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    Today in Garabandal history AUGUST 18, 1961:

    "Prayer holds an important place in Garabandal. Magnificent, varied, profound, it runs through the "events" on the whole as never in any other great Marian Apparition . . . .
    The girls devoted a great deal of their time to prayer. What is especially striking is the quality of their ecstatic prayer: a meditation filled with presence, moved to the extreme; a slow, poised recitation inspiring the full meaning of words as simple as "Mary," "blessed," "grace," "Jesus." " (Robert Francois Turner, 'I, Your Mother,' ch. 18).
    The children spontaneously recited first the Rosary, then the Litanies, the Creed, the Our Father, the Salve Regina, in short what they knew. The Blessed Virgin had taught the visionaries all these prayers and, then, had gradually helped the girls to pronounce them clearly. So, on this August 18, the first thing Our Lady undertook was to recite the rosary with them: "I'll start the prayer and you will answer, very slowly," She suggested to the children.
    The visionaries postures induced the crowds to be quiet and recollected. "They would fall on their knees in the tiniest fraction of a second, sometimes adopting an overwhelming attitude of petition, their faces turned to heaven" .
    "To sing is to pray twice over" . . . The children improvised various hymns. From their songs there emanated a strange meekness and always a beautiful harmony.
    The Blessed Virgin taught the girls to make correctly the various signs of the cross used in Spain. They made them with unmatched dignity. Many films testify to this.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 93.]

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    Ed, why don't you post this on my facebook page. The large audience might render you some help.
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    Today in Garabandal history, August 19,1961
    The Blessed Virgin Mary kisses the girls for the first time. Individual ecstasies begin to occur. Conchita revealed :
    “ Up to then, in all the ecstasies, we have been the four together. Jacinta, Mary Cruz, Mary Loli, and myself.
    But then we started to have ecstasies separately, each one in her home.
    And so the Most Holy Virgin called us even though we were not together but separated. But we always saw the Most Holy Virgin in ecstasy. “
    Father Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva, “Memoirs of a Spanish Country Pastor”
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    SATURDAY, AUGUST 19, 1961:
    Conchita in ecstasy presents her doll to her Vision.

    The Blessed Virgin played hide-and-go-seek several times with the children, something that amused them a great deal. At the time of the ecstasy on this Saturday evening,
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 94.]
    Mary playing with the girls
    From the beginning of the apparitions, the Virgin adapted herself to the children to capture their attention and gain their confidence, achieving her planned purpose that way. A mother does not stop being a mother when she plays with her young children; that is even one of her duties.
    Some of the priests and faithful saw reasons in this to deny the supernatural character of the actual happenings.
    Afterwards, the Virgin concerned herself with their spiritual life, teaching them the life of grace, the rosary, and certain virtues, always adapting her instruction to their level of understanding.

    “Memoirs of a Spanish Country Priest” FATHER JOSÉ RAMÓN GARCÍA DE LA RIVA
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    Girls speak other languages in ecstasy : September of 1961

    As he continued, Father Ramón brought out another very remarkable matter that occurred in the early ecstasies at Garabandal: “I myself have witnessed things that have given me reason to say that the girls spoke foreign languages while in their state of trance. Actually it isn't exactly that, at least not at the time I am writing these lines; the fact is that the girls have spoken words in other languages. I have heard the following . . . He (St. Michael) gives some words in French, in Latin, in German, and the beginning of the Hail Mary in Greek.) The most interesting thing is not that they spoke these words in ecstasy, but that they corrected themselves when they spoke them badly, so as to come to correct diction and pronunciation. They gave the impression that they were hearing the words from someone, one after the other, and that they were simply repeating them.”

