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    So, Conchita said that Our Lady had actually said that there would be FOUR MORE POPES, but that She was not counting one of them.

    Excuse me if I am a little confused here, if Our Lady said she was not counting one Pope, which Pope are we not to count? I always thought it was the short lived Pope that was not to be counted?

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    I asked Glenn this question some time back and his answer was a resounding NO!

    And he backed that up with 3 or 4 irrefutable arguments, one of which is given by John T above.

    That post was gone when the whole Garabandal thread was gone but maybe Glenn can repost his answer.

    No, heaven HAS NOT IN ANY WAY CHANGED the date that was given to Conchita in the 1960´s.
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    You are misreading the quote. Conchita was the one not counting the 4th pope ( Mary said 4 ).
    Go back and read post #210 for why Conchita said this.
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    Glenn, Thank you for all you do to spread the Garabandal messages and to answer all of our questions.

    When I read the following, "Conchita also said that Our Lady had told her that one of the Popes would have a very short reign.", it always make me wonder how much information Conchita was given, some of which I believe she was told she could not divulge to the public. It is amazing to me how much she was told and I wonder what goes or has gone through her mind when she witnesses these things occurring in the world.

    For example when Pope John Paul I died on this day, September 28 in 1978 after only 33 days as Pope, I can't help but wonder what was going through Conchita's mind. The only small comparison that I can make is how I feel when I believe that I am witnessing a prophecy unfold. In Conchita's situation, to have heard the prophecy directly from the Blessed Mother and then hear in the news something that she believes must match what she was told I wonder how that must feel.

    May God bless Servant of God, Pope John Paul I today on the 39th Anniversary of his death.

    May God bless all of us everyday.

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    In the evening of the Feast of St. Michael, Conchita, preferring not to join this group in prayer, rather climbed up to the Pines with a few other persons. While the visionary and her friends knelt down in prayer, a star rose and remained above them during their whole prayer!

    [Excerpt from 'Garabandal' Book, page 214
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    Today being the Feast of St. Michael, some stories about him from Garabandal.

    St. Michael at Garabandal

    Conchita’s description of St. Michael : “ He looked about 9 years old,but appeared to be very strong. He wore a light blue robe that covered his feet. He had two big wide wings, motionless, pink in color but with a reddish hue, much darker than his face”.

    Why would St. Michael give Communion ?

    During the whole period of the apparitions, the visionaries received Communion almost every day, either at the Mass in the village, or from the hands of the Angel when there was no priest at Garabandal. ...See More

    St. Michael taught the girls how to receive communion

    Throughout the period of the apparitions, Saint Michael brought Holy Communion to the visionaries on days when mass was unavailable in the village. It is worth recalling his instructions on reception of the Eucharist. Before receiving communion he requested of the children to say an Act of Contrition and before thanksgiving after reception he taught them to say the Anima Christi (“Soul of Christ”) of Saint Ignatius Loyola.

    May 1973 Interview (Where did St. Michael get the Communion hosts from ?)

    Doctor Dominguez: Since only priests can consecrate, did you ever ask the Virgin where the angel got the Hosts?
    Conchita: Yes, we did ask because a priest told us to. The Virgin said that the angel took the already-consecrated Hosts from tabernacles on earth.
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    In Garabandal the Virgin Mary wanted to reveal herself above all as a MOTHER.

    She is a Mother that does not abandon her children. On the contrary, she worries about all her children. She said to Conchita, “I have them all beneath my mantle”, and to all of us, “I love you a lot and I desire your salvation”.

    A Protestant asked the children if the Lady would bless an object for him; her reply to the children was, "He is my son, too."

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    HAIR DRY IN RAIN June 1961 ,by Placido Ruiloba

    “As the ecstasy was prolonged and the pathways became more difficult to traverse, my arm got tired from holding the umbrella and I closed it even though the rain continued without letup. I accompanied the girl for twenty minutes and was soaked through and through; my feet were swimming in my shoes. At the end of twenty minutes, we passed before a house lit by a small electric light bulb which enabled me to see to my amazement that the shoulders and head of the girl were completely dry. To make sure I passed my wet hand three times through her hair and dried it as if I were using a towel. All this I affirm, and would swear to it with my hand on the holy Gospels. “
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    First day and also first Sunday of the "month of the Holy Rosary" Conchita, at the end of a nocturnal ecstasy, told Don Valentin that she had just learned something from the Blessed Virgin which was far more important than anything that the pastor of Garabandal had been able to note until now. It dealt almost certainly with the future conversion of Protestants or Anglicans, according to what Conchita herself told Placido Ruiloba at that time: "Why do you criticize the Protestants, since 'soon' [better said 'without delay' ('pronto'), since that Spanish word does not in effect mean necessarily 'soon,' but rather the fact that an event will occur 'fast and unhindered'], we will be reunited (or "ONE" - comunes)". Our Lady would reveal gradually to the visionary the first element of a future "major Church event," that is, "the perfect Unity of all Christians at last being accomplished, the very "reunification of Churches" in the Unique Church of Christ! True she began revealing it, one might reasonably think, through the deceased Padre Luis, from August 15, 1961 on other people there. Kind of a prophetic preview and experience of the future worldwide AVISO? [The Warning].
    As to Maximo Foerschler, a German engineer and a fervent Protestant, he went to San Sebastian de Garabandal for the first time on the 13th of October 1961. Later he was to return there many times. The Blessed Virgin said of him to the visionaries, that "he believes in God, but little in Me. He will believe . . .". Effectively, that is what was to happen. Very quickly convinced of the supernatural authenticity of Garabandal when he was still a Protestant, Mr. Foerschler would eventually write his testimony in a remarkable document addressed to Msgr. Beitia Aldazabal.

