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    December 6,1966
    "We have not always been treated well. Sometimes they said outrageous things about us, and they insulted us. How many times I had to listen to outright lies about us!"

    When they acted this way, did it bother you?
    " No, I remained quite calm. Actually I was not hurt; and it was this way with the four of us. I don't know the cause. That they say nasty things to me doesn't matter to me; it humiliates you much more when they flatter you.
    I don't feel rancor or hate toward anyone. When the priests of the Commission or those in charge of us attacked us, and the others became angry because of this, I did not. I thought that they had to act like this; and I loved them. I love very much the people who seem good, pious; and also I love those who are sick, and those who live their vocation or, having a vocation, are not able to attain it. Perhaps, after the Miracle, I also will be able to become a nun. What a pleasure that would be! "
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    Today is the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. I love this quote from him:
    " I have been all things unholy. If God can work through me,
    he can work through anyone ."

    It reminds me of Mother Mary's quote to Conchita, and the responsibility we all have to spread Mary's warnings . "When you present yourself before God, your hands must be filled with good deeds done for your brothers and for His glory. At the present time, your hands are empty."
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    "Perhaps, after the Miracle, I also will be able to become a nun." ? that seems strange, knowing that she knows the date of the Miracle, that it has seemingly not occurred yet, and that she is already not very young. Perhaps the date of the Miracle already passed. I saw an interview where Conchita said: "if the Miracle does not come then maybe I will change my mind about the apparitions", of course, that was decades ago when she was still a young adult. Not that I think that, but it makes me wonder. She also said back then, decades ago, that the date of the Miracle was very close. But, visionaries see things different from others.
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    Thank you, Glenn for your steadfast support to this ministry. We are blessed to have you sharing all of this information and insight about Our Lady of Garabandal and the seers.
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    I don't understand your objection to her (at only 17 years old ,and not knowing what God has in store for her as a vocation ) to becoming a nun ? Also you give no detail to the closeness of the Miracle, where as I can provide the opposite quote. September 4th, 1962 was a Tuesday. According to Fr. Valentín’s records. 11:00 in the morning Conchita fell into ecstasy at the door. Recorded was her conversation with our Lady :
    " You say there’s going to be a miracle? . . . And the miracle is going
    to be that? . . . . . . And when? . . . So long away? .
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    that's not what I mean... let's say The Miracle is going to occur in 2018, then it seems a little strange that Conchita would think of becoming a nun at such an old age when she is 17, (although some have done it), and maybe she said that because she already knew she was going to be married for decades first.
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    Today Oct 5
    Wishing Apostolate founder, Joey Lomangino a Blessed 87th Birthday in Heaven.
    I have so many favorite stories of Joey , which ran the gamut from spiritual to humorous, one story better than the next. I'll post a few. I remember all the wonderful times we shared, and how much this man taught me, and influenced my life. I am eternally grateful . Isn't it amazing how one blind man, with the help and faith in God and our Blessed Mother , changed so many lives ,around the world. God bless you Joey, your spirit lives on in all of us, and on this page !
    4 of us pic.jpg
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    In 1995, I targeted Mother Angelica's EWTN live show to interview Joey & Marilynn. I called and wrote the President Bill Steltemier for 6 months straight relentlessly !
    He finally caved in, probably figured it was easier to put Joey on one time and get rid on me for good, lol. Well, that show was the highest rated show they ever had ,and Joey & Mother Angelica had such good chemistry, we were asked back again, and again. That show caused the video to explode in the USA.

    Joey, Marilynn, and myself flew down to Alabama to Mother Angeilca’s EWTN . We are warmly greeted and shown around the tv station, and shown a house where we will be put up for the night. We were graciously invited to dinner at Mother Angelica’s house, before the show. When we arrived, there was Mother obviously, President Bill Steltemier, and a few top people at EWTN. You could tell instantly Joey & Mother Angelica “hit it off” and there was easy conversation and joking.

    As we all sat down to eat dinner, Mother asks Joey if he’d like to say grace. Joey gladly accepts saying “ yes Mother ! “. Joey then does one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen. He opens by saying, “ Mother, I’d like to start with a 15 decade rosary ! “ There is dead silence ! Some jaws drop, and everyone is afraid to say or do anything. After a lengthy pause ( which as you can imagine felt like an eternity ) Joey says, “ Nah, I’m only kidding ! “
    A loud burst of nervous laughter erupts at the table , and a collective sigh of relief from everyone, lol.

    It just goes to show you that you can maintain a spiritual life, without sacrificing the joys and laughter of life. After the show, Joey invited Mother Angelica to stay at his home anytime she was in New York, which she did. She promised to air the great Miracle on EWTN for the world to see. They remained great friends .
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    Here is the funny (and miraculous ) story Joey told me, of when he was buying his house. As most of you know, the Blessed Mother appeared at the 9 Pine trees in Garabandal and that’s where the future Miracle will be.
    He and his wife Marilyn went to buy a house on Long Island, NY , because he converted the one he was living in , into the NY Garabandal Center. The person who was showing them the house ( what became their home ) was describing the outside of the house to Joey. The Real Estate person mentioned the beautiful Pine trees that lined one side of the house. They asked ,"how many pine trees are there ? The real estate person said " 9 " ! …. " We'll take the house ! "
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    I once asked Joey, “ what was your greatest blessing in life ? “ ( thinking to myself well maybe it’s meeting Padre Pio, Conchita, the messages of Garabandal, his family ).

