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    For those new members who would like a brief but detailed explanation of the Marian Apparitions at Garabandal,Spain (or to share this with family or friends who don’t know about Garabandal) a short video by actor Ricardo Montalban.

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    Garabandal: The Chastisement
    Barry Hanratty

    Blessed Virgin, queen of prophets, who fulfills that role. At Fatima she foretold the Second World War and the spread of atheistic communism if the world did not change. At Garabandal, she warns of the greatest cataclysm in human history since the deluge if mankind does not reform.

    Blessed Virgin appeared. This is supported by the fact that in the first Message of October 18, 1961, the message of Garabandal, the whole second part, more than fifty percent of the text of the entire Message, is devoted to the Chastisement. The first part tells us what we must do to prevent it from happening.

    June 18, 1965, delivered to Conchita by St. Michael on behalf of the Virgin, reference to the Chastisement is again made when Our Lady says: “Before the cup was filling up; now it is flowing over…. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts.

    great Miracle, the appearances of the Blessed Virgin at Garabandal, with her Message (containing the threat of a Chastisement), should become common knowledge. It will be at this point, when the Message is universally known, that the way will be cleared for the Chastisement to take place if that is what divine justice decrees.

    the messages of the Blessed Virgin and the Miracle. If it should take place, I know what it will consist of because the Blessed Virgin told me about it, but I am not permitted to say what it is. Moreover, I have seen the Chastisement. I can assure you that if it comes, it will be worse than being enveloped in fire, worse than having fire above and beneath you. I do not know how much time will elapse between the Miracle and the Chastisement.

    Rosary, October 7, 1962, Maria Herrero de Gallardo was in Garabandal and took the occasion to question Mari Loli about the visions of June 19-20, 1962 (the Nights of the Screams), and what she and the other visionaries could possibly have seen to cause them to cry out in such a terrifying manner. Senora Herrero reported:


    Blessed Virgin explained to us that this great tribulation, which was not even the Chastisement, would come because a time would arrive when the Church would appear to be on the point of perishing. It would pass through a terrible trial. We asked the Virgin what this great trial was called and she told us it was “Communism.” Then she showed us how the great Chastisement for all mankind would come, and that it would come directly from God.

    Blessed Virgin to take all the young children with her before all this happened. But the Virgin told us that by the time it came, they would all be adults.

    October 18, 1961, had virtually no effect, and so after the first Night of Screams on June 19, 1962, Mari Loli and Jacinta wrote a message which was followed a few days later by a second one. These messages can only be described as dire.



    S.J., in 1978,[3] Conchita expressed a different view:

    Blessed Virgin had told me that Jesus is not going to send the Chastisement to discourage us, but to help us and to reprimand us for not heeding Him.”[4]

    Blessed Anna-Maria Taigi saw a future “Three Days of Darkness” which is generally believed to be the same event as the Chastisement prophesied at Garabandal. Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora, a contemporary of Blessed Anna Maria, also saw this same event.

    Blessed Virgin said so. Much must happen first: the communist tribulation, the Warning and the Miracle. According to Conchita's locution with Jesus on June 21, 1963, He told her that as a result of the Miracle, Russia and other countries would be converted. This seems to suggest that if the Chastisement does come, it will not be for a while although we really don't know.

    She Went in Haste to the Mountain.
    • Our Lady Comes to Garabandal by Joseph Pelletier, A.A.
    • The Call of Garabandal.
    • Our Lady Comes to Garabandal.

