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    The prophecies of the great monarch also came to my mind when I heard of this civil war. It will take something like this to save France and plenty of prayers.
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    Would this civil war be counted as a religious conflict? if so I am a bit concerned.
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    There is one man at my church who brings his dog to mass every Sunday. I assume the pup is licensed as an emotional support dog, but I gotta tell you that little doggie sits quiet through the whole mass and always is paying attention to what is going on at the altar. (I do hate to admit that I close my eyes at mass sometimes to avoid looking at the dog because he is just so darn adorable as he in his doggie way adores his Maker)
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    Reminds me of the story of something that happened when Pope St. John Paul II visited the Washington DC area in 1995. At the end of the day, he was scheduled to meet with seminarians at Saint Mary’s Seminary in Baltimore. His schedule was tight and he was running late, so he was just supposed to meet 'n greet the seminarians on the steps of the seminary. He had other plans however, and wanted to visit the chapel to pray before the Blessed Sacrament. Security was called in to do a sweep of the building, with dogs brought in who would be able to find anyone hiding in the chapel. Every single dog went through the chapel not finding anyone, but they all stopped in front of the tabernacle. They all whined and pointed at the tabernacle, convinced they had found someone -- or rather, Someone -- hiding there.
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