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    Hi Glenn,
    Have you read this new book yet?

    On November 15, 2021, a book entitled “The end times are here: the seer Jacinta of Garabandal breaks her silence” was published in Spain. The author, José María Zavala, interviewed Jacinta for 8 hours over the summer.

    An Interview with Garabandal Visionary Jacinta
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    I have seen the major "highlites" from the book in English, and since I speak to her (through) her Husband, I found nothing earth shattering.
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    [QUOTE = "Glenn, post: 365841, member: 5694"] Eu vi os principais "highlites" do livro em inglês e, desde que falo com ela (por meio de) seu marido, não achei nada surpreendente. [/ QUOTE ]

    Hi Glenn, did you get any reaction from Conchita regarding this disappointing interview from Mari Cruz to the Spanish newspaper El Mundo last summer?
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    No, I don't believe they have spoken in 60 years.
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    Conchita’s Locution with Jesus on July 20, 1963.

    On July 20, 1963, Conchita had an impressive locution from Our Lord. Since Conchita left the Church saying that she had had an interior locution, a priest asked her to relate the circumstances in writing. Then the girl took a piece of paper and a pencil and wrote these lines spontaneously with great ease. We have transcribed them here from the text:

    “I was making my thanksgiving and praying for things. He answered me… I asked Him to give me a Cross since I was living without suffering—except the suffering of not having a Cross. And he answered: ─ Yes. I will give it to you.
    And with much feeling, I went on praying. And I said to Him: Why is the miracle coming?
    To convert many people?
    He answered: ─ "To convert the whole world "
    C─ Will Russia be converted?
    J─ It also will be converted, and so everyone will love Our Hearts.
    C─ Will the chastisement come afterwards? He did not answer me.
    C─ Why do you come to my poor heart, without my meriting it?
    J─ I certainly do not come for you; I come for all.

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    Thanks, Glenn.
  8. Glenn

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    Conchita’s reaction to Internet Gossip & Lies

    I was talking to Conchita one day in April 2014, and I was telling her how much I hate the lies and gossip on the internet against her and our Blessed Mothers messages of Garabandal, and she said it didn’t bother her. I said “why ?”

    She said “ I don’t have anything to hide from God, so I don’t worry about what anyone else thinks”.

    I wish I had her peace .

    “ Conchita seems unconcerned about public opinion, She does not care whether opinion is favorable or adverse, the child remains in the objective narration of the pure truth, which she defends with an unshakable firmness”.

    Fr. Ramon Andreu noted in “Conchita’s Diary”

    Alos cited in “ Garabandal: Message of Hope”, pg 52
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    Another interesting miraculous phenomenon was the returning of rosaries. Now that people started to believe the Blessed Mother was actually appearing at Garabandal, they would bring their rosaries and medals to be kissed by her. They were all piled on a table for the girls to offer up to her. Entangled when presented by the girls to be kissed by the Blessed Mother, the rosaries and medals would incredibly untangle smoothly when being returned to their owners. Even without any pre-established order, the Garabandal visionaries also never erred in returning each object to its proper owner.
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    This priest has made several YouTube videos in which he discusses the prophecies of Our Lady of Garabandal. Here is his newest one -



    Here is a link to purchase the book containing Jacinta's new interview(s). This book is currently only available in Spanishúltimos-tiempos-están-aquí/dp/841244082X?_x_tr_sl=es&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc

    Since I am not fluent in Spanish I have not read it but I know that other members here may be interested in the book.

    On another subject, what are your thoughts about the "2021 Belarus–European Union border crisis" possibly being related to 'hostilities breaking out in Europe" as was prophesied by Our Lady of Garabandal? ref.–European_Union_border_crisis

    Thank you, as always.+
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    Im going to wait for the English version, only because Spanish friends have said there really wasn't anything of "new information" pertaining to dates or events.
    As for the Belarus–European Union border crisis, I go back to the statement from Conchita : “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.”

    So, if there is no Papal trip to Moscow yet, it may not be part of the prophecy, until his trip.
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    ...your posts are always appreciated, Glenn. Thank you.
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    This might be interesting. 2 stars that orbit each other are going to merge soon and form a red supernova visible to the naked eye in the northern hemisphere. The small group of astronomers that discovered this thinks the merger could happen as soon as 2022. See link below.
    Peace. Ed

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    The Virgin Mary referred to “the Pines“ : "God loves this place very much. This place is sacred."
    We all know about the special area of Garabandal called "The Pines" (the 9 Pine trees where the Blessed Mother appeared, and foretold of the great Miracle that will take place there),but there are some other facts that have been forgotten about over time. Mary called this place "sacred".
    In 1925, Serafín González, ( Conchita's Grandfather on her father's side,) was mayor of the San Sebastian de Garabandal, decided along with the Parish, Don Ángel Cosío Vélez, that a plantation of pines trees should be carried out to commemorate the First Communion of the children of the place; the Priest blessed the New plantation, located on the village hill; of those original trees, today remain nine pine trees.

    Recently I have confirmed that Garabandal has a history of doing a nightly Rosary for over 500 years ! It’s no wonder why “God loves this place very much, this place is sacred !”
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    Soaked in prayer!
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    Today in Garabandal history: On December 6, 1962
    Conchita had a 90 minute ecstasy around 5:30 in the afternoon after which, she provided two more pieces of information regarding the Miracle: 1) One day, before the Miracle, something will happen that will cause many people to stop believing in the apparitions of Garabandal. The doubts and desertions will not be due to an excessive delay of the Miracle.
    2) On the day of the Miracle, the note that she was forced to sign in Santander (stating that the apparitions were not authentic) will disappear.
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    indaiatubano, Fr. Miles ALWAYS attacks Conchita's character,and often confuses the facts. This late comer knows so little about the apparitions it sad. I will not post his videos,he's trying to make a name for himself at the expense of trying to create confusion and doubt.
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