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  1. padraig

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    No, you don't, which is wonderful. Since I am past retirement age anyway it would be easy for me to leave which is always great.

    I think there are quite a high proportion of the frontline Doctors and nurses and unjabbed. They are urgently understaffed. If they tried to force it I suspect that most hospitals would simply sink.

    \Those in charge might like to force to force the issue but they just can't get away with it.

    I notice that many Professional footballers are refusing because of widespread death and injuries regarding cardiac issues in the vaxxed.
  2. padraig

    padraig Powers

    You know maybe I am wrong and nobody is talking about it but I rather suspect that people of convinced Religious views tend to fall shy of the vax. People like devout Traditional Catholics and Evangelical Protestants.

    Interesting. A good question is why is this?
  3. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    So am I! Just this week, I had a Prolife email from the St. Thomas’s Moore legal fund who is representing David asking for a contribution to aid in his defense fund. If anyone is interested in contributing to it, I’m providing the email and links.
    He is a modern day martyr IMO.

    Dear Beth, back in May, the United States Supreme Court agreed to hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization – the case that could change Roe v. Wade forever.

    We filed a brief asking the court to take up this case – and, thanks in part to your continued generosity and prayers, the court has finally agreed

    And I have an important update for you...

    Now that the court has agreed to hear the case, we've asked our lawyers to help with filing an amicus brief for Thomas More Society, plus two other amicus curiae(friend of the Court) briefs for pro-life hero DavidDaleiden and another pro-life group, urging the high court to overrule Roe v. Wade.

    But, even as this case heads to a hearing in just a few months, our caseload continues to increase and we need your help.

    Will you donate $35 or more to the Thomas More Society right away?

    The truth is, none of this would’ve been possible without your continued support. Your generous gifts have allowed us not only to keep David Daleiden out of prison, but to file or defend an ever-increasing number of lawsuits, and advise and give other assistance to an ever-increasing number of pro-life clients.

    And now Dobbs v. Jackson could be the biggest case since Planned Parenthood v. Casey.

    You might remember the infamous 1992 case: the US Supreme Court was poised to reverse Roe v. Wade but at the 11th hour, Justice Kennedy switched his vote.

    It was a heartbreaking day for the pro-life movement.

    But now, we have another chance.

    So please, support our efforts taking on more cases than ever before by making a generous, tax-deductible donation of $35 or more to the Thomas More Society today, to give us the resources we need to fight and WIN for the unborn and their defenders.

    Mississippi’s law makes it extremely difficult for abortion to take place after the 15-week mark – and with good reason.

    Here’s an excerpt from an amicus brief filed on behalf of David Daleiden:

    “To put it bluntly, the children that Mississippi seeks to protect with a pre-viability prohibition are the same children most at risk of human trafficking for experimentation. These are the children whose hearts, lungs, and livers are driving the abortion industry to do more abortions because they hold great value in the dark underbelly of the fetal tissue trade.”

    In other words, Mississippi’s laws directly threaten Planned Parenthood’s bottom line.

    You and I both know the abortion industry is about profit – and the lion’s share of that profit is made off the murder and dismemberment of babies.

    And no one knows that better than David Daleiden.

    I won’t mince words here: this is the greatest opportunity the pro-life movement has had in a generation.

    The Supreme Court may have a once-in-a-generation chance to turn abortion law back over to the states, which would have the power to end this heinous practice.

    We will continue to provide any support needed for this case and keep you updated as it moves forward.


    Andrew Bath
    Executive Vice President and General Counsel

    Donate Now
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    Beth B Beth Marie

    I only wish you were living in the states Padraig! There would be nothing more than having a true Irishman like you to share Christmas dinner. My family would absolutely love your typical Irish ways and stories. It would be a real treat(y)
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    The responsibility lies with Church leaders who have failed to warn people and have failed to demand ethical vaccines. If the church had made an issue of this and supported the effort to find ethical vaccines then we we would not be in this difficult position.
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    Maybe in Heaven.:)
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  7. AED

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    It is yet another example of sheep without a shepherd. Hard to imagine Pius X or XII or JPII not speaking out with great authority and gravity. But this is part of our chastisement. God has permitted it.:(
  8. AED

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    If only we could all sit down together. What fun! What a blessing.
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    But, this issue has been ongoing, and growing, since 1972. According to Professor Moschella, very many modern medicines have been directly or indirectly derived from information or materials from murdered unborn babies. It seems likely that all current vaccines are included. This is not an issue that can be laid solely at the feet of the current Church administration, no matter what we might think of them otherwise. Were there any statements given or policies drawn up by Pope Paul VI, Pope John Paul II (pope for twenty-seven years) or Pope Benedict XVI on these matters? I certainly am unaware of anything of that kind, but that doesn't mean their non-existence.