    Garabandal: The Chastisement
    Published on April 29, 2006 by Barry Hanratty in Marian Private Revelation
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    What More Do I Need to Believe?
    Many times during the apparitions Our Blessed Mother would kiss wedding rings. With this gesture she shows us, without using any words, the importance she gave to marriage and the family. Many people had conversions seeing the quantity of rings that were given to Our Lady to kiss and how each ring always went back to the right person.
    Among many of the stories we know, we bring to you a story which was told by Maximina Gonzalez about a ring that belonged to Maria Luisa Salazar and her husband from Bilbao.
    This couple reached Garabandal when the apparition had already begun. Everyone knew that once the apparition had started, the girls did not collect any more objects to be kissed. However, seeing that this couple had come from so far away, Maximina Gonzalez, a lady from the town, made her way through the crowd and placed Maria Luisa’s husbands’ ring in Conchita’s jacket pocket. “She did not see me put the ring in her pocket, nor did anyone else. I stayed close behind her and I heard her say, ‘I have a ring in my pocket?’ And she put her hand in it. ‘Who put it there?... Oh, kiss it!’ And it seems that Our Lady kissed it. She stopped walking in the direction that she was going in her ecstasy and started to walk backwards, further and further, a few feet in total, until she reached the man. She took his hand and put the ring on his finger. The man said, ‘My God, what more do I need to believe?’”
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    I was accompanying Joey Lomangino on a flight down to Alabama to appear again on EWTN’s Mother Angelica LIVE show in 1996. While on the flight down, we always had wonderful personal conversations. This one day, we were discussing how we originally met, and what a great blessing it was for me, and I asked him “ What was your greatest blessing ? “
    Now I expected one of several answers, ( his family, his Apostolate work, Confession with Padre Pio, Padre Pio restoring his sense of smell, meeting and being friends with Conchita, etc. ) His answer shocked me ! He said while he had many blessings ,
    “ Being blind “. I said “ really, how’s that ? “ He went on ” because if I never had been blind, I never would have been saved”. It was his blindness that led to his spiritual sight and salvation . Padre Pio told Joey “I can’t give him sight for his eyes, but I can give him sight for his soul.”
    Can any of us ( who are sighted now ,as he once was sighted as a boy ) endure that suffering of having lost our eyesight, consider it a "blessing " ?
    Wow, how insightful.

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    On October 6, 2002, Pope John Paul II canonized the founder of Opus Dei in St Peter’s Square, Rome, in the presence of more than 300,000 people from all round the world.

    The link between St Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer with the Garabandal apparitions is not well known. In the summer of 1962 he spent a few days of holiday in Suances, Cantabria, during which he visited Garabandal, accompanied by several young men , members of Opus Dei. He spoke cheerfully and profoundly to the girls, an experience they still recall fondly after all these years.
    As it happens, news of this visit came out by chance years later when somebody showed the girls a prayer picture for God’s favour through his intercession, printed during his canonization. It was then that the girls joyfully recounted the meeting.
    He would not have risked his reputation if he did not believe in the apparitions,and tell others about his trip to talk to the girls. This was also confirmed by Mother Nieves.

    St. Josemaria Escriva “ A Saint is a sinner who keeps trying”.
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    The young visionaries, in ecstasy, cried out in unison: "Viva Santo Domingo que lo (i.e. el "Rosario") ha fundado!" ("Long live St. Dominic who 'founded' the Rosary") as they were reciting the rosary.
    This feast of our Lady of the Holy Rosary was highlighted by the magnificent ecstasy of Conchita who ran through the village, while singing the rosary for more than an hour.
    According to the visionary “ the rosary is a very important part of the Message of Our Lady at Garabandal”.
    * On that day as well, the Blessed Virgin kissed Loli’s Missal , page by page.
    Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, J.Serre, page 106
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    The Last Apparition at Garabandal
    November 13, 1965, was a day mixed with joy and sadness for Conchita. The Virgin appeared with her Child to the teenager but it was to be for the last time at Garabandal.
    As Mary had already indicated this was to be a special apparition for kissing religious objects and Conchita had many with her. After kissing the articles, the Virgin said: 'Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others. Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle. This will be the last time you will see me here but I shall always be with you and with all my children. Conchita, why don't you go and visit my Son in the tabernacle? He waits for you night and day."
    Conchita said to the Virgin, "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?" She replied, "Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day? " When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."
    Mary said “ Conchita, I am not coming only for you but I am coming for all my children, with a desire to see them closer to our hearts”.
    “Garabandal“ by J. Serre -p.201

    These are the Corporal and the Spiritual acts of mercy.
    Corporal works:
    1. Feed the hungry
    2. Clothe the naked
    3. Shelter the homeless
    4. Visit the imprisoned
    5. Visit the sick
    6. Give drink to the Thirsty
    7. Bury the dead
    Spiritual Acts:
    1. Admonisment of sinners
    2. Instruct the ignorant
    3. Comfort the afflicted
    4. Pray for the living and the dead
    5. Forgive those who afflict us
    6. Bear wrongs patiently
    7. Counsel the doubtful
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    Yes, there are many known and unknown, Popes, Saints & Blessed's, and Church leaders who believed. I can’t think of another apparition with this resume of believers.
    Saint ( Padre ) Pio
    Saint (Pope) John Paul II
    Saint (Pope ) Paul VI
    Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta
    Saint (Fr. ) Jose Maria Escriva
    Saint (Madre) Maravillas
    Pope Benedict XVI
    Sr. Lucia of Fatima
    Venerable Marthe Robin,
    Venerable Fr. Ciszek ,
    Venerable Padre Nieto,
    Cardinal Ottaviani (Vatican Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith) ,
    Archbishop of Madrid, Casimiro Morcillo Gonzalez
    Arch Bishop Carlos Sierra of Madrid, Spain,
    Arch Bishop Manuel Lopez of Mexico,
    Bishop of Fatima Joao Venancio,
    Fr. Constant Luis Pel
    Madre Esperanza of Jesus,
    Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria
    Mother Angelica
    You’re in good company !
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    Our Blessed Mother said in Garabandal on October 18th, 1961,
    "We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. "

