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    I have a rarely heard story of Our Lady kissing a woman's powdercase. We know most of the stories are about kissed religious objects. The reason I post this ( besides being a rarely heard story ) is that it reminds me of we don't always understand everything that happened at Garabandal , until later on. I think this story proves my point. Never question our Blessed Mother's intentions.

    One day Conchita was in the kitchen of her house surrounded by persons who were waiting for the moment of the apparition. On the simple table that served for the family meals, the objects that she was going to give to be kissed were being gathered. Together with these, someone had put there a stylish woman's powder case. The child and those present wanted this removed. How could the Virgin come to kiss an object so profane and used only for the service of vanity? Nevertheless, the powder case remained there.
    The ecstasy began and those present saw with astonishment that the visionary's hand, without her looking at it, before going to any other object, went first of all toward the previously discussed powder case. The child raised it toward the invisible Virgin and then set it down with great respect on the table. Among those present, surprise must have been mingled with doubt. Was it really the Virgin who was appearing? It didn't seem that she would kiss such an object . . .
    As soon as the ecstasy was finished, Conchita was asked for an explanation. And she declared that the Virgin had asked immediately for the powder case in order to kiss it, saying that it was something «belonging to her Son».The girl did not know anything more. But the person who had put the powder case there did know more and revealed the secret. During the terrible Spanish civil war (1936-1939) in the Red Zone when priests were being executed and had to be hidden, the powder case had been used to bring Communion Hosts to various locations and especially to prisoners whom the Reds held captive in order to execute. Thus it had served as a Pyx.
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    LUNCH WITH CONCHITA . September 29, 2012

    I had the extraordinary blessing today of having a long lunch with Conchita, and learning some invaluable life lessons. I wrote down alot on napkins to be accurate.
    The first was, I talked to her in general terms about the Warning ( because so many people are concerned and worried about it, I never discuss dates ). Her advice was amazingly simple and profound ! She said " Have faith and do not worry. If you have faith, you have everything ! " , Pray and don’t worry “. Her concise advice demonstrates how to live a simple happy life. God bless her and her example to us.

    Lunch lesson#2. We were discussing how so many people are going to psychiatrists, or take drugs or drink to fight lonliness, and she said " Do people realize how lucky they are, that there are churches everywhere, where God is waiting to talk to them ? " Brilliant !

    Lunch lesson#3. We talked about how the world's perception of happiness is linked to consumerism. Here is her idea of "happiness". She said (I'm paraphrasing) If you seek money, money is not happiness, if you seek health, it is not happiness, if you seek Heaven, Heaven IS Happiness !

    Lunch Lesson#4. On the topic of how to pray. We talked about how to "ask" God for help with a particular intention. We tend to " tell him " what we want, instead of realizing he already knows what we want, or really need. We have to learn to submit ourselves to his will, trusting in him and he will provide what we truly need, and what we need to do to draw ourselves closer to him. I know I'm as guilty as the next guy that "thinks I know what’s best for me ". I am still learning how to completely trust God in everything, don't feel bad, I'm a work in progress too,lol.

    Lunch lesson#5. Suffering . Who wants it ?? You know when you're in the presence of a true holy person when they embrace suffering, almost joyfully. Padre Pio said "if you knew the value of suffering, you'd never give it up ". I listened on how she described the purpose of suffering, and "taking up your cross" has so much spiritual value, we truly don't comprehend it sometimes.
    We talked about there is so much cancer in the world, and the suffering it brings, and again there was a simple profound thought ,is it possible the illness is allowed by God, and maybe this person will actually benefit from the illness by bringing them closer to God then they would have ever been. Lets face it, when you are really sick ,what is the first thing you think about ,praying to get well ! Her little story was simple, inspiring ,and brilliant. She said (again I’m paraphrasing the long story), There was a sheep herder, who each day would tend to his flock, and each day one of his sheep would run toward the edge of a mountain cliff, and almost fall over. Each day he would pull him back, but the sheep "wanted to run toward the edge of the cliff". Finally the Sheepherder decided to break a leg on the sheep, well knowing this was painful, and would prevent the sheep from walking. Each day though, he would pick up the sheep and carry it on his shoulders as he went out into the field. This allowed the sheep to still be outside, but more importantly the two of them bonded and became closer because the sheep was dependant on the herder. The herder knew that this the right thing to do, even though I’m sure it was not what the sheep wanted, but in the end, he healed, walked again , and the two were closer than ever. I will never look at suffering again the same way. I'll offer it up and ask God to draw me closer to him, for he knows best.
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    The Girls always watched the Virgin Mary as they walked, sometimes forward and sometimes backward over the rocky cow paths. The walking backward especially at night (which is more impressive) has been suggested as diabolical by opponents of Garabandal. When in fact ,the girls always walked backwards away from the blessed sacrament, rather than turning their backs on it . Just because the girls walked backwards does not indicate anything demonic, especially when they carried crucifixes and recited the rosary while walking ! These ecstatic marches were not a diabolical sign but instead ,the opposite, another sign of authenticity of the apparitions, allowed by Heaven and also as a reminder of our obligations before the Blessed Sacrament.

