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Discussion in 'Ireland' started by AidanK, Feb 24, 2018.

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    I'm going to get back into that lovely book myself starting today. It's right to be righteously angry but as a good priest once told me "you should be angry! We should all be angry! But you must not lose your peace. Dont let them steal your peace."
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    I used to think to myself, 'Well after this nothing will shock me anymore'.

    But I was wrong they continue to shock, my jaw continues to drop open. But I feel less and less need to comment. There actions speak for themselves.

    My face is starting to get lock jaw.

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    My back aches from bending down so often to lift my jaw off the floor!
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    Deleted. Best to not let anger prevail during this most holy of all weeks in the liturgical calendar.
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    Right. The Lord took upon Himself all our sins during His Passion and Death. Nothing was left out.
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    My brother was up with the very holy young Canadian priest who runs our Traditionalist little Parish a few days ago. The Church has been locked up of course through orders of the Bishop. But the young priest walks around the front steps for an a few hours every morning waiting for people to come to him. He told me he didn't want to lock the Church but orders were orders....

    My brother Fergal asked the priest if he thought all this were a Chastisement. The priest pointed at the locked Church and said,

    'Look at all the locked Churches, what do you think? Of course it's a Chastisement!'
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    Just imagine. People having to come to the front steps of a locked Church to have confession heard or a blessing, or Spiritual Advice while the poor priest is forced to march up and down outside.

    What does that say to you?

    People have far better access to Churches and the Sacraments in Communist China than they do in Catholic Ireland. But at least in China it is the Communist Party who lock some (not all) Churches. Here in Ireland it is the Catholic Bishops who lock each and every, all Churches. Something the Communist Party of China have never succeeded in doing.
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    Thank you, AED!

    O Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!
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    The invoice for COVID-19 lunacy has just been presented to the Irish people. The deficit for the first quarter of 2020, and let's not forget that the Irish lockdown only began in March, is a breath-taking €7.5 BILLION (I don't usually like to textually shout, but I think a dispensation might be acceptable).

    Our media are acting as if this was all a sensational surprise. Nothing to do with their fear-mongering, of course.

    Meanwhile, I read on the little part of the Irish Independent that remains free that the Bishop of Limerick, one Brendan Leahy, has declared that those of us who might suspect that this virus is a punishment from God are guilty of 'blasphemy'. Perhaps his definition of blasphemy is a novel, progressive one. It's certainly not what I would have understood the term to mean.

    I wonder where this leaves the Church herself, with all it's approval of prophesy of chastisement over millenia and its approval of multiple Marian warnings concerning our behaviour in quite recent times? This Bishop Leahy is also on record as accusing some funeral-goers of 'recklessness'. I wonder what he thinks of that highly reckless practice from penal times when priests and their people risked their lives attending Mass at reclusive Mass-Rocks?

    Of course, we now are taught by these modernists that God does not punish. Do what you like, all will be forgiven and all will 'live happily ever after', as they say in all the best fairy-tales.
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    Oh DeGaulle how terrible. How utterly terrible. What a betrayal.
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    Yes Bishop Leahy is in the same mould as PF. We haven't heard a word from him on the twin evils of gay marriage and abortion since the deluded people of Ireland voted for it and the politicians who implemented it still consider themselves as good catholics. His lenten letter which had to be read out at every Mass advised us to let weeds grow to encourage butterfly's. With bishops like that who needs enemies.
    I don't believe God sent this but He is letting us reap what we have sown
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    That is a lot of today's Protestantism. :cautious:

    God's Love and Grace ... God's Love and Grace... repeated like a mantra by people who, it turned out (my naive foray into "Progressive [Protestant] Christianity" 14 years ago), quite obviously felt entitled to behave however they pleased. "God's got your back no matter what!"

    This mentality produced all sorts of outlandish behaviors and attitudes, including veering into hedonism. :unsure:
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    Wow. :(

    To me, that's as nutso as inviting the KKK to pray alongside Black Southern Baptists. (n)
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    I don't know if God directly sent the virus. However, it seems not implausible to suggest that it might be part of His plan in the context of general human behaviour and most particularly in light of the dealings of those responsible for governing His Church with the Chinese Communists. It certainly is not blasphemous to consider the possibility.

    It should be noted that I made an error in my previous post. These liberal scolds do not allow one to do everything as you wish-one is not permitted to live as an ordinary Catholic. This is now the only sin.
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    Sadly, being an ordinary Catholic in the mould of our parents, believing in heaven, hell, judgement is not acceptable. Pope Benedict makes the point recently that we are excommunicated from society for holding views that consider gay marriage and abortion as sinful.
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    This guy is very good, a stark warning to where we are heading:
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    "All the lads in the gym are voting Yes." When our Taoiseach/Prime Minister came out with those words it was clear democratic integrity was finished in this country. John Waters even remarked on that statement also in his new book.
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    Art 41.3.1 "The State pledges itself to guard with special care the institution of Marriage, on which the Family is founded, and to protect it against attack."....

    (New insertion 2015) Art 41.4 "Marriage may be contracted in accordance with law by two persons without distinction as to their sex."

    These two contrasting articles in our constitution sum up the confusion and state of things in our country fairly well.
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