    We are all aware, and many of us have been thankful for it, of extraordinary strides in human medicine in the last half century, in particular. We were putting it down to the wonders of science. Now, it's beginning to be revealed as a Faustian pact with the devil and the Church needs to urgently address this. To be fair to him, Pope Francis has probably had an impact on the general issue of abortion with his blunt sound-bites about assassins in surgical gloves and abortionists being hired hit-men, the kind of statements that might make a broader impact in our modern society of short attention spans. He might be the right man to make such a statement on these ghoulish actions. Let's pray that God might twist his arm to do so.
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  10. AED

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    Faustian bargain is an excellent way to describe it.
  11. Shae

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    Ohhh, I would so love that! But as Padraig says “maybe in Heaven”:)
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    padraig Powers

    One Saint said that having bad Popes and Pastors was the worst possible affliction God could inflict on the World/Church.

    This is happening in Spades Just as the hidden Third Secret said.

  13. padraig

    padraig Powers

    This is why the Third Secret if Fatima was buried. It forecast Pope Francis
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    We are all clear here on the many faults of Pope Francis. But he isn't responsible for our being in the midst of the greatest human evil in history-the enormous and unthinkably abominable crime that is abortion, particularly in its incredibly efficient modern manifestation. We are only now beginning to realise how this monstrous moral cancer has spread its corrupting, putrid tentacles even deep into the caring profession of medicine, but how inevitable, given that it began its current reign as a branch of the Hippocratic profession itself, one that had as its first premise to do no harm but now had resolved to kill.

    God's plans are a Mystery and far be it from me to have any clue as to how He intends to carry them out. Still, this gallant effort to over-turn Roe vs Wade cannot be over-estimated in its importance for the history of the human race. The campaign has certainly gained momentum in recent years, mostly due to the perseverance of heroes like David Deleidon who have dug deep into the putrifying evil of the Industry of Death. However, for all we know, Francis might be pope for the simple reason of being used as an agent by God in His efforts to induce man to topple the men of Moloch. Perhaps those 'hitman' statements, unlikely as they seemed at the time, but the sort of statements that get heard beyond the bounds of the converted, had that marginal influence on public opinion that has been sufficient to move things towards their current moment of decision? This is not to say that Pope Francis won't be answering for the damage that he has done, but that God can always achieve straight writing in lines no matter how crooked. As for the US Supreme Court, I am expecting that the devil will find another Judas, just in time. However, let us pray for success.
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  16. AED

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    Wise wise words.
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    Cases in Ontario now over 4000. Taking out partial and unknown it's 2977 fully vaxxed, 905 unvaxxed.

    Only if you care to read about my family situation continue......

    My mom was in hospital with lower back surgery which went well and she is home. She's breaking bones doing almost nothing since they are so weak. As the chemo kills the cancer cells and the bones arn't getting regenerated fast enough. I really question this whole course of action but there's no turning back now.

    Saw her for 2 minutes yesterday picking up laundry to do for her.

    I thanked my siblings by text for everything they do to help her, especially my ER sister who really raised her game. (although she doesn't let you forgot it) Since my mom believes the shots makes everyone safe to be around I texted my siblings about my concerns that Covid cases are 77% in fully vaxxed now. I know my mom and doctor are never going to change their tune on this topic so I've accepted that, but that does give me the right to raise serious questions about her safety. She has no immunity currently. I would never try to make her feel more safe around me by highlighting the fact that most cases are fully vaxxed. This could make everyone seem unsafe to her and be horrible for her mental state. Best she keeps seeing key people and believes she is safe.

    But to my sibs I stressed how crucial not being sick is and even rapid testing is. Yes, I know rapid testing isn't that accurate and is more for symptomatic testing but it's something. Yesterday, when I stopped by my brother was on the couch relaxing with my mom, no mask and no cares. So I addressed the elephant in the room, the shots are not stopping infection or transmission so everyone needs to be extra sure they arn't sick. I said it all in a very nice way. So my ER sister responds, "I respectfully disagree with your opinions on almost everything related to vaccines." Wow, nice start. ;) So instead of addressing transmission which was the only topic in question she goes on about rapids tests not being accurate and how effective shots are if ICU numbers are 50/50. So, I asked point blank, do the shots stop infection and transmission and how would I be more of a risk if masking, social distancing, testing ETC than someone with shots?

    I'm not sorry to ask tough, serious questions that affect our whole family right now, even though it won't likely bear fruit for me. I refuse to feel inferior or helpless by not having the mystery gene shots when simple, straight forward questions can't or won't be answered.

    No response, at least not yet.

    I really am just venting frustration by posting this :cautious:
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    Oh would that be fun! Face to face…bet we’d have a lot of surprises! Well, maybe not in this world, but hopefully in the next! And yes Ann…” what fun!”.
  19. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    It really is unbelievably bad :cry:
  20. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

    Venting is just fine! I’m only sorry that you’re talking to a very wide brick wall. You are confusing them with facts and for some unknown reason, this is the science that they just refuse to listen to let alone believe. You’ve certainly tried in every way you can…now be at peace. Someday you’ll likely get a apology…I hope!

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