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    On May 6,2012, Bishop of Santandar Vecente Jimenez Zamora, celebrated mass in Garabandal in commemoration of the completion of the restoration of the village church. This was the first time a Bishop celebrated Mass in Garabandal, since the apparitions began ! The fact the came himself, and did not send someone in his place,and the fact that he returned again in May of 2013 ,and kissed a crucifix belonging to villager David Toribio that was kissed by the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal, were signs of his acceptance and personal approval of the apparitions.

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    Conchita — January 1, 1965
    "The Blessed Virgin told me (during a two-hour apparition at the pines January 1, 1965) that the warning would be given to the entire world before the miracle in order that the world might amend itself. It will come directly from God and be visible throughout the entire world. No one can escape it. We will feel it bodily and interiorly.
    "The warning is like a chastisement, a terrifying thing for the good as well as for the wicked. It will be like a revelation of our sins. We shall see the consequences of the sins we have committed. God will send the warning to purify us so that we may better appreciate the miracle by which He clearly proves His love for us and hence His desire that we fulfill the message. The warning will draw the good closer to God and it will warn the wicked that the end of time is coming. It will be like fire. It will not burn our flesh but we will feel it bodily and interiorly.”
    We must allow that Conchita gropes for human words, admittedly inadequate, to convey her understanding of the nature of the warning. In fact, she said that the warning would be “like” fire; she did not say that it would be fire. To Conchita, there are two things that the warning and the fire have in common: they can be “seen” and “felt,” and they are “very terrifying.” Hence her use of the words: “like fire.” In this same context — an attempt to make identifiable comparisons — I submit that the warning is “like (our understanding of) Purgatory.”
    Based on the doctrine of the Church, we understand Purgatory to be a place or condition of purification, wherein we are made clean — prepared, so to speak — to behold the Beatific Vision. We accept that some sort of suffering is necessary to this purifying process, a suffering that prevails but does not destroy. All of this can be likened to the warning, which “will purify us for the miracle,” which will be “like a chastisement” in that we will suffer; and which we will endure “bodily and interiorly” but which will not destroy us. To extend this a little more, the soul in Purgatory, having stood before God in judgment, now exists in the light of truth. With perfect clarity, he understands the extent and consequences of his sins. Similarly, “the warning will be like a revelation of our sins.” We shall see the consequences of the sins we have committed.
    This likening of the Garabandal warning to Purgatory is my own entirely; in no way has Purgatory been mentioned in connection with the warning either by Our Lady or the visionaries. And I make the comparison only to underscore the magnitude and power of the warning: “Like” Purgatory, it will be a revelation of our sins, a severe but thoroughly just suffering, a no-turning-back, purifying confrontation with truth for each of us.
    Conchita Gonzalez — January 2, 1965
    "This warning, like the chastisement, is a very fearful thing for the good as well as the wicked. It will draw the good closer to God and it will warn the wicked that the end of time [not to be confused with the end of the world] is coming and that these are the last warnings. No one can stop it from happening. It is certain, although I know nothing of the day or the date.
    "The warning will be like a revelation of our sins, and it will be seen and experienced equally by believers and non-believers and people of any religion whatsoever. Each person on earth will have an interior experience of how they stand in the light of God's Justice. It is like a purification for the miracle. And it is like a catastrophe. It will make us think of the dead, that is, we would prefer to be dead than to experience the warning. The warning will be recognized and accepted by the world.
    "Jesus will send the warning to purify us so that we may better appreciate the miracle by which he clearly proves his love for us and hence his desire that we see the consequences of the sins we have committed. I think that those who do not despair will experience great good from it for their sanctification.
    "The warning is something supernatural and will not be explained by science. It will be seen and experienced by all men all over the world and will be a direct work of God. It will be very awesome. However, if men die from it, it will be only from the emotional shock of seeing it. It will be a correction of the conscience of the world. Those who do not know Christ (non-Christians) will believe it is a warning from God."

