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    August 1,1961
    Eyewitness Testimony

    Many people have seen the girls hit their knees hard when they fall and they have always
    observed that they show no feeling of pain. I have seen them stay on their
    knees for over an hour on many occasions without complaining of exhaustion or
    pain. I have witnessed how they fall on their knees many times, including from
    one or two stairs high, and they do not show the slightest sign of pain. The
    most spectacular thing in this sense was when María Dolores was on her knees
    one night and fell forwards, hitting her neck very hard against the edge of the
    stairs. It made a very loud noise, and her head resisted; the girl ended up
    sitting on the floor. An exclamation went through everyone who was there, and
    there was fear in their faces. The girl laughed once she was sitting on the
    floor and she continued talking about an object with the vision as she had been
    doing before the fall.
    “In those postures, more or less invariable, but always on their knees (except Jacinta who on one or two occasions was as we have described), staying there for an hour and twenty-five minutes. The one who wrote this, although he was almost sitting, needed to change his posture at least twice in this same amount of time. Upon finishing the trance, they prayed the rosary without moving from the place or giving any sign of fatigue. The ground of the road was full of rocks as roads are in mountain villages; with natural rocks, that are well-traveled (that have unequal surfaces that cause the inexperienced to trip). Mari Cruz had a wedge of rock about 5 centimeters wide under her left knee. Towards the end of the apparition, the girls made a visor with their hands, as though they were contemplating something that was becoming brighter and brighter.

    Fr. Ramon Andreu,
    notebook #1 August 1,1961
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    Today in Garabandal History : August 2,1961.
    The "Ecstatic falls " begin which frighten the people of the village, because of their violence, but which cause no pain to the children, nor leave any marks or after effects.
    “The Village Speaks” pg. 23

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    The swaying movements began on the 31st of July. They were to be the prelude of yet more striking manifestations: the ecstatic falls, a kind of slow and graceful collapse of the children until they were stretched out on the ground.

    These falls occurred quite frequently. Every time they happened, the girls drew attention by their beauty, their grace and the modesty of their attitudes and expressions.

    Spectators could not help but be inclined to admire and respect them. The visionaries were always dressed in a most decent way, their clothes covering them sometimes even in a sliding movement opposite to the natural direction of the fall.

    Mari-Loli and Jacinta were the first to "inaugurate" this phenomenon; they would remain stretched out some ten minutes in this astonishing position.

    Brigadier Secco heard Mari-Loli asking her Vision: "If you don't help me, I could not get up." Then she was seen extending her arm, and as if raised by a mysterious force, "she slowly rose to a sitting position."

    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, J. Serre, pages 75-77.]

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    I always wonder about the prophecy from Our Lady of Garabndal that there will be no WWIII and how things would occur but after witnessing the events of this past year and actually the last several years along with reading the following which was posted by Brian awhile ago I feel that I can really understand how there will be no WWIII.

    In addition, it does seem that those in power now have used and are using Saul Alinsky's "Rules for Radicals" which Hillary Clinton wrote her thesis on. Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals is about deception, infiltration, and manipulation, I believe that we are witnessing all of these things in many places around the world. Iow, Alinsky suggested destroying things from the inside. If you have not watched Dinseh D'Souza's "Death of a Nation" I suggest that you do so, he discusses Saul Alinsky in the movie and I found it to be pretty interesting. This debate is pretty good too

    Thank you again Glenn for all that you do.

    PS - Another movie that I watched recently is the movie Crisis with Gary Oldman it is fictional but there is still a lot of truth in it about the current Fentanyl crisis in the US. Scary stuff.
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    I just watched "Death of a Nation " by Dinseh D'Souza it was brilliant; thank you for the heads up. I must say I feel very indebted to the republicans of the USA, for remaining so strong at this moment against the fascist tyranny that is trying to enslave the world through the leanings of liberal democrats .
    Thank you America.
    I hope that we, that is all the nations of the civilised world, including Australia, can with the US truth seeking citizens join forces somehow and hold tight to reality and not succumb to the powers which want to destroy God and our God given rights. So many today are blind, which of course, has been the plan of the diabolical for many centuries! It seems today we are surrounded by complete madness in governments, citizens, church authorities, work mates and even family, with so many not even wanting to take their blinkers off.
    Lord have Mercy
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    Today in Garabandal History August 4,1961

    Conchita recounts the story in the book "Our Lady comes to Garabandal" . She said " I was returning from the fields, we met my Godmother Maximina Gonzalez, she was very excited and said this to us "Do you know the voice of the Blessed Virgin has been heard on a tape recorder ?" " What did she say I asked ? " She replied " Loli and Jacinta asked her (The Blessed Virgin) "Speak, Please Speak" and the people heard an answer : " No, I won’t speak " . My Godmother told me that people began to cry because they were very moved at having heard the Blessed Virgin's voice.

    You can download this story from the book ,
    Here is the link for our downloadable books.
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    For the same reason as for the "calls" and the "falls," the "ecstatic walks" are typical events of San Sebastian de Garabandal. Their purpose was to draw attention to the apparitions (ecstasies).

