Has anyone else gotten the vaccine?

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  1. Krizevac

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    Well I did a 180 and got the vax last week.

    I'm not telling anyone else what to do. It's your choice. I suddenly felt strong promptings to get the vaccine and once I registered online I had peace. Again, not telling anyone else what's right for them. Other than a slightly sore arm I'm fine. Personally I don't think the vax is the Mark. We're not there yet.

    After I got the vax I heard of a mother and daughter who died within a day of each other from Covid. So strange how some people don't even know they have it and others are so sick.

  2. KyleHancock

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    I respect everyone who has made the choice of not getting the vaccination, but I think the data has shown that vaccinations significantly reduce hospitalizations and deaths. (Most people I know on this forum that aren't getting the vaccine aren't getting it due to fears of long term health implications from the mRNA.) I also read at some point (can't remember where) that while vaccinated people technically can still spread the virus, the amount of virus they shed is so low that often times it won't be detected in a COVID test, and they rarely spread the virus to others which is what led to the mask reversal from the CDC. Average new daily cases and new daily deaths are down 90-95% since the start of the year, and I attribute that to God as well as the effectiveness of the vaccines.

    https://www.cdc.gov/media/releases/...ID-19 vaccines,likely to be hospitalized with

    I know I'm in the minority position here, but that's okay... 100 years ago, the world didn't have any antibiotics and they have done great things for human health and human life. I took the Sirach 38 approach in getting this vaccine... If mRNA ends up being bad for humanity, I will suffer along with everyone else who was vaccinated but will still be comfortable with my conscience, my reason, and guidance from the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith.

    Make friends with the doctor, for he is essential to you;*

    God has also established him in his profession.

    From God the doctor has wisdom,

    and from the king he receives sustenance.

    Knowledge makes the doctor distinguished,

    and gives access to those in authority.

    God makes the earth yield healing herbs

    which the prudent should not neglect;

    Was not the water sweetened by a twig,

    so that all might learn his power?a

    He endows people with knowledge,

    to glory in his mighty works,

    Through which the doctor eases pain,

    and the druggist prepares his medicines.

    Thus God’s work continues without cease

    in its efficacy on the surface of the earth.

    My son, when you are ill, do not delay,

    but pray to God, for it is he who heals.b

    Flee wickedness and purify your hands;

    cleanse your heart of every sin.

    Offer your sweet-smelling oblation and memorial,

    a generous offering according to your means.c

    Then give the doctor his place

    lest he leave; you need him too,

    For there are times when recovery is in his hands.

    He too prays to God

    That his diagnosis may be correct

    and his treatment bring about a cure.
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  3. MMM

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    I don't know anyone from my work, extended family or friends that hasn't got the shot. I realize my family are looking like the odd birds, some family can't understand why we haven't. (74% of adults in Ontario have 1 shot) There is enough information to warrant questioning why a healthy person would get it. I am healthy and have a God given immune system and am happy to let it work by itself. There is enough data to suggest it is relatively safe in the short term. (but not entirely safe by a long shot)

    My concern is 2 years from now does everyone that took it still have no issues? What about 5 or 10 years? Who knows, only time will tell. Do the spike proteins stay or are they completely gone? What organs do they affect, even mildly and do people fully recover? What if the spike proteins are the problem after all whether getting Covid or vax? The genetic manipulation of my RNA creeps me out.

    I stand by my plan that I will take it after it's been out for 2 years safely. Hopefully by then it won't matter any longer. Hopefully I can resist. My wife and I have agreed we won't travel outside our country for the 2 years if the BS passports exist.

    If people don't resist we are letting them do whatever they want to us in the future, controlling what goes in our bodies, our travel, our ability to go to concerts or sporting events and maybe even shopping in person etc.

    How many here that have taken it are going to continue to accept 1-3 shots yearly cause big pharma says so?

    I am really back to focusing on Divine Mercy and Trust in Jesus. I am praying that my stand is aligning with His Will and not just mine. I think it best to take it one day at a time and try to Trust. A very difficult thing to do I find.

    A bit of a ramble sorry.
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  4. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    I’m afraid we’ll know much sooner than that.

    Look at this news that just broke. They want to everyone vaccinated so badly, for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate, that we are buying 500 million shots for the rest of the world. Let that sink in...why? https://apple.news/AgWFkUICSSTC8JMFFR6RsjA
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  5. garabandal

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    Covid is a winter seasonal virus.

    Hence in the summer there are very low numbers so nothing to do with the vaccine and everything to do with seasonality.
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  6. Malachi

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    Holy smokes are you on crack :D
  7. AED

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    Well said Kyle. I love the scripture you cited. I actually "received" that once when my husband was very ill many years ago. I think we sometimes forget the terrible suffering children especially endured before vaccines and antibiotics. This virus has been a scourge. I pray the vaccines wipe it out. They are certainly making a difference in the numbers of hospitalizations and deaths. I thank God for that. As to any dire effects from them....who knows. We are all in God's Hands. That is the bottom line.
    My niece is married to a biochemist researcher who works for phizer. He is a straight shooter who tells the truth to the best of his ability. He told me he got the jab even though he knows the jury is out on the mrna technology. He says the angst comes from it being a new technology never done before--but he said the risk was/is worth it because the virus is so dangerous. His brother is an MD and is I think of the same opinion. We have some friends who are also MDs and they say the same. They have had experience dealing with the disease and are grateful to a person for the vaccine. So there is the other side of the debate.
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  8. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}--

    I balked about taking the vaccine, mostly out of an irrational desire to not have anything of COVID inside me.