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    HAIR DRY IN RAIN June 1961 ,by Placido Ruiloba

    “As the ecstasy was prolonged and the pathways became more difficult to traverse, my arm got tired from holding the umbrella and I closed it even though the rain continued without letup. I accompanied the girl for twenty minutes and was soaked through and through; my feet were swimming in my shoes. At the end of twenty minutes, we passed before a house lit by a small electric light bulb which enabled me to see to my amazement that the shoulders and head of the girl were completely dry. To make sure I passed my wet hand three times through her hair and dried it as if I were using a towel. All this I affirm, and would swear to it with my hand on the holy Gospels. “


    Another interesting miraculous phenomenon was the returning of rosaries. Now that people started to believe the Blessed Mother was actually appearing at Garabandal, they would bring their rosaries and medals to be kissed by her. They were all piled on a table for the girls to offer up to her. Entangled when presented by the girls to be blessed by the Blessed Mother, rosaries, medals, and multitude of objects would incredibly untangle smoothly when being returned to their owners. Even without any pre-established order, the Garabandal visionaries also never erred in returning each object to its proper owner.

    The events of January 1, 1962.

    Dr. Ortiz tells us the following story:
    “I was in the village with Miss Margarita Huerta who had come from Madrid with a group of people. Three of the girls fell into ecstasy and were walking together through the street just above the plaza, going towards the Church. One of the men from the group, who was following at a distance, suddenly thought, ‘If this is from God, let the middle girl come to me now and offer me the crucifix to kiss.’
    Immediately, the girl fell back from the other girls and held up the crucifix for him to kiss! He was very excited and later told us the story”.

    A Dominican in Disguise

    Conchita’s mother Aniceta tells us the story:

    A young man arrived here with a young woman, a couple. He was dressed like any normal young man, and I assumed that they were just a young dating couple. It was raining a lot and the place was full of people. Conchita, in ecstasy, came into the house. My sister was amidst the crowd and the young man approached her and said, “Give this cross to the girl.” My sister responded, “Why should I try to give it to her? She’s not going to take it. When she’s in ecstasy, she never receives anything.” “Well, give it to her mother then, so that her mother can give it to her.” My sister came up to me and said, “Here, that man said for you to give this to Conchita.” I responded, “Why am I going to give it to her? She never takes anything.”
    Then, I had an idea. What he wanted me to give to Conchita was a cross on a string, and so I thought of hanging it on her fingers, since she had her hands folded. Although Conchita spoke softly, I was close by and heard her insist to her vision, “I didn’t bring anything. I really didn’t bring anything.” She continued, “Well, if I have something, take it.”
    At that moment, Conchita took a step forward, lowered her hands and, in doing so, the cross fell on the ground. She took another step and stepped on the cross, “Ah! I’m stepping on it?”
    She bent down and picked up the cross, still in ecstasy, and held it up to her apparition to kiss. Then she turned around, facing the young man, made the sign of the cross over him and held it up for him to kiss. Turning back to the vision, she held it up again to be kissed and said, “Having such a beautiful habit as the Dominican habit, what a pity that he came dressed like that!”.

    Then, turning back to the man, she took his glasses off and put them in his hands. The man was afraid and I said to him, “Don't worry, she won’t break them.”
    She made the sign of the cross over him, held up his cross to be kissed again, and then put it around his neck. However, she put it on him backwards, the image was turned inwards. “Oh! I put it on him backwards?” She took it off, turned it around and put it back around his neck.
    Then she opened his hands, took his glasses and put them back on his face. Then she repeated, “What a shame that they come dressed like that!”

    He was a Dominican priest in disguise, wearing normal clothing, and accompanied by a young lady, who appeared to be his girlfriend, but who turned out to be his sister“.


    June 1961. With her eyes fixed straight above, Conchita stooped slightly and reached down about 50 centimeters (20 inches) from the ground. Then before the attentive and stupefied eyes of all of us who witnessed it, the crucifix came out of the mud by itself to the level of the girl's hand. She immediately grabbed it with both hands while remaining in ecstasy.

    Witness: Don Placido Ruiloba

    Conchita and the Glass of Milk

    One day Conchita was eating near the elevated kitchen fireplace on a small stool where she usually sat. Suddenly Loli came inside in ecstasy and said to her: — “Conchita, the Virgin says you should finish quickly, since she is going to come to see you.” Conchita sped up her motions a little, and then as she lifted her glass of milk, to everyone’s surprise, she fell into ecstasy, the glass of milk in her hand. She came down slowly from the fireplace, and at the doorway of the house, she started running swiftly toward the church. She stopped abruptly in front of the portico. There they were able to take the celebrated glass of milk from her hand. To everyone’s surprise, not a drop had been lost. (Just another little example of the daily signs of proof )

    Falling on the ground: 6-11-67

    Mother Nieves: " Why did you fall on the ground ? "
    Conchita: " We were not aware of that, we were with the Virgin ! And we followed the conversation or communication with her, without knowing if we were running or not, if we were on our knees or lying on the ground."

