Gay Marriage Referendum Ireland.

Discussion in 'Ireland' started by Sanctus, Aug 29, 2014.

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    what an evil machine we are up against. This plan was in the works for a decade, and these groups have learned from their defeats in certain state's in the U.S. and now are a well oiled machine. They are so motivated and relentless. There is so much happening in the background in the world right now...and it is taking shape and most people just don't even realize it. The full effects will be felt soon. It disturbs me that groups from the U.S. are the primary players of this evil machine. The U.S. will be hit very, very hard with this storm and we deserve it so with how we are pushing this on unsuspecting countries. Let's just pray our rosaries and support each other.
  2. Ok guys, who is willing to go beyond prayer, and do some heartfelt penance to appease the heart of our Lord, and join with me on Lough Derg for 3 days? (Perhaps late June or early August) As Adoremus says, group reparation is more important than individual. Lough Derg is tough going and not for the faint hearted... anyone who says otherwise is lying!:) But having said that, one receives really extraordinary graces from doing the pilgrimage, that has been my experience anyhow!
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    It may kill me

    but alright
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    I was praying about it there and I feel Our Lady calling me to do it, she says there s going to be quite a few with us and promises great graces
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    So we must make a date
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    So a call out on the forum to all from Ireland .. Lough Derg Pilgrimage ..:)
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    I've run away from that pilgrimage all my life. The hunger I could stand . . . just. But the midgies! The lack of sleep!

    You can't make me!
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  12. Well done Padraig, I was hoping you would get on board!!
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    Wow Our Lady is in this
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    Possibly I might be able to do it as well then, hopefully, all depends on stuff. I'd like to though. It has a huge history you know, what Ireland was famous for in the 14th century.
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  16. Last time I was there Krizevac, there were no midgets! It was early Aug and showery weather. Hopefully we will have a group and we won't feel the lack of sleep with the comraderie etc. I stopped off in Pettigo on the way home to get an oat cake, which they seemed to be out of on the island! About 5 miles down the road I took a nibble and promptly turned the car and back to the shop and bought a full box!! They were delicious:D
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    well I am sooooooooooooooo enthusiastic I just full of the Spirit in this
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    thank you Jesus, Our Blessed Lady and Border Collie:)
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  19. Emmm steady on there Padraig!!!:)
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    Oh man... the pressure is really on now...

    I think what would make it bearable is getting to meet others from the forum and us all being in it together.

    It would depend on the date for me, though. Maybe late July?
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