    He said “ my blindness “. Alittle dumbfounded I said “ why ? “ “Because if I had never been blinded , I never would have probably been saved” . He taught me one lesson after another. He saw through “spiritual eyes”, Your soul and its final destination , that should be our focus and aim in life. Thank you Joey !
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    Joeys dates and Feast days in his life.

    FIRST. October 5 . Born on the FEAST DAY OF ST. FAUSTINA (who saw the upcoming Warning )

    SECOND. June 27. After his accident that left him blind,and in a coma on FEAST OF OUR LADY OF PERPETUAL HELP !

    THIRD. July 16. He woke up on THE FEAST OF OUR LADY OF MT. CARMEL !

    FOURTH, Dec. 8th Joey was married on , THE FEAST OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION,


    Hmmmm, I think I see a pattern here .
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    I’m with Joey up in Toronto for one of his talks at a huge Greek Orthodox church. We got off the plane ,walking through the outside of the airport. We are stopped by a tall young man about 21 years old, identifying himself as "Joeys assigned escort and guard " for the weekend for his safety. I politely explain , that it is my function, but thank you for the offer. Well, this guy just keeps walking in front of me ,telling me over and over again, he gonna take care of Joey. Well after 5 minutes of this , I put our bags down, turned and punched a concrete column with my fist ! ( I have no feeling in my right hand from decades of martial arts training) I said " Can YOU do that ? “ The guys jaw drops, and there is finally silence . Joey says, “what was that ?”
    ( meaning the sound ) and I said ,"oh nothing, the young guard decided to leave", Joey laughed knowing me, and what probably happen.
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    There’s one I didn’t know. Wow! Hysterical. Thanks for sharing!
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    My conversation with Joey's son,at his wake made me laugh and almost cry at the same time. He recanted how when he was a boy playing Little League baseball, his parents would come to see his games. His mom would describe each play to Joey ( remember he had sight at one time ). One time he was called out on strikes by the umpire. Joey upon hearing this (like any good father ) defended his son, and ridiculed the umpire's eye sight. Imagine getting yelled at by a blind man ,that your sight is worse than his ! LOL ! See, Joey was just "his Dad". How I will miss this great man, my friend.
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    I thought it would be a wonderful treat for those of you who have never heard Joey speak about his life, accident, conversion, meeting Padre Pio, trips to Garabandal, and the Warning and Miracle.

    I was blessed to accompany Joey and Marilyn Lomangino to Toronto for this Garabandal conference , organized by Dr. Michael Rozeluk and his wife Helen, who run the Canadian Garabandal site ( )

    At about the 51:25 mark of this home made video, and the end of Joey’s talk, you can see people lined up to meet Jacinta and venerate the crucifix our Blessed Mother kissed. Also another line to meet Joey & Marilyn Lomangino , and venerate the large medal our Blessed Mother kissed.

    Here is the You Tube link :
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    FRIDAY, OCTOBER 6, 1961:
    This was a unique day. In fact, there were no apparitions or Holy Communion given by the Angel. On this Feastday of St. Bruno, founder of the Carthusians, the intention here was very likely to honor the typical solitude, silence and pure contemplation of this renowned monastic Order.
    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, page 106]
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    The young visionaries, in ecstasy, cried out in unison: "Viva Santo Domingo que lo (i.e. el "Rosario") ha fundado!" ("Long live St. Dominic who 'founded' the Rosary") as they were reciting the rosary.
    This feast of our Lady of the Holy Rosary was highlighted by the magnificent ecstasy of Conchita who ran through the village, while singing the rosary for more than an hour.
    According to the visionary “ the rosary is a very important part of the Message of Our Lady at Garabandal”.
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    In the apparitions of Garabandal, the Virgin would spend so much time instructing the children on how to pray it well. Most notably, She taught the girls how to say that rosary "properly, and slowly", and recited the rosary together during each apparition. Joseph Pelletier writes; "From a series of questions sent to Conchita in April, 1969, it was learned that Our Lady 'ordered - mando' the children to recite the rosary each time they saw her and that they actually did recite it during every apparition.". He later added; "The girls said the rosary in ecstasy as they walked the village streets, entered the homes of the sick, visited the cemetery, and walked around the church....She taught the girls to say all their prayers (and not only the rosary) slowly and thoughtfully. Tape recordings of the girls praying in ecstasy show us exactly what Our Lady wanted from the children and from us. These tapes show the girls praying very, very slowly, articulating each word carefully..." (jp210)Conchita, diary, jp89: "The rosary is a very important part of the Blessed Virgin's message"..."She recited the prayer very slowly--muy lento"Conchita, diary,jp65: "When we arrived at the altar...she started to say the Creed very slowly with the Blessed Virgin. Mari Cruz said that the Blessed Virgin took the lead and recited the prayer first, in order to teach her how to pray slowly. After the Creed, she said the Hail Holy Queen and then she made the sign of the cross very slowly and very properly--muy despcio, muy bien" (The Virgin first taught the girls how to say each prayer individually, before teaching the complete Rosary).

    The Blessed Virgin taught them how to pray the Rosary. You hear the girls praying the first glorious mystery. Two chants of the girls in ecstasy are included.
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