    These walks were absolutely extraordinary; they consisted in the girls moving from place to place, sometimes at a very high speed. The visionaries, hand in hand, would move at a very rapid pace, without seeing anything of their itinerary. They did not stumble on the rocky roads they took, their eyes being fixed on the apparition guiding them. According to the children's explanations, they had the impression of being "settled comfortably" in a fixed position with respect to their vision.

    Here two of the girls are walking backwards. They would proceed in this way up to the Pines. On the steep slope of this same calleja , the children walked on their knees, without ever bruising themselves or experiencing the slightest pain as they came in contact with the rocky surface of the land. During the walks, the children appeared to be moved by an interior force that made the witnesses unable to hold them back. The rapid pace of the visionaries could become a race . . .
    A word about their "range of vision": the girls saw nothing but the Apparition herself.

    In one scene, Loli was alone in ecstasy, coming out of Conchita's home. She suddenly falls on her knees making a sharp noise. A few moments later, eyes fixed on heaven, arms outstretched, the upper body leaning forward, the pace of the visionary becomes more intense. It seems that she hardly touches the ground, as if she had "wings on her feet." The other three are not in ecstasy, they follow with difficulty.

    At the end of these ecstatic walks, while the witnesses, even the most athletic ones, are deadbeat, Loli, on her part, shows no signs of fatigue. She is simply a little pale, but gives the impression of being calm.
    [Excerpted from "Garabandal" Book, J.Serre,pages 81-83.]

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    Three Brothers Hospitallers of St. John of God arrived at San Sebastian de Garabandal on this August 6, from the "Instituto Psiquiatro de Mondragon, the site of their apostolate.
    Visiting the village for the first time, they climbed up to the Pines. There they found Conchita with the three other girls. They offered to share their breakfast with them. But Conchita told them that the Angel (St. Michael) was to give her Holy Communion. Amazed, the Brothers of St. John of God were effectively to witness the "event," unable, of course, to see the Host. Nevertheless, they took superb photos of this ecstasy . . .
    [From 'Garabandal' Book, J.Serre, page 144]
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    Father Luis Maria Andreu Rodmilans was born in 1925 in Bilbao, Spain. He entered the Jesuit Scholasticate, at Ona, in 1942; he was ordained to the priesthood in 1955, then he studied at Innsbruck, Rome, Geneva and Paris.
    At the time of the Garabandal "events," the Andreu family was made up of six brothers. The eldest, Jose Maria, was married and lived in Madrid. Then came four priests, all of them Jesuits: Alejandro, a missionary in Venezuela; Ramon, today a missionary in California in the South American community; Luis; and finally Marcelino, a missionary in Taiwan. Rafael is the youngest.
    Father Luis came back to Garabandal for the third time, on the 8th of August 1961, in order to observe once more the ecstasies. On that day, the Pastor, Don Valentin, who had to go to Santander, entrusted him with the keys of the church. The Jesuit Father celebrated his Mass in "an admirable manner," said those who had taken part. This was to be his last Mass.

    In the evening of this Tuesday, and for the third time, the visionaries fell into ecstasy in the village church. When they came out of the church, they began a long ecstatic walk that Fr. Luis followed, from the beginning to the end, up to the Pines, where himself falling into ecstasy, the priest suddenly pronounced loudly the word "Miracle!", four times. His eyes fixed on heaven, he was granted to see the Blessed Virgin of Mount Carmel, and also, by anticipation, the future great Miracle which is to take place at San Sebatian de Garabandal. This was a unique event, and we know that the Jesuit Father had penetrated into the visionaries' "range of vision." They would later describe him in these few words: "He was there, on his knees, beads of perspiration on his forehead, the Blessed Virgin looking at him. We had the impression that she was telling him: 'Within a short time, you will be near me'."
    The ecstasy over, Padre Luis came down from the Pines and, with some of his friends, went down in a jeep to Cosio to await the arrival of some of the other persons with whom he had come, and who had preferred to walk back. It was about one in the morning. The Father was dozing in the vehicle when Don Valentin, who was just coming back to the village, joined him. Immediately, Luis spoke: "Don Valentin, what the children are saying is true! But I ask you not to repeat what I have just told you. For the Church will never be too prudent in such matters."

    At about four in the morning, while they were driving on the road to Reinosa, Luis spoke to his friends: "I am filled with joy! What a favor the Blessed Virgin has granted me! How lucky we are to have such a Mother in heaven! We must not be afraid of the supernatural. The children have taught us how to speak to the Blessed Virgin. For me, there can be no doubt! Why did the Blessed Virgin choose us, yes, us? Today is the happiest day of my life!"
    Then he became silent. There was a sigh. Fr. Luis' head fell forward. He was dead! He was 36 years old. Father Luis' involvement with Garabandal was far from being over. In fact, it was revealed to Conchita that "on the day following the future great Miracle, his body will be found just as he was, when he died!" [Incorrupt.]
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, J. Serre, pages 84-87.]