    [Excerpted from 'Garabandal' Book, pages 105-106]
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    ( Albecht Weber with Conchita in 1965 )

    The conversations between Father Luis and the visionaries have, it appears to us, always held a very positive ecumenical trait. On the Feast, then, of the Divine Motherhood of Mary, Fr. Luis and Conchita spoke about this extraordinary prophecy already partly revealed by Our Lady on the previous October 1: "Ah, the Churches will be reunited? . . .
    “Yes, they will be reunited! . . ." Conchita rejoiced over this formidable prophetic news. In November 1965, the visionary, as she had already done many times since October 11, 1961, confirmed the accuracy of that great revelation to the German editor, Albrecht Weber. She also clarified somewhat what the Blessed Virgin had told her concerning the great Church event to come.
    "She (Our Lady) again told us that the divided (Churches) will reunite. There will be only one 'religion.' A better translation: "The Christian Churches will then be One in the Catholic Church."
    In the light of such a prophetic revelation, the meaning and scope of the "one, Catholic, apostolic and Roman Church" that the visionaries, in ecstasy, had professed for the first time on August 1, 1961, at the time of the recitation of the Creed, acquired their full significance
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    Hi Glenn,

    I just wanted to know if this is true,

    if Conchita told Thomas Fahy about the Communists going into northern Spain after the Pope goes to Moscow; entering Garabandal for around 4 days with some there being martyred.
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    Wasn't there a prophecy saying that it would be difficult to get to Garabandal when the miracle will take place ? Look at the upheavel right now in Spain (Catalonia). This might get worse and worse...
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    While things will get a lot worse per Mari Loli-“At the time leading up to the Warning things will be at its worst,” it will be the WARNING that changes course of the world & thus Blessed Mother advising on The day of the Miracle : “ALL WILL GO WELL ON THAT DAY.” It’s the time before the Warning that there will be extreme difficulties and danger. Peace!
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    Ok thanks ! Good to know !
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    From D. Jose Luis Lopez de San Roman ( who had several conversations with Conchita ) ,

    Before the Miracle, there will be few who believe and Garabandal will be difficult to reach for the Miracle (As per a locution received by Conchita from Jesus).
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    According to his book " Suddenly & Unexpectedly " Thomas Fahy only said that it was Albrect Weber in an 2006 interview with Conchita who said " some people in the village would be killed for their faith ". That is all that is said.

    On February 23, 1943, Sister Lucy, the sole surviving seer of the Fatima apparitions who spent 21 years in Spain at Tuy and Pontevedra, sent a statement to Bishop Antonio Garcia of Tuy-Vigo which read: "If the bishops of Spain listen to the desires already manifested by Our Lord, and begin a true reform of the people and clergy, then it will go well. But if not, she (Russia) will again be the enemy by which God will punish her once more."[SHE WENT IN HASTE TO THE MOUNTAIN]
    And Conchita has said that communism will return to Spain, [GarabandalNuevo Pentecostes, 1984.] but she went on to say that it will suffer less than other areas of Europe because of the persecution it had already endured during the Spanish Civil War (1936-39) where 13 bishops and more than 7,000 priests and religious were put to death.
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    "Communism" is really synonymous with "Freemasonry" and is nothing more than atheism and satanism put into political force against a targeted population using the subversive and secretive network of the Lodge. This happened to Christian Russia in 1917 and now that Russia has returned to her longstanding (Russia was Christian longer than America has even existed) Christian roots thanks to Vladimir Putin, we find that "Communism" has subverted and seized the capitals of Europe and North America. The Western Establishment is 100% Communist. They have used the "color revolution" techniques perfected in 1917 to great success in places as disparate as Kiev and Syria. Now it seems that Catalonia is in their crosshairs. Perhaps Conchita was not too far off the mark when she predicted that "Communists" would persecute Spain. Let's just not confuse "Russians" with "Communists."
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    I fully agree with you. I think when Conchita said "when Communism comes again" it was referring to the European Union.

    Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:

    “When communism comes again everything will happen.”

    The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”

    “Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.

    “Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”

    “I don't know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said 'when communism comes again'.”
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