Has anyone else gotten the vaccine?

Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by Shae, Apr 27, 2021.

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    I have not. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and for 15 of the last 20 years they have had me on biologics that they then removed me from because of these drugs causing me neuropathy and also many bone tumors and lung tumors. I also was getting constant infections including fungal lung infections. I am done trusting my body to science. After 15 surgeries to remove these tumors and having both my ankles fused while on both Humira and Arava, I am taking care of myself now with a sugar free organic diet. I've lost 20 pounds and feel better than I ever felt on all those drugs.
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    My husband and I are the only holdouts. I have a few family members who had their first shots, and have since decided not to get the second. One of them had a bad allergic reaction, she felt her throat closing up about 20 minutes after the first Moderna jab. Rescue had to be called, and thankfully she pulled through. She is perfectly healthy, and has never had an allergic reaction to anything until getting this vaccine. Prayers for everyone here on MOG, vaccinated or not we all have a tough road ahead of us.
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    I would not be concerned about a backlash. Where sin is not involved, decisions should be respected.:)

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    I also got the Pfizer vaccine after much prayer, due to my family circumstances. I got it 4 months ago and have had no ill effects. My husband and two oldest daughters have also gotten it with no problems.
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    Thank you Mario.
  7. any name you wish

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    My dad - two Pfizer
    my mom has just had one shot
    I shall have neither
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  8. non sum dignus

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    2nd shot today for me.
    No side effects.
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    Every member of my family and extended family which is large has received either the pfizer or moderna. The majority had no side effects some had mild flu like symptoms.
    My brother who had covid several months back was tested for antibodies before flying and it came back negative. His doctor warned him that he is just as vulnerable to getting covid again. He went ahead and got the vaccine. We are living in a society that does not care or respect our fellow brother and sisters. imo I do not want to put at risk anyone i may come into contact with should I carry the virus. My daughter and son in law contracted the virus and they had a very difficult time and my daughter still has lingering side effects from it. I would not want anyone to have to go thru what she went thru. If Bill Gates and many other elites are getting this shot, to me it dismisses the theories that they are trying to control the population numbers. My faith is in God, he knows my heart. And even if I am wrong, God can do anything ,even protect me from a bad immunization.
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    Every MD i know--some are good friends-- always say its a risk/risk scenario but after what they have seen of this virus they have all taken the jab. Some people are incredibly thoughtless exposing others by coming to work sick and knowing they have covid but saying nothing. My niece was exposed at work because of this just two weeks ago. One of my son's clients had the same problem. A man came to work knowingly and 16 people got infected. :(
    I think what is happening in India shows us what this virus can do. I feel real sorrow over this. India sent many supplies to other countries to help back last year but they relaxed their protocols too early. And they just don't have the medical infrastructure. Prayers for India and Sri Lanka.
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    My husband and I have had our first shots, of the AZ, and are due a second in early May. My arm was a bit sore but otherwise I was fine. Husband said he felt a bit off, but he wasn't sick. I've stayed out of the vax debates here because I do not believe there is a hoax. When the polio vaccine came out, some people said there was a catch and it should be avoided. I do have concerns about anything that has links to abortion and one of my friends has refused the jab because of this issue. For me, seeing Pope Benedict receiving the jab suggested that he feels it's the lesser of two evils. If given the choice, one should opt for the jab that has least connection with abortion. Having said that, we usually don't get the choice. In the UK, the elderly got the Pfizer, as it arrived first, and those of us in the next tranche got the home-grown Oxford/AZ jab. Moderna hasn't reached our shores.

    I feel desperately sad for India and like AED am praying about it. I visited India once, and fell in love with it. We stayed with some nuns and saw their work in the community. I'm pleased and proud that Britain is sending medical supplies and hope that we will do all we can to help.
  12. AED

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    You are right Clare. It is not a hoax. It is not a cold or the flu. It is a deadly serious new disease. Its wonderful that Britain is helping India.
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    You realise of course that the vaccine does not prevent you getting the virus or prevent you spreading the virus but only reduces the symptoms.
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  14. garabandal

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    It is deadly only for a certain age profile.