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    ...and to all the "impatient follower's" al... Never...and I mean NEVER underestimate our Blessed Mother...!
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    ANYONE offering you a chance to meet Conchita in NY, is SCAMMING YOU ! I have heard that they are charging up to $3000. for this meeting ! SO BEWARE, ESPECIALLY COUNTRIES OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES.
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    Additionally today Aug. 10th, I heard of another fake scam, join her at a "spiritual retreat" (like she needs one) in October, they are saying she will attend. I CALLED HER TODAY, SHE WILL NOT BE ATTENDING ANY SUCH EVENT. NEVER SEND MONEY TO ANYTHING THAT PROMISES TO SEE HER, WITHOUT ASKING ME FIRST. 99.99% OF THE TIME ,ITS A SCAM.
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    Thank you for the warning Glenn, so many dangerous scammers out there. This is particularly despicable. :mad:
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    Don't try to test our Blessed Mother !

    Two couples approached Conchita and gave her four wedding rings, so that in her next ecstasy she would give them to be kissed by the Virgin. As Conchita offered the rings to Our Lady, she was heard to say: "You don't want to kiss them? But I don't understand. Ah! So I have to tell them to straighten out their lives and be good?" After the ecstasy, Conchita returned the rings to the man who had given them to her and told him and his companions what the Virgin had said. He was very embarrassed and said, "We came here to prove Garabandal was false if the girls gave us back the rings on our fingers, because none of us are married and we only bought the rings for this occasion."

    In another story, while in ecstasy the girls used to give wedding rings to Our Lady to kiss, and then always looking upwards and guided by the Virgin, they would return the wedding rings placing them directly on the fingers of the owners, never making a mistake, even though sometimes the husband would be on one side of the room and the wife on the other. On one occasion, while returning wedding rings to a couple, Mari Loli in ecstasy, was heard to say: "Why do I have to put this on the left hand? Ah, because they are from Valencia!" (that was their custom ).

    Conchita’s mother Aniceta tells us the story:

    A young man arrived here with a young woman, a couple. He was dressed like any normal young man, and I assumed that they were just a young dating couple. It was raining a lot and the place was full of people. Conchita, in ecstasy, came into the house. My sister was amidst the crowd and the young man approached her and said, “Give this cross to the girl.” My sister responded, “Why should I try to give it to her? She’s not going to take it. When she’s in ecstasy, she never receives anything.” “Well, give it to her mother then, so that her mother can give it to her.” My sister came up to me and said, “Here, that man said for you to give this to Conchita.” I responded, “Why am I going to give it to her? She never takes anything.”
    Then, I had an idea. What he wanted me to give to Conchita was a cross on a string, and so I thought of hanging it on her fingers, since she had her hands folded. Although Conchita spoke softly, I was close by and heard her insist to her vision, “I didn’t bring anything. I really didn’t bring anything.” She continued, “Well, if I have something, take it.”
    At that moment, Conchita took a step forward, lowered her hands and, in doing so, the cross fell on the ground. She took another step and stepped on the cross, “Ah! I’m stepping on it?”
    She bent down and picked up the cross, still in ecstasy, and held it up to her apparition to kiss. Then she turned around, facing the young man, made the sign of the cross over him and held it up for him to kiss. Turning back to the vision, she held it up again to be kissed and said, “Having such a beautiful habit as the Dominican habit, what a pity that he came dressed like that!”.

    Then, turning back to the man, she took his glasses off and put them in his hands. The man was afraid and I said to him, “Don't worry, she won’t break them.”
    She made the sign of the cross over him, held up his cross to be kissed again, and then put it around his neck. However, she put it on him backwards, the image was turned inwards. “Oh! I put it on him backwards?” She took it off, turned it around and put it back around his neck.
    Then she opened his hands, took his glasses and put them back on his face. Then she repeated, “What a shame that they come dressed like that!”

    He was a Dominican priest in disguise, wearing normal clothing, and accompanied by a young lady, who appeared to be his girlfriend, but who turned out to be his sister“.

    Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL, MAY-JUNE 2003
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    Today in Garabandal History, AUGUST 12, 1961

    The Sabbatine Privilege, in its original form, was granted in the fourteenth century by the Blessed Virgin, after the grace of the Scapular to St. Simon Stock. The sixth General Superior of the Carmelites, who had just been chased away from the East by the Saracens, had begged Mary to help him. She then appeared to him promising him, at the same time as she gave him the gift of the Scapular, that every Carmelite wearing it would be spared the eternal fires.
    As for the Sabbatine Privilege, it was broadened later by the Church, thanks to Pope Paul V (1605-1621). The Blessed Virgin promised that all those who had venerated her constantly and who had worn the Scapular with devotion would be withdrawn from Purgatory on the first Saturday after their death.
    The Sabbatine Privilege was illustrated in a remarkable way on this August 12 at Garabandal. The four visionaries, as much in a state of ecstasy as in a normal state, had prayed a great deal after August 9, for the soul of the deceased Fr. Luis. They ceased to do so completely on this first Saturday after his death. The Blessed Virgin told the little girls that he was now in heaven. We know that Fr. Luis wore the scapular-medal of Our Lady of Mount Carmel.

    From the book “Garabandal” J. Serre, pg 88

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