    “ She Went In Haste to the Mountain” Chpt.5 pg 107
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    Joey Lomangino’s recall of the when he talked to Padre Pio: “We made arrangements to come back again that same day and greeted Padre Pio in the cloister. When we knelt down, we said to him, “Padre Pio, is it true that the Virgin is appearing to the four girls of Garabandal?” And he said, “Yes.” We said, “Padre Pio, should we go there? He said, “Yes, why not?” And that’s how it happened. Because I received the assurance from Padre Pio that the Virgin was appearing and that he permitted me to go, then I wasn’t afraid and I went. “

    Saint (Padre) Pio affirms Garabandal to a PH.D in confession.
    Joachim Bouflet,PH.D. went to Padre Pio for confession in July of 1968. Padre Pio told him "Pray to the Madonna. Consecrate yourself to the Virgin of Carmel." "Yes, Padre, I pray to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. For that matter, I would like to become a Carmelite." He didn't comment on this but repeated with insistence, "Consecrate yourself to the Virgin of Carmel who appeared at Garabandal."
    Bouflet:"So it's true?"
    Padre Pio : "Certo e vero!" ("Yes, it's true!")

    “While he was living, the same Padre Pio guaranteed the authenticity of the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin. He met Conchita at San Giovanni Rotondo. Even during the last days of his life he talked about this to his brothers in religious life and left a personal message for the principle personage of the apparitions. “

    Fr. Pelletier -“Our Lady comes to Garabandal” page 219

    From the book “The Final Hour “ page 141
    On the topic of Padre Pio ‘s belief in Garabandal:
    “Asked on another occasion about its authenticity, he answered curtly,

    ”How many times must she appear there to be believed ? “

    From the book “Thunder of Justice “ page 163 : An incident which confirms Padre Pio’s belief in Garabandal occurred early in 1966. Conchita, who was only 16 years old, was visiting Rome with her mother and Fr. Luna. She had been invited by Cardinal Ottaviani, Prefect of the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith. During the visit, Conchita met privately with Padre Pio. On this occasion, he took Conchita’s hand and her crucifix that Our Lady had kissed in Garabandal and held them both in his own two hands. The crucifix had passed through the hands of the child Jesus, during the apparition of November 13,1965.

    Upon Padre Pio’s death in 1968 ,his close friend Father Bernardino Cennamo,was instructed to give Conchita several of his personal items. The priest gave Conchita one of the three veils that covered Padre Pio's face during his wake, saying that the stigmatist had requested this before he died. Conchita also was given Padre Pio's rosary, and one of the gloves he wore, stained by his stigmata.

    Conchita recounts: “I had the veil in front of me, as I was writing later that evening. When suddenly the whole room became filled with fragrance, the perfume so strong I started to cry.”

    The Emotion of Padre Pio about Conchita and his own words : Poor Conchita as she has suffers ... Loving the Blessed Virgin Mary with all his heart, belong to Her and working for Her, Our Lady of Garabandal, She is the one who has set her foot on the Mountain ... She is the Star on the Mountain (Father Laffineur has used Padre Pio words to call his own book “She is the Star on the Mountain) ...Padre Pio also added, We must support the seers of Garabandal……

    March 3, 1962 ( Padre Pio wrote the girls a letter, this is the last sentence )

    I would advise you to pray and make others pray because the world is on the road to perdition. They don’t believe in you or your conversations with the Lady in White now, but they will believe when it is too late.”
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    Hi Glenn, would you recommend the book Thunders of Justice as an in depth overview of Garabandal apparitions or is there any other more recent book that would be preferable? And I mean this for someone who knows very little about it but wants to read a deep and throrough account of the topic.
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    The BEST book (actually a 3 book series) is called " SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN" Finding the printed book is tough, but I provide it FREE online :
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    We have some brief notes from Father Valentin that complement those of Luis Navas and Maximina Gonzalez, helping us to better recreate in our minds the atmosphere at Garabandal during the early part of August, 1962: August 22.
    The four fell into ecstasy; first Loli and Conchita; afterwards, Jacinta; and finally, Mari Cruz. The latter, on coming down from the Pines, went to the house of Daniela (who was in bed, with her leg in bad condition making it impossible for her to walk). And she gave her the crucifix to kiss. Daniela jumped from the bed and said she was cured. I think there might have been some suggestion, but she jumped up and went up the stairs as if there were nothing wrong with her. We will see what happens tomorrow.
    Father Valentin did not hide his disbelief that this was really a miraculous cure. However Father de la Riva added to the words of the Garabandal pastor some of his own: "I was at the village, and I heard the joyful shouts of the people who had seen what had happened, and were discussing it as if it were a miracle. I was able to see later that there was no natural explanation for what happened. Daniela went to have an x-ray taken and a complete cure was reported. She is now married and has children, which wouldn't have been possible with the disease she had in her hip."
    “She went in haste to the Mountain”-pg 165

