religions as the “people of God”, and just a few years ago the Pope himself said “God wills the diversity and plurality of all religions”.

    Since V2, Catholicism is a completely different religion.

    Sad thing is, pretty much all bishops would do what the above bishop did.
    But, how many would come and express delight at the Traditional Latin Rite being celebrated?

    As soon as Rome heals the rift with the SSPX, I’m gone. I’m just waiting for them to be recognized.
    I’m literally done with the rot of V2.
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    By the way, just out of interest, I doubt if I’d be alone in my feelings of late of the SSPX.

    A question: would YOU attend SSPX if Rome shook hands and recognized it’s existence?

    (I highly doubt the Vatican would ever recognize it as the SSPX refuse to recognize V2, but just a thought experiment)
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    Have a problem with SSPX as its cultish and right wing. They are not answerable to anybody as CM exposed them re abuses. Think SSPX has gone too far now as they need to rein it back.

    Would be happy if the whole version of new mass be converted into latin re word for word exactness.

    Yes catholic church went off the track and lost their way. Originally it used to be a healing church in early days of Christian where people flocked.

    Its all about money and papal idolatry, gay lifestyle priests (not all priests though), seminaries brimmed with gay or very Liberal seminarians as they booted out any aspiring heterosexual or traditional seminarian with rosaries, bishops on the bling using our monies.

    I rem well Bishop asking our parish to build new 1M pounds(before euro) brand new Church(knocking down old church on site) as we fought back as he didn't go ahead. 1M new church in a medium sized parish which was totally bonkers back then in 2000 when magee was then a Bishop. He might have learned off from the vatican re high living or high spend, hence his plan for 1m Church etc.
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    It was said to me that there is a prophesy attributed to St Patrick where he said "Ireland will never fall". I think it relates to how Ireland repents its sins and goes back on everything it voted on the last few years. Has anyone here heard that ? Is there a link where I can read about it?
    Thank you.
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  19. think this is what you might be referring to grimi.. source here...

    Once the Saint had a great vision, in which the actual state and the future of the Church in Ireland were revealed to him. In the first place, he saw the whole land, as it were, like a great furnace whose flames reached to the sky. And he clearly heard the voice of an Angel saying, "Such is now - the state of Ireland in the sight of the Lord."

    After a little time, instead of this far-spreading universal fire, he saw flaming mountains here and there over the land, then torches shining, succeeded by glimmering lights amidst an ever-increasing darkness. Last of all, he saw a few live coals buried and burning deep in the earth. Then an angelic voice was heard, saying that such should be the successive states of the Irish people in times that were coming.

    Then, with tears rolling down his cheeks, the Saint repeated many times those words of the Psalmist, "Will God then cast us off forever ? Or will He never more be favorable again? Or will He cut off His mercy forever from generation to generation? Or will God forget to show mercy? Or will He in anger close off His mercies?"

    The Angel answered and told him to look to the north of the land, and that there he should see the Hand of the Most High. The Saint lifted up his eyes, and, behold, a little light arose in Uladh (Ulster), which had struggled long in the darkness, until at length the whole island was filled with the brightness of its glory, and Ireland returned to its first state of all-pervading fire
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    There seems to be a very strong spirit of fear active also. I'm only barely recovering from it have experienced it for the past 8 or 9 months full on and beginning to trust God more. It was nearly debilitating at times. Has anyone else here experienced it? Perhaps it could be the evil one trying to throw us off.
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