    In 1945 Jesus told Lucia, the seer of Fatima, "The sacrifice and penance I now seek and require is the fulfillment of your state in life and the observance of my laws." Whatever your state in life may be you can sanctify all your daily actions if upon arising you recite sincerely the morning offering prayer. Through the "Morning Offering of Reparation" every act you do becomes a sacrifice. The word "sacrifice" means to make "holy." Once you have made your morning offering you make "holy" every act you do throughout the day. Whatever trial God permits to pass your way during the day becomes a penance — whether it be work, bad weather, rebellious children, sickness in the family, tight economic conditions or misunderstandings by relatives or friends. All these sacrifices and penances obtain graces the Blessed Virgin needs for the conversion of sinners.
    Padre Pio said it best, "If you knew the value of suffering, you wouldn't give it up."

    Use this Morning Offering Prayer to start your DAY !

    O Jesus, through the Immaculate heart of Mary, and in union with the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass being offered throughout the world, I offer you all my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day in reparation for the offenses committed against the Immaculate heart of Mary, for my sins, and the sins of the whole world.
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    Conchita’s reaction to being robbed.
    When Conchita first came to America in 1972, she was working as a medical assistant to Dr. Dominguez in the Bronx. Everyday after attending morning mass, she would stop and pick up some coffee and also offer coffee to the homeless there, then proceed to work.
    One day while in the elevator, going up to her office, a man in there with her, stopped the elevator in between floors and pulled a knife on her. Not realizing that Conchita did not speak English well yet, finally yelled “ Money ! ” Conchita only had $20 on her, gave it to the robber, but then she did the unthinkable ! She told him do not use this for drugs, only to buy food and then she pulled out of her purse a Scapular, and also gave it to the robber ! A Saint among us.
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    Conchita recounts the the story in the book "Our Lady comes to Garabandal" . She said " I was returning from the fields,we met my Godmother Maximina Gonzalez, she was very excited and said this to us "Do you know the voice of the Blessed Virgin has been heard on a tape recorder ?" " What did she say I asked ? " She replied " Loli and Jacinta asked her (The Blessed Virgin) "Speak, Please Speak" and the people heard an answer : " No, I wont speak " . My Godmother told me that people began to cry because they were very moved at having heard the Blessed Virgin's voice.

    You can download this story from the book ,"SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN" CHAPTER 7 on page 156. Here is the link for our downloadable books.
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    For those new members who would like a brief but detailed explanation of the Marian Apparitions at Garabandal,Spain (or to share this with family or friends who don’t know about Garabandal) a short video by actor Ricardo Montalban.

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    OCTOBER 11, 1961:


    The conversations between Father Luis and the visionaries have, it appears to us, always held a very positive ecumenical trait. On the Feast, then, of the Divine Motherhood of Mary, Fr. Luis and Conchita spoke about this extraordinary prophecy already partly revealed by Our Lady on the previous October 1: "Ah, the Churches will be reunited? . . . Yes, they will be reunited! . . ." Conchita rejoiced over this formidable prophetic news. In November 1965, the visionary, as she had already done many times since October 11, 1961, confirmed the accuracy of that great revelation to the German editor, Albrecht Weber. She also clarified somewhat, what the Blessed Virgin had told her concerning the great Church event to come.

    "She (Our Lady) again told us that the divided (Churches) will reunite. There will be only one 'religion.' A better translation: "The Christian Churches will then be One in the Catholic Church."

    In the light of such a prophetic revelation, the meaning and scope of the "one, Catholic, apostolic and Roman Church" that the visionaries, in ecstasy, had professed for the first time on August 1, 1961, at the time of the recitation of the Creed, acquired their full significance.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, J. Serre, page 107]
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    OCTOBER 11, 1962


    On the morning of the Opening of the Second Vatican Council, it was raining heavily in Rome. But when the Conciliar Fathers started in procession towards St. Peter's Basilica, the sky suddenly cleared up and the sun came out again.

    At that same moment, another amazing phenomenon was unfolding at Garabandal; just as the radio was transmitting, at 8 a.m., the Opening of the Council and the inauguration ceremony, Conchita fell into ecstasy in her home; it lasted throughout her wandering through the lanes of the village, where witnesses could hear the seer talking of the Council with her Vision!

