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    Conchita recounts the the story in the book "Our Lady comes to Garabandal" . She said " I was returning from the fields,we met my Godmother Maximina Gonzalez, she was very excited and said this to us "Do you know the voice of the Blessed Virgin has been heard on a tape recorder ?" " What did she say I asked ? " She replied " Loli and Jacinta asked her (The Blessed Virgin) "Speak, Please Speak" and the people heard an answer : " No, I wont speak " . My Godmother told me that people began to cry because they were very moved at having heard the Blessed Virgin's voice.

    You can download this story from the book ,"SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN" CHAPTER 7 on page 156. Here is the link for our downloadable books.
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    We have some brief notes from Father Valentin that complement those of Luis Navas and Maximina Gonzalez, helping us to better recreate in our minds the atmosphere at Garabandal during the early part of August, 1962: August 22.

    The four fell into ecstasy; first Loli and Conchita; afterwards, Jacinta; and finally, Mari Cruz. The latter, on coming down from the Pines, went to the house of Daniela (who was in bed, with her leg in bad condition making it impossible for her to walk). And she gave her the crucifix to kiss. Daniela jumped from the bed and said she was cured. I think there might have been some suggestion, but she jumped up and went up the stairs as if there were nothing wrong with her. We will see what happens tomorrow.

    Father Valentin did not hide his disbelief that this was really a miraculous cure. However Father de la Riva added to the words of the Garabandal pastor some of his own: "I was at the village, and I heard the joyful shouts of the people who had seen what had happened, and were discussing it as if it were a miracle. I was able to see later that there was no natural explanation for what happened. Daniela went to have an x-ray taken and a complete cure was reported. She is now married and has children, which wouldn't have been possible with the disease she had in her hip."

    “She went in haste to the Mountain”-pg 165

    This story has special meaning to me personally , as it was a miraculous cure to my own legs as a boy, that brought me to know and get involved with Joey, The “Kissed Medal”, Garabandal, and Padre Pio. Sometimes we don’t understand or appreciate how a physical handicap can actually be a blessing from God , until later on.
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    Call to Repentance

    Reprinted with kind permission from St. Joseph Publications

    from the book She Went in Haste to the Mountain (Book 1)

    NOTE: All excerpts from Conchita's Diary will be in extra-bold type

    * * *

    — You should avoid the wrath of the Good God.

    — I want to tell you to amend your lives.

    — You should sacrifice yourself more.

    — Think of the Passion of Jesus.

    We provoke the wrath of God upon ourselves by our own rebellion, our own disobedience, our own self-will. All evil consists in trying to follow our own ways, instead of seeking the ways of God.

    Our ways are very easy to follow; it suffices to allow ourselves to be led. But ours are ways of sin — and not only the sin of the world that so many new books now propose — and they lead us to destruction. On the other hand, the ways of God, how difficult they can be at times! His are the ways of triumph and salvation; but they can only be traveled thru effort and sacrifice: two things that our weakened nature abhors.

    The world — men prone to serve the flesh — inclines to ease and not to combat, to pleasure and not to service, to leisure and not to work, to the good life and not to good living. This manner of living — spread throughout the Church — is inflicting mortal wounds.

    Pseudo-prophets, with their distorted nuances ranting about renewal and liberation, are attempting to discredit the ascetic and penitential way of life, as though asceticism were not an evangelical sign, but the despised remnant of a naive and misled monastic spirituality unworthy of esteem. Self sacrifice? Self denial? Self renunciation? How absurd! Neither the clergy nor the laity want any of this. Anti-asceticism is the order of the day.

    But for whom did Jesus say, If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross? (Mt. 16: 24)Certainly this is not for those who never mention Him except to speak about self-determination, self-fulfillment, self-advancement . . .

    Thus many things explain themselves. How could a person like this accept the message of June 18th that insistently requests things that they themselves are trying at all costs to renounce?

    — You should sacrifice yourself more.

    — Think of the Passion of Jesus.

    The Passion of Jesus! They are not interested in this. They are only interested in talking of things more to the liking of the man of today.

    For them the only things that matter are actions and words favorable to their self-expression and lifestyle, which is far removed from, He made Himself obedient to death, the death of the cross! [How much some would like to efface one of the principal declarations of the Gospel: Enter by the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many there are who enter that way. How small the gate and narrow the way that leads to like! And few there are who find it. (Matt. 7: 13-14)]
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    Our Lady's 1st Message of Garabandal :October 18, 1961-- We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us.

    2nd message:June 18, 1965-- “As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the passion of Jesus.”
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    Mary on the value of the Priesthood

    From Conchita‘s, diary, p94: "...she told us about the worth of a priest. She compared him with an angel and said that if we saw an angel and a priest we should acknowledge the priest first or fall on our knees in front of the priest rather than the angel. She told us that it was because the priest consecrated, because he held Jesus Christ in his hands and the angel did not.”
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    Recollections of Benjamin Gómez

    A man who witnessed several miracles at Garabandal

    He tried to lift the girls in ecstasy and couldn’t

    He saw a man in Purgatory

    He was cured when near death

    He saw Mary at the foot of his death bed

    He taped the girls saying the rosary and heard Mary’s voice

    He saw the Host appear on Conchita’s tongue “the Little Miracle “
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    Conchita must suffer too..

