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    Thank you for your kind words and thoughts. God bless you.
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    1-20-71 From Conchita’s Diary

    “Reflect on this. If something is God’s work, he will see that it triumphs in the best way, over all obstacles.
    It is God who does everything. Sometimes he acts through us, but he can also bypass us to perform great miracles and prodigies.
    What we should do is sacrifice ourselves, be faithful in prayer and in the recitation of the holy rosary, and visit the Blessed Sacrament often. Each day, withdraw from yourself and the world so that you may be alone with God.
    He wants to speak to you and tell you the path you should follow and what you should do. Invoke frequently the Holy Spirit and saint Michael.”

    In union of prayer,
    Conchita Gonzalez
    I remember this passage in this book, and thought it sounds alot like what Conchita told us in March. Good advice is timeless.
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    Absolutely good advice from Conchita!
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    SAINT (Pope) John Paul II - on Garabandal
    There is a book on Garabandal, written by Albrecht Weber in 1993, entitled Garabandal Der Zeigefmger Gottes (Garabandal: The Finger of God), of which a first edition copy was presented to Pope John Paul II. He later asked his secretary, Fr. (now Archbishop) Stanislaus Dziwisz, to write to the author. In the subsequent printing (2000) of the book, on page 19, a portion of the Pope's message is reprinted, as follows:"May God reward you for everything. Especially for the deep love with which you are making the events connected with Garabandal more widely known. May the Message of the Mother of God find an entrance into hearts before it is too late. As an expression of joy and gratitude, the Holy Father gives you his apostolic blessing."Weber writes, "From the attached greeting in the Pope's own handwriting, with his signature, it is clear how deep an interest he has in the events of Garabandal, and how anxious he is that they should be made known in a credible way."
    On July 23, 1988, during a special general audience with the Pope at the Vatican ... "special" because it was held on Saturday, rather than the usual Wednesday... Father Robert introduced Garabandal Visionary Mari-Loli and family to him. Father Robert who was holding 7 year old Maria Dolores, one of the three Lafleur children, said to the Pope: "Your Holiness, a special blessing for your littlest children who come on behalf of The Blessed Virgin from Garabandal." Our Holy Father exclaimed "Garabandal!"
    (picture below )
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    Pope John Paul II -Scapular wearer

    Karol Wojtyla, as a young factory worker, wearing his brown scapular.
    Did you recognize the future Pope & Saint ?

    When he was Pope, even after being shot, he told Doctors no to remove his scapular,
    he refused to remove it during his life saving operation !

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    Isn't ironic that this Saint's remains are now resting here. (For those who don't know, Garabandal resides in the township of "St. Sebastian" )

    Pope John Paul II's Remains Moved to Chapel of St Sebastian
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    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    We heard Holy Mass this morning at a Church called Our Lady Help of Christians in Navan Road, Dublin.

    We usually link in to hear on line Holy Mass at this particular Church, it is not architecturally beautiful; but something about it draws us back there.

    They had a relic of Saint John Paul and blessed us at the end of Mass with the relic, along with a prayer for his intercession.

    I felt there was something different even on line. I did not say anything to my husband, but he remarked they must have moved stuff around the Altar because the light reflection seemed different. It had a beautiful warm welcoming feel to it, a special grace it seemed to me. Praise God.