    "Foot Race", A story from Serafin Gonzalez ( Conchita's Brother )

    “On one occasion, a boy who was a good athlete arrived and said: ‘No one can beat me in a race. No girl can beat me.’ One of the girls had an ecstasy and set off running, and this boy ran after her. It was clear that the Blessed Virgin wasn’t trying to outrun him in the race, but at this point the girl was running at such a speed right toward the wall of a house that the boy thought: ‘If this is not from God, this girl will kill herself running into that wall.’ The boy had to stop to give him time to slow down, but the girl continued running without stopping until she reached the wall, and then she stopped in an instant. She said to the Blessed Virgin: ‘Oh, it is so he will believe…!’ The boy heard this and believed, since it was not humanly possible to stop in an instant at that speed.”

    Light bulb story
    The Chief of the Civil Guard, Juan Alvarez Seco, who lived nearby, remembers this case.

    “One day María Dolores ( Mari Loli ) was on the second floor of her house where she had apparitions many times. Her father Ceferino had said that, when they came down from there to the floor below where the tavern was, they would unscrew the light bulb since there was no switch to turn it off. Loli, while putting her hand on the bulb this time, fell into ecstasy, and she didn't take away her hand. We all feared that if she continued like this, holding onto the lit light bulb, she would burn her hand. Her mother said, “Heavens, take away the light bulb!”

    However all our efforts were useless. Then we called Mari Cruz who wasn't in ecstasy, and she—with the greatest of ease—made Loli let go of the bulb. Her hand was not burned. Then the girl went down the stairs and continued her ecstatic march “.
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    The girls would have their fingers full of wedding rings, and while in ecstasy they'd raise up their hands and ask the Virgin to kiss them. After this they would return the rings to their owners without making any mistakes and without seeing who they were giving them to as their heads were always tilted backwards and their eyes fixed on the apparition above them.

    Garabandal and the Holy Shroud

    Only after Father Eusebio Garcia de Pesquera had written his comprehensive book on Garabandal, SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN, did it come to light that the Shroud was mentioned at Garabandal. It was during one of Conchita's ecstasies when the Blessed Virgin spoke to the visionary about the Sabana Santa (Spanish for Holy Shroud). Among the spectators at that ecstasy was the Marquesa de Santa Maria, an excellent witness, and it was from her that Prof. Jacques Serre learned what the Virgin said about the Shroud. The Marquesa heard Conchita repeat the words of Our Lady:

    "It is the divine imprint of my Son."


    I have a rarely heard story of Our Lady kissing a woman's powdercase. We know most of the stories are about kissed religious objects. The reason I post this ( besides being a rarely heard story ) is that it reminds me of we don't always understand everything that happened at Garabandal , until later on. I think this story proves my point. Never question our Blessed Mother's intentions.

    One day Conchita was in the kitchen of her house surrounded by persons who were waiting for the moment of the apparition. On the simple table that served for the family meals, the objects that she was going to give to be kissed were being gathered. Together with these, someone had put there a stylish woman's powder case. The child and those present wanted this removed. How could the Virgin come to kiss an object so profane and used only for the service of vanity? Nevertheless, the powder case remained there.
    The ecstasy began and those present saw with astonishment that the visionary's hand, without her looking at it, before going to any other object, went first of all toward the previously discussed powder case. The child raised it toward the invisible Virgin and then set it down with great respect on the table. Among those present, surprise must have been mingled with doubt. Was it really the Virgin who was appearing? It didn't seem that she would kiss such an object . . .
    As soon as the ecstasy was finished, Conchita was asked for an explanation. And she declared that the Virgin had asked immediately for the powder case in order to kiss it, saying that it was something «belonging to her Son».The girl did not know anything more. But the person who had put the powder case there did know more and revealed the secret. During the terrible Spanish civil war (1936-1939) in the Red Zone when priests were being executed and had to be hidden, the powder case had been used to bring Communion Hosts to various locations and especially to prisoners whom the Reds held captive in order to execute. Thus it had served as a Pyx.
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    Don't try to test our Blessed Mother !