    Conchita Diary p204, 1966 : He [Jesus] replied..."I want to tell you, Conchita, that before the miracle occurs, you will suffer much, for few people will believe you. Your own family will believe that you have deceived them. I am the one who wants all this, as I have already told you, for your sanctification and so that the world may comply with the message. I wish to advise you that the remainder of your life will be a continual suffering. Do not be frightened. In your suffering you will find me and also Mary whom you love very much... I will be with whoever suffers for me."

    " I remember my village caused me to suffer. I felt as if I was imprisoned. I acted by the commands of others who constantly advised me " Go to mass, Pray the rosary, Do this, Give up that ". At times I thought I would be happy in a hermitage away from everyone, and to work there alone for God and see what I was capable of doing without their forever telling me." Conchita 11-25-66

    On one occasion I asked Conchita a question that in my mind pertained to the future events. She perceived it as an ordinary question, not one pertaining to the events. The question was, “What is the most important thing we must do?” “Keep the Commandments,” she replied. This sums up the way she lives her life today. People who think that she lives it waiting for the Miracle are misinformed. She does not. Her life is well anchored in her faith,and a daily spiritual practice of her faith. Conchita has stated to me, “I don’t know how anyone gets through the joys and trials of life without prayer. I would rather have not had the experiences, because it is so much nicer just to love God.”
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    Thank you, Glenn, for your explanations and for the messages. One last question: Do you believe the coming chastisement is conditional? can it be partially or even completely averted by prayer and sacrifice? Or is it certain that it will fall? Thanks.
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    I have to believe it is "conditional" , or Mary would have said to Conchita it IS COMING regardless. Now with that said, I worry because people are weak, and even though many will be penitent , will they remain that way? Much like a " New Years resolution", made with the best of intention, but rarely carried out permanently.
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    I've told the story before of having lunch with Conchita one day, and writing down most of what we discussed. When I asked her about "suffering" , she taught me a most memorable lesson. Suffering ,Who wants it ?? You know when you're in the presence of a true holy person when they embrace suffering, almost joyfully. Padre Pio said "if you knew the value of suffering, you'd never give it up ". I listened on how she described the purpose of suffering, and "taking up your cross" has so much spiritual value, we truly don't comprehend it sometimes.We talked about there is so much cancer in the world, and the suffering it brings, and again there was a simple profound thought,is it possible the illness is allowed by God, and maybe this person will actually benefit from the illness by bringing them closer to God then they would have ever been. Lets face it, when you are really sick ,what is the first thing you think about, praying to get well ! Her little story was simple, inspiring, and brilliant. She said (again Im paraphrasing the long story), There was a sheep herder, who each day would tend to his flock, and each day one of his sheep would run toward the edge of a mountain cliff, and almost fall over. Each day he would pull him back, but the sheep "wanted to run toward the edge of the cliff". Finally the Sheepherder decided to break a leg on the sheep, well knowing this was painful, and would prevent the sheep from walking. Each day though, he would pick up the sheep and carry it on his shoulders as he went out into the field. This allowed the sheep to still be outside, but more importantly the two of them bonded and became closer because the sheep was dependant on the herder. The herder knew that this the right thing to do, even though I’m sure it was not what the sheep wanted, but in the end, he healed, walked again , and the two were closer than ever. I will never look at suffering again the same way. I'll offer it up and ask God to draw me closer to him, for he knows best.

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    Suffering is seen differently ( by living ) Saints. Remember what Padre Pio said: " if you knew the value of suffering, you'd never give it up”

    As I had mentioned above, "suffering" is seen differently by those "saintly " people during their lives. It brought to mind a wonderful story about how Joey viewed it. He and I were talking on a flight down to Alabama for a EWTN tv show. I asked him "what has been your greatest blessing in life" ( now immediately my thoughts ran to his family, knowing Padre Pio, Conchita, his apostolate,etc... ) and he said while he had many blessings he said " being blind ". I surprisingly said really, how ? It was his blindness that led to his spiritual sight and salvation . Can any of us ( who are sighted now ,as he once was sighted as a boy ) endure that suffering of having lost our eyesight, consider it a "blessing " ?
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    Saint “Mother“ Teresa, Garabandal,and Conchita

    Pope Francis canonized “ Mother “ Teresa at a ceremony on September 4, 2016 in

    St. Peter's Square in Vatican City.

    The famous Foundress of the Missionaries of Charity has never expressed any doubts about her profound belief in the divine origin of Garabandal: "It was in 1970 that I heard about the apparitions of San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time . . . From the beginning, I felt that the 'events' were authentic . . ." (Letter of November 10, 1987 to Msgr. Del Val).