    I do think there was a special presence at that Holy Mass praised be to Jesus and Mary. And I brought to the Lord all members of the Forum in all sorts of concerns and trials, mental, physical, spiritual or emotional, asking Him to bless each and everyone in their situations. How great is our God. Alleluia.
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    Wonderful blessing Julia. How good of you to remember our MOG forum members. :)
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    Thank you Glen. What a wonderful photo and story!
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    Hi Glenn have you met conchita recently?, do you sense anything on the horizon/near future from her in relation to garbandal/end of time events?
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    what a lovely photo of conchita!
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    The final locution, and what a remarkable one, of the Blessed Virgin to Mari-Loli, then a boarder with Jacinta, at Borja, in the College of the Sisters of Charity of St. Ann where famous Madre Maria Naya herself had spent several years:
    "I had a locution from the Most Blessed Virgin. She told me that I would have much to suffer in this world, that I would be subjected to many trials, that this is what would make me suffer most."
    I asked Her to tell me if I was to become a sister. She did not answer me.
    She told me that She was very happy that I was here in the boarding school.
    I asked Her if She would come back to speak with me. She did not answer.
    I asked Her to give my father a proof of the apparitions so that he might believe. She told me that he would soon believe in them and that everyone would also believe.
    She told me that She was very happy with my sacrifices, but that I ought to be better and more mortified in everything each day, that, as I had done until now, I ought to recite the Rosary every day, a devotion most agreeable to Her, that She loves us all very much, that She wanted us to be very good so that we may soon be together with Her in the glory of Heaven."
    Mari-Loli Mazon
    A reading, even a rapid one, of the last "interior words" of the Blessed Virgin to Mari-Loli suggests the following few observations:
    -- The phase, henceforth near, of the "great doubts and denials" that Loli was about to go through, is implicitly predicted, as well as an existence punctuated by difficulties of many forms (which indeed is very much the case!);
    -- Our Lady does not reveal to the visionary that she would see her again a few days before the "D" day, something which, on the other hand, she told Conchita in 1963;
    -- The Blessed Virgin, we must note, remains silent on Mari-Loli's question about her possible religious vocation; She does not tell either when "her father (Ceferino) will believe at last" (this will happen on June 2, 1974, in absolutely remarkable conditions and circumstances); [Mari-Loli's father, Ceferino Mazon, was to receive 'his' proof on June 2, 1974, the very day of his passing away, also of Pentecost . . . just when the celebrated "Pilgrim Virgin of Fatima," then going through Spain, came through San Sebastian de Garabandal.]
    -- Mary insisted again, and in her own way, on the value of the prayer of the Rosary (Mari-Loli was to find in her future husband, Francis LaFleur, the one who would help her to persist with fervor in this main Marian devotion); and
    -- Finally, just as She would later tell Conchita during her last apparition, on November 13, 1965, the Blessed Virgin expressed to Loli Her keen desire, almost a promise, of welcoming her as well as "all of them" (the four visionaries) in the glory of Heaven.
    [From 'Garabandal' Book, pages 199-200]
    * NOTE The Blessed Mother can not tell Loli she will see her a few days before the Miracle ( because Loli will have passed away already in 2009 ) Loli on right in photo.

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    I talk to her usually once a week, she is unchanged in her daily life and approach to it. She is unflappable. ( She was upset the Packers lost to the Bucs,last Sunday, if that helps :)
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    ok glenn thanks
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    Every last Thursday of the month, the Pastor of Garabandal offers a Mass for prayer requests. You have a few days to send your request by Wednesday, so it arrives on time.

    Requests sent using this form in Spanish ( below ) are received in the email address of the Parish.

    Then printed and delivered every Thursday the Pastor, to be deposited in an urn at the foot of the altar , through the intercession of Our Lady of Carmel, before the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the Chapel of San Sebastian de Garabandal.

    I have downloaded the English explanation, but you might want to use " Google Translate" or something like that to send your prayers in Spanish so they can read it.

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    Today in Garabandal history: October 25, 1966
    (interview with Conchita)
    She remembers a conversation with Our Lady:
    Conchita: " What should I do so as not to have empty hands? I examine myself and I see that I don't do bad; but . . ."
    Mary: " It is not only not doing bad, but also practicing good".
    Conchita: "That is just what the Virgin said to me!"
    The Last Apparition at Garabandal
    November 13, 1965, was a day mixed with joy and sadness for Conchita. The Virgin appeared with her Child to the teenager but it was to be for the last time at Garabandal.
    As Mary had already indicated this was to be a special apparition for kissing religious objects and Conchita had many with her. After kissing the articles, the Virgin said: 'Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others. Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle. This will be the last time you will see me here but I shall always be with you and with all my children. Conchita, why don't you go and visit my Son in the tabernacle? He waits for you night and day."
    Conchita said to the Virgin, "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?" She replied, "Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day? " When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."
    Mary said “ Conchita, I am not coming only for you but I am coming for all my children, with a desire to see them closer to our hearts”.
    “Garabandal“ by J. Serre -p.201
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    Thank you so much for this! God bless you!

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