    Two couples approached Conchita and gave her four wedding rings, so that in her next ecstasy she would give them to be kissed by the Virgin. As Conchita offered the rings to Our Lady, she was heard to say: "You don't want to kiss them? But I don't understand. Ah! So I have to tell them to straighten out their lives and be good?" After the ecstasy, Conchita returned the rings to the man who had given them to her and told him and his companions what the Virgin had said. He was very embarrassed and said, "We came here to prove Garabandal was false if the girls gave us back the rings on our fingers, because none of us are married and we only bought the rings for this occasion."

    In another story, while in ecstasy the girls used to give wedding rings to Our Lady to kiss, and then always looking upwards and guided by the Virgin, they would return the wedding rings placing them directly on the fingers of the owners, never making a mistake, even though sometimes the husband would be on one side of the room and the wife on the other. On one occasion, while returning wedding rings to a couple, Mari Loli in ecstasy, was heard to say: "Why do I have to put this on the left hand? Ah, because they are from Valencia!" (that was their custom ).

    Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL, MAY-JUNE 2003
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    Yes,in Mercy let it be your last.
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    The movie "Garabandal: Only God Knows" will be playing in Argentina and Paraguay beginning tomorrow, 5/9/2019;

    And in Ireland beginning on 5/19/2019 in Cookstown, Co. Tyrone:

    Cookstown, Co. Tyrone
    The Ritz Multiplex1-2 Burn Road
    May 19th, 2019 at 14:00 and 20:00

    And on 5/17/2019 in Derry, Northern Ireland:

    Derry, Northern Ireland
    Brunswick Moviebowl
    Brunswick Lane ,
    Pennyburn Industrial Estate BT48 0LU

    And also in the following locations in the USA on 5/17/2019:

    Atlanta, GA
    Atlanta, GA
    Regal Cinemas Hollywood 24 @ North I-85
    3265 Northeast Expy.
    Chamblee, GA, 30341, USA

    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Ft. Lauderdale, FL
    Regal Cinemas Sawgrass 23 & IMAX
    2600 NW 136th Ave,
    Sunrise, FL 33323, USA

    New Orleans, LA
    New Orleans, LA
    Theater information coming soon.

    Raleigh, NC
    Raleigh, NC
    Regal Cinemas Crossroads 20 & IMAX
    501 Caitboo Ave.
    Cary, NC 27518, USA

    Sterling, VA
    Regal Cinemas Countryside 20
    45980 Regal Plaza,
    Sterling, VA 20165, USA

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    Haaaa!! Thankyou so much for this post, Carol. I live about 5 minutes from the Brunswick Moviebowl in Derry!

    I've just penned the 17th in my diary, and I'll be there!
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    Conchita was given a Polaroid camera and took this picture during her ecstasy of the Blessed Mother at the pines in Garabandal. This fact is stated by Mother Maria de las Nieves.

    Mother María de las Nieves García was told by Conchita that people wanted a photo of Our Lady, so one day they put a camera in her hands and told her how to operate it because she had no clue. After falling into ecstasy, Conchita started handling the camera as she had been instructed, and Our Lady smiled at her. Conchita told Our Lady that she was holding that thing because people wanted a photo of her, and Our Lady said to her, "I've come out [in the photo]." When the ecstasy ended, the photo was looked at: the result was a light shape of Our Lady on a dark background. Conchita's mother kept and cherished the photo on her bedside table until her death.

    Mother Maria's testimony only available in Spanish.

    conchita's poloroid.jpg
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    I can't wait for it to start to come to some of the smaller venues, as I can't take the time to drive 4 hours one way to go to some of these showings.
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    jack, I think that the movie is only confirmed for the weekend of May 17-19 for Derry right now. It could be extended but I just noticed the following and I wanted to let you and others here know.


    I think that Cookstown begins on May 19th as stated on this link .

    For members in the USA, the movie is also opening next weekend at the following locations.

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    Ill give them a wee bell, Carol. Thanks for thinking of me.
    All the very, very best....
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    Conchita on “ Motherhood “

    “ Motherhood in New York is hard, very hard, much harder than in the village where so many help. It is hard too that Patrick must work evenings because we have so much ground to make up. Bills are a great worry: we never know if we will have anything left. In America, raising children is a 24 hour a day, and you have to give them everything of the faith to counteract outside pressures”.