    During her frequent trips to the United States, notably to New York, Mother Teresa had the opportunity of meeting Conchita who has lived on Long Island since 1972. This was the beginning of a strong human and spiritual friendship with Conchita and her family, that never faltered. Mother Teresa is the Godmother of Conchita’s third daughter, Anna Maria.

    Personally , it speaks volumes to me about the authenticity of the apparitions, that her two closest friends were St. Pio & St. Teresa.

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    FRIDAY APRIL 13, 1962

    A sacramental communion given by St. Michael to Conchita in ecstasy at the Pines, on the feat day of St. Hermenegild, a martyr of the the Eucharist honored as the “Clovis” of Spain.

    From the book : “GARABANDAL” p.130

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    * I want to mention that this story also contradicts the outrageous lies printed on “Unity Publishing “ that the girls flew above the ground and over houses . It was only inches off the ground.

    CHAPTER XIX Levitations
    I know of many cases of levitation that took place at Garabandal. One case was photographed, and its copy on slides has been spread throughout the entire world. It is interesting to note that the photographer noticed the actual phenomenon only after the film was developed. Another levitation took place at the very small bridge — now gone — which was in front of the church. On that day, the brook that it crossed was full. The four girls, in ecstasy, were holding arms. The bridge was not wide enough to permit the passage of the four girls abreast, which is what they did nevertheless; one or two of them consequently had to pass outside of the bridge on the water, without, however getting their feet wet. Another time I was in Conchita’s kitchen, with 2 priests, a young Mexican, the well known commander of the Civil Police at Puentenansa, Dr. Celestino Ortiz from Santander, and Aniceta. In ecstasy, Conchita had an obvious levitation, properly observed. She was stretched out on the ground, her whole length, her arms a little extended from her body, the palms of her hands pointing upwards. We saw her rise up to the height of about ten centimeters (4 inches) while holding the same stretched-out position. After that she made three movements of balancing, from front to back and from back to front, as if to show us that she was really separated from the ground. After a minute and a half — we checked the time — she started to descend very slowly, her body always completely and modestly stretched out until she came down to the ground. We all signed a report of this extraordinary fact and we gave it to Father Valentín for him to send it to the Bishop of Santander.
    “Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest” page 45

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    Pope Benedict XVI & Garabandal
    Pope Benedict XVI knows all about Garabandal , and been very receptive to learning more about it. Not only has he met and interviewed Conchita, ( When I personally spoke to Conchita about the meeting in the Vatican , she told me she only met him when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, not as Pope Benedict.)

    He has all the latest investigation papers, eyewitness testimonies of the miracles, etc. performed through the intercession of Our Lady of Garabandal, sent to him by the well known promoter the late Fr. Francis Benac, S.J. He has also read the Garabandal book

    “ O Children Listen to Me “

    Cardinal Ratzinger became the Prefect (head) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on November 25, 1981,the Vatican department in charge of protecting the sacred deposit of the faith handed on from the apostles. Considering how close he was with Pope John Paul II, who was a vocal supporter of Garabandal, him meeting Conchita, reading up on the subject, it’s no surprise to me, that he is a believer too. The reason I say this is I have it on good authority that he has conveyed his belief to a Vatican priest ,who is also a Canon Lawyer (who wishes to remain nameless ).

    According to journalist John L. Allen Jr.'s 2005 biography entitled: 'Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger' (pages 118-119 ) his interest in Garabandal began long before becoming Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It actually began when he was a professor of theology at the Gustav Siewerth Haus Academy, located in Germany's Black Forest. Every summer he gave a course in dogmatic exegesis at the private academy from 1970 thru 1979. It is said that he knew of and took the Garabandal apparitions seriously even then. Author John Allen, Jr. confirmed this from several of Joseph Ratzinger's former graduate students.

    Monsignor Juan Antonio del Val, in addition to giving permission for the movie made by BBC, made a personal investigation for several years about the Apparitions of Garabandal and is one of the witnesses on the video, “Garabandal, the Eyewitnesses,” produced by Michael Tubberty and published in more that thirty languages by Monsignor Roman Danylak, titular Bishop of Nyssa, Rome, Italy. (January 24, 2000).
    Monsignor del Val testifies that the findings of the investigation of the Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Garabandal were sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; more specifically, to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. ( This led to Pope Benedict XVI interest and belief in Garabandal).
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    APRIL 16, 1962


    Mercedes Salisachs, a Catalonian mother of five children, and also a woman of Letters well known in Spain, became an outstanding protagonist of the Garabandal event. She went to the famous little village four times, her first and overwhelming stay occurring during the Holy Week of April 1962. And quite understandably, since she was then to learn, at the end of the paschal vigil, through Mari-Loli but on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, that one of her sons, Miguel, a young talented artist-painter, killed in a car accident at the age of twenty-one, "was in heaven and that he was 'accompanying' her every day!"

    [From 'Garabandal' Book, page 130]

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