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    This day in Garabandal History: AUGUST 23, 1961:

    Their small crucifix in their hands,
    the visionaries in ecstasy before the closed door of the church.
    Within the limits allowed by the Note from Msgr. Doroteo Fernandez and never in opposition to them, the church of Garabandal remains a major pole of the apparitions. In each one of them, or almost, the visionaries returned there to pray before the closed door. There, on several occasions, the Angel even gave them Communion.
    On the day following the interdiction we know, the girls, in ecstasy before the closed door and on the advice of their Vision, suddenly decided to get a crucifix from their homes . . . except Mari-Cruz (for personal family reasons). It is interesting to note that this invitation and inspiration of "wearing a crucifix" happened on the very day of the Feast, then celebrated on August 23 in the universal Church, of St. Philip Benizi who was one of the seven founders of the "Servites of Mary." At the moment of his death he had cried out: "Give me my book!" (that is, "my crucifix!"). Henceforth, the visionaries in ecstasy would systematically be equipped with one. This gesture, in its clear reference to the Passion, takes all its meaning in Garabandal, most especially with the second and ultimate Message (June 18, 1965) of which, as we shall see, it will be precisely the final word.
    During the apparitions, the visionaries would present their crucifix to be kissed, sometimes kiss it themselves, or make the sign of the cross with it over those present, notably over those who, very often in secret prayer, "were asking for proofs" . . . The children also made the sign of the cross with it over persons lying down and asleep, on the forehead of the sick, on the heads of beds (twice if two persons slept in them), over the vehicles of visitors, etc.
    The kiss of the crucifix played an immense role at San Sebastian de Garabandal, giving rise in those benefited from this, to profound emotions, healings and even to remarkable conversions.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 95.]
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    Conchita & HUMILITY

    For a time, while she was living in Fatima many years ago, she went daily to an older priest’s residence to volunteer as a cleaning lady. As on other occasions, she went there using the name of Maria, in order not to be recognized. However, one day someone recognized her and immediately all the resident priests knew that the woman who swept the floors of their residence was Conchita of Garabandal. From then on, nothing was the same. Conchita told me that when the priests discovered who she was, they changed the way they treated her. She said she was sorry that they had found out who she was because she felt better serving those elderly priests anonymously.

    Reminds me very much of Saint Bernadette.

    "The Blessed Virgin used me like a broom. What do you do with a broom when you have finished sweeping? You put it back in its place, behind the door!"
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    Father Nicholas Gruner spent 2 weeks in Garabandal in June/July 1965.

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    “The Devil & Garabandal” -An interview with Fr. Robert Lewis.
    Fr.Robert Lewis s an exorcist priest who works at St. Jude’s in Pakshikere,India

    Interesting quotes from Fr. Lewis : “For quite some time, the possessed persons at the Shrine have been making direct references to Garabandal, showing their anger because many souls are snatched from satan’s clutches, because the spreading of the message “.

    “The name of Mary is so powerful that Lucifer himself begs the exorcist never to mention it ,confessing with shrieks and shouts that is was she who crushed his head “.

    St. Michael: After the names of Jesus, Mary and Joseph, there is none more terrible to demons that St. Michael ! “ We hate him” shouts Lucifer. “ Why did he dislodge me from my place in Heaven and thrust me down to hell ? He is everywhere to defeat my hosts”.

    Needles Magazine 1977
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    This man's speech reminded me of Our Lady of Garabandal's prophecy about communism.

    WATCH: Maximo Alvarez’s full speech at the Republican National Convention | 2020 RNC Night 1
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    God bless you for sharing This Carol, 100% Truth. There is no place to go. God Bless and Keep America Free!

    And yes, this is the moment that the children of Garabandal predicted so many decades ago. When communism returns. Except not just in Spain, which suffered a communist Republic during the Spanish Civil War, which killed thousands of priest, monks, nuns, and faithful laity.

    These children knew what communism was because their parents had lived it and shared what living in a communistic system was like; it wasn't a theory to the Spanish people but a horrible past. A past which no one wanted to return. That was what frightened many.

    So now, 2020, you are hearing from a man who voices that indeed what the children of Garabandal predicted so long ago is here, communism is returning.
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    Last apparition in Garabandal 13 November 1965

    “Conchita, I have not come only for you… But I have come for all my children…
    With the desire to bring them closer to Our Hearts.” “I love you very much and I desire your salvation.”
    “Conchita, won't you respond to this?”
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    Conchita González

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    Don't try to test our Blessed Mother !