    The visionary, who did not yet know the date, asked the apparition if the Miracle would occur during the Council. The beginning of an answer would be given to her during an important ecstasy, on the following 18th of November.

    Reverend Ramon Garcia de la Riva had spent, in the company of several other persons, the night of October 10 to 11 at Conchita's house. In order to enliven the long vigil, each had tried to guess the time when the visionary would have her ecstasy. The pastor of Barro alone found the right answer.

    Msgr. Beitia was in Rome, sitting with his peers, when the newspapers published his first Note. The "aficionados" of Garabandal were obviously very disappointed. But Conchita, in a letter that she would send on that very same day to Fr. Ramon Andreu, reported, on behalf of the Blessed Virgin, that "the bishop (of Santander) in reality had a strong interior desire and real hope to discern the true origin of a matter of such gravity."
    [From 'Garabandal' Book, J. Serre, page 153]
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    I just found a rare reference in my files, that occurred on October 12-13,1961

    It was the feast of Our Lady of the Pillar [The feast of Our Lady of the Pillar is on October 12th. It is a great feastday in Spain and Latin America.
    The religious celebration comes from devotion to Mary through an ancient statue in the great Marian basilica in Saragossa. The statue, because it stands on a column (reputedly part of the column on which Christ was scourged), has received the name of del Pilar. According to tradition, here on the banks of the Ebro River, the first temple was built to honor Mary on the Iberian peninsula, the land of the Mother of God.
    The civil holiday, both in Spain and Latin-America, is based on the fact that on October 12th, 1492, the Spanish discoverers landed on the American continent. Also on October 12th, the Civil Guard celebrates the feastday of its patron.
    Juan Alvarez Seco, the chief of the Civil Guard, stated: «On October 12th, while apart from the others, I received the cross to kiss from the four girls, as if it were a congratulation from the Virgin for being the feast of our patron and for having come on that evening to Garabandal.»] during another day of our apparitions, at which Loli and I were present. While we were looking at the Virgin, a star with a very long tail was seen beneath the Virgin's feet. Several people saw this. We asked the Virgin what it meant; but she didn't answer.
    The ecstasies that began on the evening of October 12th extended into the middle of the night. The people began leaving, and toward 2:30 in the morning almost no one remained in the little village plaza except a small group consisting of responsible men: Dr. Ortiz from Santander, Luis Adaro from Gijón, Rafael Sanz Moliner from Oviedo, and Rufino Alonso from Pola de Siero. They had met there, waiting for their wives who had gone to Mari Cruz' home to collect some religious articles that they had entrusted with the girl to give to the Virgin to kiss. Mari Cruz had an ecstasy during which she had gone up to the Pines. There she had prayed a Station to the Blessed Sacrament, and later stopped in the calleja, at the site of the first apparition, where she prayed another Station.
    The people in the plaza soon saw two of the girls, Conchita and Loli, go under the balcony or terrace connected to the house of Loli's grandmother.They were in ecstasy there and let out a shout at the same time as they raised up their arms.
    "We saw the Virgin throw down a star."
    «Instinctively» — Dr. Ortiz said — "We looked upwards toward the sky, and we saw a star cross from the north to the south (that is, in the direction toward the Pines) with a great brilliance, leaving a trail that lasted several seconds ... I know that Maximina Gonzalez and other women of the village saw the star too. On the contrary some young boys, who were at the entrance of Ceferino's house and who ran toward the girls on hearing the cry, didn't see anything because they were under the balcony like the girls. After the star had passed, we went where the girls were and accompanied them praying toward the church, at whose entrance the ecstasy stopped. Immediately we asked them:
    — Why did you scream?
    — Because we saw the Virgin throw down a star.
    — But you couldn't have seen the star, since you were under the balcony!
    — Well we certainly saw it. The Virgin did this."
    Father Valentin mentions this phenomena in his notes:
    "We were in the plaza. Conchita and Loli shouted out loud with fear. Everyone was frightened. Some of the people looked at the girls; others looked at the sky. Those who did the latter said that they saw a brilliant star that crossed from one part of the sky to another, and that it could not in any way be mistaken for a shooting star or comet. After having screamed, the girls laughed and went on happily, as if dancing with joy."
    It is understandable that all these things, wrapped like this in a halo of mystery, and probably magnified by being transmitted from person to person, necessarily had to leave the people very impressed.
    With all these things happening, it would be easy to think: Where will all this end? Surely all these things are an announcement of something great to come.
    What will we see on the day of the message? "


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