    Prior to doing so (first jab on April 9, second jab on April 29), I prayed that obstacles would be placed in my way if not meant for me.

    No obstacles occurred.

    My husband (disabled, age 62) immediately signed up for his, two months prior to me (my age group was still not eligible). He did wish for me to also be vaccinated, but without pressure; my decision.

    I can honestly say I quickly became glad to be vaccinated, as there is no longer a go-around in my mind of Am I not trusting God to protect me versus Put not the Lord thy God to the foolish test.

    But of course each person must pray and decide for themselves. Mask mandates have been lifted here for the fully vaccinated, with only a few businesses (their preference) requiring masks regardless of vaccination status. I must say it's wonderful shopping again, or browsing in the library, smell the air of the place; the scent of old books, of fresh flowers or baked goods. :) And I am courteous and respectful towards fellow shoppers who remain masked.
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  9. Beth B

    Beth B Beth Marie

  10. With respect, there is no proof of this for this vaccine from any trusted source. The only thing, in fact, proven to “significantly reduce hospitalizations and deaths” are pharmaceutical treatments other than the vaccine.
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  11. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Principalities

    I am feeling increasingly depressed. People in my workplace are longing for the vaccine and there is an unspoken assumption that everyone will take it. I suppose our clients, whom we have to meet face to face, will feel the same. The vast majority, including my family overseas, have accepted the genetic manipulation.

    My little family here, we have no intention of taking this. I don't know how we can resist, though. I reckon they will, over time, increase the pressure more and more, introduce travel restrictions even inside the country, restrictions to go shopping (as has been done in Germany for instance).

    I am beginning to feel dark and hopeless. How will this all turn out if the world's majority accept genetic manipulation? How can we live trying to resist this?? How can we live???

    Where is God in this? Sr. Agnes Sasagawa's message from 6 October 2019 was bleak, very bleak. When will God come to our aid? Does God care? Does He exist even? Is He going to do something? When will this world order end?

    I am reading some of the posts of people who have succumbed to the pressure and I don't know what to say. This will only add to the pressure that is on the remnant.

    Sigh. Big sigh.

    We are in the roll-out phase here, this month and next month. I am expecting a call from the doctor or an email from the employer any time now.
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  12. Michael,
    I will offer my morning Mass, God willing, for your peace and a removal of this oppression from your soul.
    In Jesus and Mary,
    Advocata Nostra
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  13. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Principalities

    Thank you so very much, Advocata Nostra and Heavenly Hosts! Happily, our little family is going well, the marriage is changing for the better in big ways, we have started a family Rosary almost nightly and things are sweet as never before in this family.
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  14. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    don’t take it, brother
  15. Michael Pio

    Michael Pio Principalities

    Amen, we won't take it. God help us!
  16. Byron

    Byron Powers

  17. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    God love you and your family. It would seem the only way forward is one day at a time. My heart goes out to anyone who need to support themselves and their family, and will undoubtedly be put in a position where they will have to choose to take the vaccine or risk losing their job.

    My grandson who lives with us is working from home. I don't put any pressure on him as to his decision, but he knows I have refused the vaccine on a number of occasions. I think my grandson will refuse the vaccine and use it as an excuse not to return to the workplace. He was trying to negotiate working from home anyway before this all started. So it will be interesting to see what happens.
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  18. jackzokay

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    Hi Fatima, could you copy and paste that article. The link won't allow me to read it without a subscription...

  19. FatimaPilgrim

    FatimaPilgrim Powers

    the article is from the Washington Post:

    The Biden administration is buying 500 million doses of Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine to donate to the world, as the United States dramatically increases its efforts to help vaccinate the global population, according to three people familiar with the plans.

    The first 200 million doses will be distributed this year, with the subsequent 300 million shared in the first half of next year. The doses will be distributed by Covax, the World Health Organization-backed initiative to share doses around the globe, and they will be targeted at low- and middle-income countries. Pfizer is selling the doses to the U.S. at a “not-for-profit” price, according to the people familiar with the deal.

    President Biden is slated to announce the plan at the Group of Seven meeting in Britain this week amid growing calls for the United States and other rich countries to play a more substantial role in boosting the global supply of coronavirus vaccine. Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla is expected to join Biden in making the announcement.

    The White House and Pfizer declined to comment.

    The Biden administration previously announced it would share at least 80 million vaccine doses with the world by the end of June. Last week, the White House detailed plans for how it would allocate 25 million doses, with about 19 million of them being shared with Covax. Roughly 6 million shots would be shared directly with countries experiencing severe coronavirus outbreaks, including India.

    The question of how to close the vaccine gap and end the pandemic is expected to be front and center at the G-7 summit this week. In the lead-up to the meeting of wealthy democracies, Biden’s vaccine-sharing strategy has been under intense scrutiny — both at home and abroad.

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