    @ 3:15 of video, walking backwards over the rocks at night
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    Our Blessed Mother said in Garabandal on October 18th, 1961,
    "We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. "

    In 1945 Jesus told Lucia, the seer of Fatima, "The sacrifice and penance I now seek and require is the fulfillment of your state in life and the observance of my laws." Whatever your state in life may be you can sanctify all your daily actions if upon arising you recite sincerely the morning offering prayer. Through the "Morning Offering of Reparation" every act you do becomes a sacrifice. The word "sacrifice" means to make "holy." Once you have made your morning offering you make "holy" every act you do throughout the day. Whatever trial God permits to pass your way during the day becomes a penance — whether it be work, bad weather, rebellious children, sickness in the family, tight economic conditions or misunderstandings by relatives or friends. All these sacrifices and penances obtain graces the Blessed Virgin needs for the conversion of sinners.
    Padre Pio said it best, "If you knew the value of suffering, you wouldn't give it up."

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    Light bulb story

    The Chief of the Civil Guard, Juan Alvarez Seco, who lived nearby, remembers this case.

    “One day María Dolores ( Mari Loli ) was on the second floor of her house where she had apparitions many times. Her father Ceferino had said that, when they came down from there to the floor below where the tavern was, they would unscrew the light bulb since there was no switch to turn it off. Loli, while putting her hand on the bulb this time, fell into ecstasy, and she didn't take away her hand. We all feared that if she continued like this, holding onto the lit light bulb, she would burn her hand. Her mother said, “Heavens, take away the light bulb!”

    However all our efforts were useless. Then we called Mari Cruz who wasn't in ecstasy, and she—with the greatest of ease—made Loli let go of the bulb. Her hand was not burned. Then the girl went down the stairs and continued her ecstatic march “.

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    I thought it would be a wonderful treat for those of you who have never heard Joey speak about his life, accident, conversion, meeting Padre Pio, trips to Garabandal, and the Warning and Miracle.

    I was blessed to accompany Joey and Marilyn Lomangino to Toronto for this Garabandal conference , organized by Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife Helen, who run the Canadian Garabandal site ( )

    At about the 51:25 mark of this home made video, and the end of Joey’s talk, you can see people lined up to meet Jacinta and venerate the crucifix our Blessed Mother kissed. Also another line to meet Joey & Marilyn Lomangino , and venerate the large medal our Blessed Mother kissed.

    Here is the You Tube link :
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    The Blessed Virgin., in conversation with the young visionaries of Garabandal, mentioned the Holy Father on several occasions, and told them, "Pray, pray for the Pope" . It is an interesting fact that Pope Paul VI issued his encyclical "Mysterium Fidei" concerning "the weakening of devotion toward the Holy Eucharist" on September 3, 1965, only eleven weeks after Our Lady had complained, "Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist."
    Early in 1966 Conchita was called to the Vatican. Cardinal Ottaviani, the pro-Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (Holy Office) had instructed Fr. Luna: "With or without the permission of the bishop, bring the young girls to me." During January 12-16 she was interviewed for 2 1/2 hours by the Cardinal and saw other members of the Congregation, afterwards she saw the Pope and gave him the date of the Great Miracle to come. She then paid a visit to Padre Pio, the famous stigmatist. Upon her return, at an audience in St. Peter's, the Holy Father came to her and announced joyfully in a clear voice, "Conchita, I, the Pope, bless you and with me the whole Church blesses you."

    The November 7, 1968 bulletin of Peru's Legion Blanca under the imprimatur of Mgr. Alfonso Zapana Belliza, Bishop of Tacna, Peru, quotes the late Pope Paul VI as having said at a private audience these inspiring words: "Garabandal the most beautiful story of humanity since the birth of Jesus Christ! It is also the second sojourn of the most Holy Virgin on this earth, and we have no adequate words to express our gratitude."

