Ian Paisley died

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    He was awarded an Honorary Doctorate by the Bob Jones College in the States.

    I was strong armed by a dear friend who was a member of his Church (and who later committed suicide..(a very good person) to attend Dr Paisley's service one Sunday. He had forewarned the good Doctor that a Papist might be present !! So Mr Pasiley roared from the pulpit whilst staring fixedly at me,

    'God can save drug addicts, prostitutes , murderers AND EVEN ROMAN CATHOLICS! (this last fairly roared in a way that would make a Marine Sergeant Major blush) .

    The reverend gentleman invited me to the sacristy to speak to him and several churchelders in the sacristy to getr myself set right with God whilst the entire Congregation eyeballed me in utter horror as though I were the devil rose from hell.:D:D

    I politely declined.

    Actually he was a really good preacher, very forceful.

    His theology of course was red neck as it comes.

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  3. Beth B

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    And EVEN ROMAN CATHOLICS....I'm sorry, but I might have busted out laughing! That is soooo funny.
    Padrig, you must possess a good deal of humility to not have overreacted....at least to his face
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    And to think, all he need have done is repent... I guess for some people hell itself is preferable to repentance.
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    He had thyroid cancer and as I heard it he went through some kind of conversion experience in facing death.

    But then he got better and went back to being the same old Ian.

    He was the only guy I ever knew could spout hate and laugh in the same breath.

    Scarey. May have mercy on his poor soul.

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    One of my favourite parts of the Gospel. Can't you just picture the scene. Large crowds waiting to hear today's teaching. Then He tells them they're going to have to eat him. Imagine how mortified the Apostles felt but they stay. Imagine the mutterings in the crowd, and when they reach the ears of Jesus he reiterates his teaching. People begin to leave and he lets them go. This is a redline issue.

    Can you imagine the talk among the people who were leaving? 'Thought we were following a holy man there, obviously just another religious nutter. Better get back and see how things are at home. Wonder if the wife will speak to me after being left to see to everything.'

    And then St Peter's wonderful, wonderful answer to Jesus:

    Then Jesus said to the Twelve, 'What about you, do you want to go away too?'

    68 Simon Peter answered, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the message of eternal life,

    69 and we believe; we have come to know that you are the Holy One of God.'

    It's why we stay too, isn't it? Despite being puzzled at times by the mysteries of our Catholic Faith, and all the attacks we come under from following Jesus - where else would we go?
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    I have often been tempted not to believe in God at all. To concede that the whole thing is a crazy, unreal fairy tale. To give it all up and come back to, 'Reality'.

    But then I recall how deeply , deeply unhappy and despondent and suicidal I was when I was an atheist and how very,very happy and joy us and at peace I have been since I found Faith. Life has meaning and purpose and hope.

    So then at once I turn round to the Devil and say,

    'Very well then. Let us believe it is all a fairy tale , a myth. But if it is a, 'Fairy tale', it has brought me great joy and peace for many , many years. So I am going to stick with this, 'Fairy tale', till I die. For I prefer this , 'Fairy tale', a billion times better than your, 'Reality'.

    Where else indeed would we go? But to sit in loving Obedience at the feet of God.

    'Lord, help me to live always in the light of your presence. Should any darkness challenge my belief and love for you, dispel that darkness so that I might witness to your merciful and gracious love. Grant me the wisdom to confront a secular and egocentric world with your message of care and compassion for all people. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen.'

    – Taken from “The Path to Spiritual Maturity” by Fr. John Russell, O. Carm.


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    Peter's reply was crucial. The Eucharist was an explicit declaration by Christ that He was Divine. He was claiming that He was the Supreme Creator and Master of the Universe, nothing less. That He had the power and authority to transubstantiate the very matter of the universe into Himself, and the Love to be willing to offer Himself to us mere creatures. That His chosen means was so humble, mundane and physical was a further challenge. For His followers it must have been the defining moment. They had to decide, in the words of CS Lewis, whether He was "mad, bad or God".

    [Just quoted another Northern Protestant there. They're not all as bad as Paisley!]
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    Dear padraig you have been through the same as I have!!!

    When I was confronted with this question, about 15 years ago, I could not get an answer and I was very distressed.

    I analysed my situation and said to this persistent thought ' OK, God may only be a figment of my imagination but what is left without Him????? !!!!!!


    I can either live as a world devotee (make money, have pleasure etc) and not have an soul that lives on or a love that comforts


    I can believe in a fairy tale of a great stupendious love, that the very thought of such, fills my being with unimagined
    ecstasies of purity and so even if I die and find out that I was mistaken and there is nothing after death but death, I will not lament my decision to love God here on earth because I have followed the magnificient ideal of Christ who loves all and the magnificient ideal of a God who personally loves me.

    All sacrifice for this is but naught, even if it is a fairy tale, I would prefere to follow a fairy tale than what the world offers.