    The average age of death is 83 years old.

    Very few young people die who have no underlying health issues.
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    Yes! I am so glad I got it too.....I got the Moderna and second shot was on my birthday which was a gift for me....I am a public health nurse. I have a great deal of Covid that went though my building with the children as carriers. I was directly exposed 7 different times and did not get sick thank GOD. My gf refused the shot. She got COVID from one of our darlings. She is a healthy 40 year old. She wound up in the ER with Oxygen for 2 days but they gave her no treatments other than Steroids and breathing treatments and oxygen. She was sick for another week. She has been back to work for 3 weeks and has Long Hauler syndrome. She can't breathe, she can't think straight. She is jumping from one specialist to the next. The aid in her room gave the COVID to her and another student and she and the student are just fine. You can't explain this disease. It's crazy......
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  16. Donna259

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    btw, I respect everybody's decision whether to vaccinate or not. It is so personal with so many variables....too many to understand on a message forum
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    AED, my friend.... The West and it's ruling elites have not suddenly developed a conscience for the poor people of India. They care little for who lives or dies there.
    I do not mean to cause offense when I say this. But I doubt very much weather the scamdemic is as ferocious as our extremely biased media are reporting.
    If you ask me, they are using this as a reminder / warning that the thing hasn't gone away.
    They are re-grouping.
    They are giving us the summer because they know they won't hold everybody over the summer.
    They will come back again in the autumn/fall/winter to finish off small businesses. To bust the economy. And then, to introduce their digital currency. Once it's 'in'. We can all be controlled much more easily.
    With this also, they will attack the holy church. Getting the priests on trumped-up charges of prejudice/bigotry/racism etc. Probably something along the lines of a priest/parish declining to marry 2 men.... Something like that.

    Getting back to India. Have a look at this.... Screenshot_2021-04-29-21-20-50-24.jpg
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    Is there really a video of Pope Benedict receiving the jab in the internet, because I cannot see one. This is reported by the mainstream news but they don't show any video of it...
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  19. I appreciate your very respectful tone in responding to AED while not agreeing. Also, I believe you’ve hit several nails on their heads.
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  20. New Jersey’s 7-day “new” case rate closely mirrors India’s
    April 28, 2021 Matt Rooney

    As of yesterday, New Jersey’s 7-day average for “new” COVID-19 cases was 2,306.

    Over in India – where we’re told the End of Days has begun on the subcontinent – the rolling 7-day average stood at 340,140 new cases reported daily.

    That’s an eye-popping disparity until you remember that New Jersey’s population (9,288,994 according to the new census data) is dwarfed by India’s massive 1.366 billion person population. There are > 147 Indians living in India for every New Jersey resident on the planet.

    So, after doing some quick back of the napkin math, we see that India’s new case rate as of Tuesday was 1 in 4,016.

    New Jersey’s came in at 1 in 4,028.

    Don’t act so surprised! New Jersey still boasts the highest U.S. death rate and, if it were an independent country, the worst death rate on the planet.

    “But Matt, what about the under-count over there?”

    [​IMG]Okay. Do you trust New Jersey’s numbers? And if so… are you drunk?

    I am a literate, free-thinking American citizen who now knows that my government has been manipulating me for the past 14 months where this pandemic is concerned. Just this week, the Murphy Adminstration admitted that > 1% of our state’s reported cases were actually DUPLICATES. We’ve written EXTENSIVELY on the unreliability of Murphy’s numbers, and these numbers allegedly form the basis of Phil Murphy’s executive orders which impact every level of life in the Garden State.

    Trust no one. Not when it comes to COVID-19. Do your own research, remain skeptical, and expect that what you’re being told isn’t always the straight dope. Someone is making money off of your clicks, and a smaller but no less rich and powerful group of people has grand designs for the “new normal” into which we’re all going to blunder if we’re not very careful.


    (Above was from a friend.)
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