Has anyone else gotten the vaccine?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Shae, Apr 27, 2021.

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    God bless you Lumena. May Our Lady help you to discern.
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    Absolutely Donna. I believe this as well.
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  3. When people ask me if I will take the jab, I tell them no. Usually my reasons will follow slowly and in the natural flow of our conversation. It’s not my duty to tell them what they should/should not do, but I will give them info I have if they are open to it.

    We went to lunch with some friends we hadn’t talked to in a while who shared with my husband and I how they more or less talked themselves into getting the vaccine. When they arrived, she began to feel that she was unsure because of signals of sorts she was “gettting”, but before she could fully process it all, it was done. (That can happen in life.) Immediately the tech held up the form in front of her and told her not to lose it because it was her passport to her freedoms. That’s when clarity came for her and she realized a side of things she hadn’t considered prior. She did speak up to that person in response, basically letting it be known that that’s not why she just allowed herself to be injected with this stuff.

    Side effects soon followed: trouble breathing,chest tightness and joint swelling. Then a few days later, fibromyalgia that had been held at bay for a long time began to flare up and symptoms haven’t stopped. She knows about reporting it all and will absolutely not get the second shot, nor will her husband. She also told me she’s just now seeing/reading all that’s going wrong with this that others have been saying.
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    Thanks for sharing this sad story.
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  5. She’s a faith-filled woman who will, no doubt use her negative experience for the betterment of others.
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    May the good Lord guide you! What a awful position such absolutely good catholics have had to endure.
    God bless everyone forced to make these difficult choices....praying for you!
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    Absolutely no one has the right to judge another soul...that’s Gods department...certainly not mine!
    Regardless of the action in question. May our dear Lord guide us all!
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    Awww...sooooo sad. Sooo sad?
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    I received my 2nd Pfizer dose in the middle of April. I am 37 and had a fever for a few days. My wife, brothers, father, and extended family have all also been vaccinated without issue. I respect everyone's personal decision, but to be 100% honest, I was never concerned about getting the vaccine. I'm a firm believer in traditional orthodox Catholicism (which is why I am on this forum), and I also believe that God is the author of science. I am grateful to have the covid antibodies without ever encountering some of the sickness and death that impacted friends, family members, and coworkers that I know personally.
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    Fully vaxxed here (with good reason, and also prayer beforehand; see my post from Saturday, May 1st).

    I fully agree that others shouldn't be subjected to social stigma or ostracization.

    And how do over-zealous pro-vaccination folks intend to enforce that, aside from public confession (verbal or symbolic)??

    Make the non-vaccinated confess and put on arm bands?? :unsure:

    You can't tell by looking at me that I'm fully vaxxed. I can't tell by looking at others who isn't.

    It is increasingly concerning me that pro-vaccine zealots will start demanding arm bands or other public identifiers. :( I don't want to see anyone subjected to that!

    Some people are vehemently opposed to the vaccine. That is their decision / right.
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    With a 99% recovery rate from Covid 19, my husband and I will not get the jab. Are we spiritually ready for death? So far many have been convinced to roll up their sleeves, but the question remains,... will it be forced upon the rest who have decided not to? Will these jabs be required annually, like the flu shot?
    I hope and pray that the many who have received it will suffer no ill effects in the future.
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  12. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    I have not had vaccine yet, waiting for one that will be easier to accept for me.

    As for the arm bands. I wear a mask when required to make others feels safe. I will get an arm band and wear it if that makes people feel safe too. The vaccine won't stop us getting the virus, won't stop us passing the virus on, it is apparently effective in reducing the symptoms of the virus only.

    I have been reassured by my consultant nephrologist today, that when I need further treatment for vasculitis it will be given whither I have the vaccine or not. So thank God for that.
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  13. DesertStar7

    DesertStar7 To Jesus + through Mary @-}--

    My concern for arm bands here in the USA (I recall you're in the UK) are their potentially making people a target for harassment or assault. Asian-Americans are reportedly being assaulted on a frequent basis; arm bands might trigger similar reactions ("You're not vaxxed so you're spreading COVID").

    Of course I could be wrong.
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    Have I missed something?

    What's this armband thing people are referring to?
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    [QUOTE="DesertStar7, post: 336777, member: 6521"’]And how do over-zealous pro-vaccination folks intend to enforce that, aside from public confession (verbal or symbolic)??

    Make the non-vaccinated confess and put on arm bands?? :unsure:[/QUOTE]

    garabandal, I had the same initial reaction as you but I believe a couple posters were responding to desertstar’s conjecture I copied here.
    But to answer her query...no armbands (with gold stars on them), nay, now we have have science! It’ll be microchips
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    This post nails it.
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  17. Michael Pio

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    God is the author of gene manipulation? God allows a lot, including abortion and wars, but I hope He and His Mother will interfere soon.
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    Dr. Yeadon, a retired Pfizer vp and chief scientist, says it is known that having had a SARS corona virus (covid 19 is one) confers immunity for at least 17 years. This is known because those who contracted SARS in Asia in 2004 still have immunity. He says the immunity extends to variants. Sorry I don't have a specific link. This seems to be more truth that's being intentionally supressed.
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    I feel the same way. When I hear someone has taken the jab my heart sinks in grief. I think of all the innocent people and pray this will end soon. In my dream, God did not want the RNA disturbed and did not want the vacc. He loves us beyond our knowing.
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    my mother who is 58 years old and has asthma will be vaccinated today(07/06)... I ask for prayers that everything goes well with her.
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