    This is what I decided to do when confronted with this desertof not knowing.

    God has since then reaffirmed His consant Love and presence, through both joy and pain.

    God is the only reality that is true.
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  10. padraig

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    It's all about Faith, it's true. That's all we have to cling to, but that's more than enough.

    But if we don't feed our Faith with prayer it will die and die very quickly in this cold wintertime of this Faithless world.

    In previous generations I think, usually, it was easy to subsist with little or no prayer and still believe. But things have changed.

    When my mother was dying of cancer I asked her if her suffering and coming death did not cause her to doubt? But she was shocked and said it would be mad not to believe in God. I don't think she ever doubted for a second.

    But that was her generation. Now I think we have moved on and moved on very,very rapidly. I feel especially sympathetic towards priests. They, their lives revolving around priestly Ministry, must specially rest on a very great Faith. But these days the only way to sustain very Great Faith is very Great Prayer. This is a huge challenge. I think that is why Our Lady is constantly asking for us to pray for our priests. As we should.

    My Spiritual Director one time said he envied me. I asked him why and he said everyone else longs to see the things of heaven and so could doubt whereas I had seen and talked with Our Lady and should feel no need to doubt.

    But I quoted scripture to him,

    John 20:29

    Then Jesus told him, "Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed."

    But yes I can still doubt and very often do. But the one thing that stops my doubts and increases my Faith is this never, ever springing fountain of joy that never ends. I am the happiest person I know. I never stop laughing and smiling. I know this comes from my Faith . Where else could it come from? What is more , like ripples in a pond, it spreads all around me so others laugh and are joyful. A foretaste of heaven .

    At the end of the day if the only thing in the world that is real, is sane, are smiles and laughter, that is more and more and more than enough for me.

    God exists.

    I hear Him and see Him and feel Him in my joy and laughter. ..and in the joy and laughter of those about me.

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  11. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    For years and years, I used to let the Eucharist dissolve on my tongue, I could not bear to think of chewing Jesus in case I hurt Him.

    Glorified Jesus is fully human, and fully Divine. We hear God lives somewhere in the depth of our being, so it must be a beautiful thing to bring Jesus into our being to be united with God within us. What a mystery.
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    Padraig, thanks for your words. You are an instrument of the Holy Spirit for me right now as I am facing big temptations to despair a bit. It's been a challenging weekend. Thank you.
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    This is so very true and I think in my daily struggles, my faith is there, but I wish the joy was too. My deepest struggle which I admit zap my energy and my joy is when I see and experience the pains, the foibles, and falls of my kids. It's a hard one for me- I worry and yet somehow feel guilty - could we have been a better example? And yet I know in all these questions and worries what am I really doing- I'm playing God- thinking somehow I can make it right. It's about trust and faith - more of it - I know God will give me what I need- so I just need to keep on moving forward and the encouragement from others -those here on MOG is very powerful.
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    It is funny how God chooses to gvie us taps on the shoulder as encouragement and as little Signs. I got two last week, one just yesterday.

    I love going into utube and simply taping in, 'Catholic'. You get the most wonderful results sometimes, lives of Saints ect.. Yesterday I papped in and the very first thing on utube was by Charlie Johnston! In a parish , I think in Monatana. I listened a while to Charlie and for the first time understood what he means by, 'The NEst RIght Step'. In otherwords not to look miles ahead just to take it one step at a time as coming from the Lord.

    Charlie himself reminded me of two things. Of Moses who stuttered and found himself entirely unfit for prophesy. Also of St Paul when he talks of, 'Treasure in clay jars'. I so took pleasure in watching Charlie , his humility in allowing hismel to be uses..as we should all of us allow ourselves to be used.

    But what I really, really find delightful is the way the American Cahtolics are listening and recptive to his Prophetic Voice. Being so kind and helpful

    Sigh. In Europe they would probably put the guy in a Strait jacket. The clergy leading the charge.

    It gives me great hope for America.

    As for Europe...well..sigh.

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    My other tap on the shoulder of hope was an Indian guy in the hospotal. Years ago he had read a book by a guy from Ceyon the need to trust God and take things day by day. It was quite clear this gentleman no longer worried about anything much . He said to me that God had taken care of him up to this point and so he was utterly confident God would take care of him for the future.

    How wonderful to say you no longer worry!

    What an inspiration!
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    As for the children. Let's be honest if God does not intervene most of the children in this generation in the West will be going to hell. It is as simple as that. As to the grandchildren of this generation ,very very few of themw ill not wind up in hell.

    Our only hope ever was that God would step in directly and he is. Everything as it is and was is about to disapper as though in an instant. So what our children are now is not what they are soon to become..as this world is transformed.

    If you aks me the final straw for God is what is going on in the Church at the moment. His hand is being forced, so to speak.

    God is not mocked.
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