    “Garabandal Magazine” April-June 1982 pg.17

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    The Archbishop of Madrid, Casimiro Morcillo Gonzalez , issued a letter on May 13,1967, to the Bishop of Tacna in Peru, five days after the death of Bishop of Santandar Puchol Montis, stated : “ The apparitions of Garabandal are a confirmation of those at Fatima fifty years ago. The Virgin Mary came once more to insist in Spain what she had already told three shepherds at the Cova da Iria : The bitter cup is not only filled , it is spilling over”.
    I personally see a great parallel between Fatima and Garabandal. The children saw the Virgin at the exclusion of others. The Virgin smiled at them. She promised them Heaven. She asked that they spread her message of the Rosary, penance and prayers for sinners.
    “ If there is a small difference in the last message, it is precisely its great clarity and the extent to which it admonishes the faithful, priests, and even Bishops. “
    “There are therefore, sufficient reasons for the Holy Father Pope Paul VI to tell Conchita during their meeting of January 19,1966: Conchita I bless you and with me the entire Church blesses you. The phrase evidences the concern on the part of the Holy Father for the ruin that is sought to be introduced into the Church via false reforms.”
    And the Bishop of Tacna who relayed this to the Secretary of the Apostolic Papal Nuncio in Lima, added: “ Personally I suggest to your reverence that the events of Garabandal contribute to the enrichment of those of Fatima”.
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    The following words are taken from two letters written by Conchita to youth groups from France, during their pilgrimage to Garabandal in 1970 and 1972.

    Conchita‘s written messages to youth group in France in 1970

    Life of Virtue
    The Eucharist
    True happiness
    The Rosary
    Jesus’s passion
    Examination of conscience
    Look at Mary

    The following words are taken from two letters written by Conchita to youth groups from France, during their pilgrimage to Garabandal in 1970 and 1972.

    "Be models for other young people"
    "The Blessed Virgin wants you to help convert the world and, thereby, prevent the wrath of God over our sins.
    She trusts in you; she trusts that your example and self-denial might make you models for other young people that haven’t received the graces that you have in hearing Our Lady’s messages."

    "She asks you to have a spirit of penance, sacrifice and prayer. Without these weapons, we can do nothing."

    Visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently
    "In the Blessed Sacrament you will find the strength to take on the life that the Virgin Mary is constantly asking of you. Make frequent visits to the Blessed Sacrament. Empty your hearts of earthly things that don't allow you to listen to God."

    It comes from being with God
    "The happiness which you have never felt is found only in the surrender to God and the Virgin Mary."

    "Pray to her with faith and trust."
    "Pray for one another, for yourselves, pray to Our Lady. Pray to her with faith and trust. She will give you everything that is good for you."

    Think of His Passion
    "Let us all together think more about Jesus' passion, in order to forget about ourselves."

    God speaks to your soul
    "You who listen to these words, listen to God who speaks within your soul, follow the voice of your conscience. Pause each day for just a few minutes to think about the bad you’ve done, the good you have failed to do and also the good you have done; ask forgiveness for the bad you've done and for the good that, through negligence, you failed to do and begin your Christian life again."

    Would the Blessed Virgin do it?
    "Pray before acting and ask yourself, beforehand, ‘Would the Virgin Mary do this? What would the Blessed Virgin do?’ It’s possible that at this moment, when you are about to do something bad, you change your mind."
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    Modesty, Humility, Obedience, Piety, Charity, Penance, Purity of Soul & Patience.

    After re-reading this article today,it struck me, this is how Conchita lives her life, by these very virtues Mary taught her. pg.120

    Use “+” sign in bottom right to enlarge print size.
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    On Sept. 23, 1968, Conchita met Padre Pio’s close friend, Father Bernardino Cennamo, at Lourdes. It was Padre Pio’s wish to leave Conchita several personal items of his to her, after his death. He left her his rosary, one of the 3 Veils that covered his face at his wake, and one of his blood stained gloves. This act of friendship speaks volumes to me about how close they were, and how much he believed Conchita and the Garabandal apparitions.

    When Conchita had returned home she decided to write about the incident to a friend in Madrid. This is from Conchita’s interview in NEEDLES magazine in 1975:

    "I had the cloth in front of me while I wrote the letter when all of a sudden the room was filled with a fragrance. I had heard about the fragrances from Padre Pio, but I never paid any attention to them. The whole room filled with such a strong smell of perfume that I began to cry. It was the first time I experienced this, it happened after his death."
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