    This story has special meaning to me personally , as it was a miraculous cure to my own legs as a boy, that brought me to know and get involved with Joey, The “Kissed Medal”, Garabandal, and Padre Pio. Sometimes we don’t understand or appreciate how a physical handicap can actually be a blessing from God , until later on.
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    TUESDAY, AUGUST 22, 1961:
    Padre Don Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva

    Don Jose Ramon Garcia de la Riva went up to Garabandal for the first time on this day. He was then pastor of the parish of Our Lady of Sorrows at Barro, a small village some 38 miles away. The name of this priest of the Asturias was to remain profoundly linked to Garabandal.
    A good photographer and an amateur movie maker, he took some beautiful films and some remarkable photos of the visionaries and sites. He published his 'Memoirs of a Spanish country parish Priest', in memory of his numerous trips to San Sebastian de Garabandal, from 1961 to 1968.
    The very day of his arrival in the village, the members of the "Special Commission," who were also there on this August 22, obtained that the church be closed to the visionaries in ecstasy. Four days later, Msgr. Doroteo Fernandez published his first Note in the Official Bulletin of
    the diocese, forbidding priests henceforth from going to Garabandal. This was above all a pastoral act of prudence.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 95.]

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    Glenn, a question popped into my head. We know the time constraints related to when the Miracle occurs. And the Warning obviously happens before. However, we can't nail that down precisely. Has anyone thought through or created a communique to be sent to the bishops of the world immediately following the Warning so that each of them will understand and know how to help prepare their flock for the Miracle?

    Safe in the Immaculate Heart of Mary!
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    No because most wont discuss this subject, and like Padre Pio said, "it will be too late"
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    Today in Garabanda history August 23,1961
    The Apostolic Administrator from Santandar, Bishop Doroteo Fernandez, closes the doors to the church ,so apparitions can not happen inside. His reasoning is that overflow crowding is leading to damage of the church. I mention this only for the more important fact of “OBEDIENCE” that Mary taught to the girls. Read Conchita’s account of why below.
    The virtue of obedience is one of the greatest indicators for determining the authenticity of alleged apparitions. According to the Saints, it is the only virtue the devil cannot imitate (who, by his nature, is disobedient), and is therefore the hallmark of authentic apparitions.
    In the apparitions of Garabandal the examples of obedience are so numerous and varying, that one can say that it permeated from all facets of the girls' lives. Most notably, the Blessed Virgin instructed the children on the importance of obedience, especially to the Bishop. In fact, She told the children to obey the Bishop even before her; "She taught us to obey the Bishop before her." (Interview with Conchita, 1972). What is most striking, is even the Blessed Virgin Herself, in the apparitions, obeyed the commands of the bishop, as detailed in the account below;
    Conchita, interview, 1973: "At the beginning, we used to go into the Church (editor's note; The Blessed Virgin often led the girls into a local church, where She would recite the Rosary together with them). But then the people, because they wanted to be first when we extended our arms, would make a big disturbance. So the bishop said we could not go into the church anymore. Then the Virgin, from the time the bishop said not to go into the church, never would let us in there again." Conchita recounts that, from that day forward, the Blessed Virgin no longer entered the Church, but instead remained outside.
    The children learned from the example of the Virgin, and followed it themselves. The girls were not only obedient and docile to the bishops, but also to their parents, interrogations by doctors, physical exams, psychological tests, criticisms and slander, and so forth. They went along with everything imposed on them. Joseph Pelletier notes; "This simple unquestioning obedience to the commission manifested by the girls on this occasion is typical of their attitude and conduct toward the Church and clergy all during the apparitions"

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