Grave Concerns: Fr Michel Rodrique.

Discussion in 'Positive Critique' started by padraig, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Convenient. I’m done trying to reason with you. You don’t want that, anyway, and it is clear that I am wasting my time to engage with you on here any further. You don’t want dialogue. ~AN
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    The website FromRome is probably owned by Br Bugnolo who is no longer a member of a religious order. If you look closely at the end of the article, there is a place to donate to Brother since he claims he has taken a vow of poverty. (I read that previously on his blog.)
    I think this website may contain spurious information, probably aligned with personal bias. Brother B also believes that Benedict XVI is the Pope, to the best of my recollection.
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    I think it's best to steer clear. For some reason this is "third rail" stuff. On the one hand we must never take for granted a word against a priest. Or publicize it to others. Always we must give the benefit of the doubt. And not just for priests. For everyone. The story is creepy and doesnt ring true. But as Padraic said let's use IT and find out who is possibly besmirching Fr Rodrigue. The salacious tone at the end was plain awful. Unseemly. The internet is full of very suspect things. Fr Rodrigue is as far as we know a priest in good standing with his diocese. For myself I will pray for him in my night prayers tonight and drop this. It has a bad feel to it. Just my 2 cents.
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    Read above, Br Alexis Bugnolo website
    Might be the origin
    That’s my best effort as Sherlock this evening
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    Pretty good!(y)
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    Yeah I looked at the site, Benedict XVI is still the pope and Br. Bugnolo articles.

    FromRome.Info | News and Commentary on the Catholic Church
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    Thank you Sam and Heavenly Hosts for your detective work. (y)

    One wonders about the articles posted. There is a link to another website that is titled:

    The editor is as Heavenly Host found, Br. Alexis Flavian Bugnolo. Holy Cow he's a Gator :eek: (Graduated from University of Florida).

    Padraig and others thank you for your very perceptive comments, about the author of this article, which reads to me as a personal attack, for whatever reason? It lacks verisimilitude, because it is all based on hearsay, no facts that one can check and corroborate. It is written in a language meant to entice the reader, instead of stating concerns outright.

    Whoever is the real author needs our prayers.
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    Excellent post
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    The account was not a personal attack. I'm surprised some here are immediately attempting to discredit the author and question his character or motives. Father Michel is the one with credibility issues, given the negative ruling by his local bishop, and this personal testimony by someone who got suckered by him is an act of charity to prevent others from getting taken advantage of.
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    Richard, I see your point but this article is completely unsubstantiated.
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    Richard, I respect your comment, and you may be correct; however, this article is as Heavenly Hosts pointed out, unsubstantiated. When you search the author's name, it does not appear anywhere else. Perhaps it is a pen name?

    Do you happen to know the author personally, perhaps?

    It lacks credibility, at least to me.

    Blessings and prayers for this author whomever he may be.
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