    Pope Paul VI had all the while shown a very special interest in the apparitions. At an audience given to Fr. Xavier Escalda, S.J., the latter mentioned there were many opponents of the apparitions even amongst his own people. His Holiness promptly rejoined:
    "It doesn't matter; tell these gentlemen that it is the Pope who has said that it is most important and most urgent to make these messages known to the world."
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    Pope Benedict XVI & Garabandal

    Pope Benedict XVI knows all about Garabandal , and been very receptive to learning more about it. Not only has he met and interviewed Conchita, ( When I personally spoke to Conchita about the meeting in the Vatican , she told me she only met him when he was Cardinal Ratzinger, not as Pope Benedict.)
    He has all the latest investigation papers, eyewitness testimonies of the miracles, etc. performed through the intercession of Our Lady of Garabandal, sent to him by the well known promoter the late Fr. Francis Benac, S.J. He has also read the Garabandal book
    “ O Children Listen to Me “

    Cardinal Ratzinger became the Prefect (head) of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, on November 25, 1981,the Vatican department in charge of protecting the sacred deposit of the faith handed on from the apostles. Considering how close he was with Pope John Paul II, who was a vocal supporter of Garabandal, him meeting Conchita, reading up on the subject, it’s no surprise to me, that he is a believer too. The reason I say this is I have it on good authority that he has conveyed his belief to a Vatican priest ,who is also a Canon Lawyer (who wishes to remain nameless ).

    According to journalist John L. Allen Jr.'s 2005 biography entitled: 'Pope Benedict XVI: A Biography of Joseph Ratzinger' (pages 118-119 ) his interest in Garabandal began long before becoming Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. It actually began when he was a professor of theology at the Gustav Siewerth Haus Academy, located in Germany's Black Forest. Every summer he gave a course in dogmatic exegesis at the private academy from 1970 thru 1979. It is said that he knew of and took the Garabandal apparitions seriously even then. Author John Allen, Jr. confirmed this from several of Joseph Ratzinger's former graduate students.

    Monsignor Juan Antonio del Val, in addition to giving permission for the movie made by BBC, made a personal investigation for several years about the Apparitions of Garabandal and is one of the witnesses on the video, “Garabandal, the Eyewitnesses,” produced by Michael Tubberty and published in more that thirty languages by Monsignor Roman Danylak, titular Bishop of Nyssa, Rome, Italy. (January 24, 2000).
    Monsignor del Val testifies that the findings of the investigation of the Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin Mary in Garabandal were sent to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith; more specifically, to Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. ( This led to Pope Benedict XVI interest and belief in Garabandal).
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    At age 16 Conchita was already was spiritually wise: "There is no point in our believing in the apparitions if we do not heed the message."

    (Star on the Mountain, p. 118 )

    “To guess at dates regarding the [prophesied] Miracle shows a lack of faith in the Blessed Virgin .Indeed, the energies expended on this are so much better spent on living the Message! “

    March 2013 Glenn’s conversation with Conchita

    With all of the arguing over which of the different visionary’s is right, predicting dates, the future of our new Pope, the direction of the church, I've learned one thing, its all distracting, and detracting from our spiritual goals. The best advice I ever got was from Conchita ( when I asked her about the direction of all these things) ,she talked about maintaining your spiritual life (Confession, penance ,mass, communion, the rosary, etc. ) and she said

    " I surround my self with good people, pray and don't worry " .

    ( Sounds like she took the advice of her friend Padre Pio )
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    “The Devil & Garabandal” -An interview with Fr. Robert Lewis.
    Fr.Robert Lewis s an exorcist priest who works at St. Jude’s in Pakshikere,India
    Interesting quotes from Fr. Lewis : “For quite some time, the possessed persons at the Shrine have been making direct references to Garabandal, showing their anger because many souls are snatched from satan’s clutches, because the spreading of the message “.
    “The name of Mary is so powerful that Lucifer himself begs the exorcist never to mention it ,confessing with shrieks and shouts that is was she who crushed his head “.
    St. Michael: After the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, there is none more terrible to demons that St. Michael ! “ We hate him” shouts Lucifer. “ Why did he dislodge me from my place in Heaven and thrust me down to hell ? He is everywhere to defeat my hosts”.
    Fr. Lewis & Joey below:
    JL & Fr lewis.jpg
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    What I've always appreciated about your posts, Glenn, is they always encourage, whether it speaks of the many miracles wrought during the apparitions, or the fruit lived out in the life of Conchita, or the :Dpower of prayer over the wiles of the devil. Please keep these reminders coming!:D

    Safe Under Mary's Mantle!
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