    Two couples approached Conchita and gave her four wedding rings, so that in her next ecstasy she would give them to be kissed by the Virgin. As Conchita offered the rings to Our Lady, she was heard to say: "You don't want to kiss them? But I don't understand. Ah! So I have to tell them to straighten out their lives and be good?" After the ecstasy, Conchita returned the rings to the man who had given them to her and told him and his companions what the Virgin had said. He was very embarrassed and said, "We came here to prove Garabandal was false if the girls gave us back the rings on our fingers, because none of us are married and we only bought the rings for this occasion."

    In another story, while in ecstasy the girls used to give wedding rings to Our Lady to kiss, and then always looking upwards and guided by the Virgin, they would return the wedding rings placing them directly on the fingers of the owners, never making a mistake, even though sometimes the husband would be on one side of the room and the wife on the other. On one occasion, while returning wedding rings to a couple, Mari Loli in ecstasy, was heard to say: "Why do I have to put this on the left hand? Ah, because they are from Valencia!" (that was their custom ).

    Conchita’s mother Aniceta tells us the story:

    A young man arrived here with a young woman, a couple. He was dressed like any normal young man, and I assumed that they were just a young dating couple. It was raining a lot and the place was full of people. Conchita, in ecstasy, came into the house. My sister was amidst the crowd and the young man approached her and said, “Give this cross to the girl.” My sister responded, “Why should I try to give it to her? She’s not going to take it. When she’s in ecstasy, she never receives anything.” “Well, give it to her mother then, so that her mother can give it to her.” My sister came up to me and said, “Here, that man said for you to give this to Conchita.” I responded, “Why am I going to give it to her? She never takes anything.”
    Then, I had an idea. What he wanted me to give to Conchita was a cross on a string, and so I thought of hanging it on her fingers, since she had her hands folded. Although Conchita spoke softly, I was close by and heard her insist to her vision, “I didn’t bring anything. I really didn’t bring anything.” She continued, “Well, if I have something, take it.”
    At that moment, Conchita took a step forward, lowered her hands and, in doing so, the cross fell on the ground. She took another step and stepped on the cross, “Ah! I’m stepping on it?”
    She bent down and picked up the cross, still in ecstasy, and held it up to her apparition to kiss. Then she turned around, facing the young man, made the sign of the cross over him and held it up for him to kiss. Turning back to the vision, she held it up again to be kissed and said, “Having such a beautiful habit as the Dominican habit, what a pity that he came dressed like that!”.

    Then, turning back to the man, she took his glasses off and put them in his hands. The man was afraid and I said to him, “Don't worry, she won’t break them.”
    She made the sign of the cross over him, held up his cross to be kissed again, and then put it around his neck. However, she put it on him backwards, the image was turned inwards. “Oh! I put it on him backwards?” She took it off, turned it around and put it back around his neck.
    Then she opened his hands, took his glasses and put them back on his face. Then she repeated, “What a shame that they come dressed like that!”

    He was a Dominican priest in disguise, wearing normal clothing, and accompanied by a young lady, who appeared to be his girlfriend, but who turned out to be his sister“.

    Reprinted with kind permission from GARABANDAL JOURNAL, MAY-JUNE 2003
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    Watch how the girls would walk at night, not only through the town without looking where they are stepping, but more impressive was the ecstatic walks at night through the rocky cow paths, never falling, or being injured.
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    The Last Apparition at Garabandal

    November 13, 1965, was a day mixed with joy and sadness for Conchita. The Virgin appeared with her Child to the teenager but it was to be for the last time at Garabandal.
    As Mary had already indicated this was to be a special apparition for kissing religious objects and Conchita had many with her. After kissing the articles, the Virgin said: 'Through the kiss I have bestowed on these objects, my Son will perform prodigies. Distribute them to others. Talk to me, Conchita, talk to me about my children. I hold them all beneath my mantle. This will be the last time you will see me here but I shall always be with you and with all my children. Conchita, why don't you go and visit my Son in the tabernacle? He waits for you night and day."
    Conchita said to the Virgin, "I am so happy when I see both of you. Why don't you take me now to heaven with you?" She replied, "Remember what I told you on your patronal feast day? " When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."
    Mary said “ Conchita, I am not coming only for you but I am coming for all my children, with a desire to see them closer to our hearts”.
    “Garabandal“ by J. Serre -p.201
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