First Saturday (and First Friday)

Discussion in 'Marian Apparitions' started by lynnfiat, Aug 1, 2017.

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    …today is the 4th Saturday in my 5 firsts. And the Triumph can’t come soon enough
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    I made my second 1st Saturday and I just have to nab my pp for confession this week as he wasn’t around last week. Really hard to get to confession round here! You have to make an appointment which I really don’t like. Plus I had a procedure done on my thumb and it’s not been especially successful so far and I’ve had nerve damage. Stitches out tomorrow so I can offer that all up.
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    I want to thank Julia so much for posting this version of Be Thou My Vision! I finally realized why I'm so attracted to it. Obviously, the vocalist, Nathan Pacheco has an amazing voice, but it also appears that this isn't only showtime for him; I believe he is actually praying this song which exults the Lord in a very personal way.

    But did you notice the beautiful balance between the masculine and the feminine? He is the singer, but he is accompanied by women, one playing the piano and one playing the cello. The combination is what makes it so eloquent. And I am not sure the following was intended: a song exulting one's relationship with the King of Kings; yet as the camera focuses on Nathan, always in the background is a stain glass image of our Wonderful Lady! She is always in the background sustaining us through her prayer and Motherly wisdom. Can one ever separate them?

    This is why I'm so enthralled by the Two Hearts! Praise be to you Lord Jesus and endless honor to Our Lady, Queen of Heaven and earth!:ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::coffee:
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    815D7F45-7391-4A9D-9081-D38F61327BE1.jpeg Andrew Robert’s First Holy Communion
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    What a great event, and the children are so beautiful.
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    Couple of points… I am not sure I fully understood the practice of the Saturdays. Getting to a Saturday Mass has meant rising earlier than has been comfortable and I’ve just got confession booked because no priest round here offers it otherwise. So far so good but last Saturday I began the 15 min meditation on the Visitation which is my favourite mystery but I could find no new insight so I did the reading and prayers for that day’s preparation for Total Consecration and that took me to the 15 min mark. I had a houseful of guests and we were leaving at noon to attend my son’s 40th birthday party. So I did need to fit in the consecration prayers.

    Last night I listened to a talk on the 5 First Saturdays and they stressed the reparation aspect. I knew of that of course but I don’t think I’ve given it sufficient attention in my devotions for that day.

    One good fruit for me is that I have worked at the sin of sloth and no longer lie in bed late. I realised I’d have to get up before my husband if I was going to get in some serious prayer time each day. As an ironic aside, I can tell you that he now gets up a bit earlier too which I hadn’t intended. Still, it forces me to stay focused and not zone out when I am praying!

    I think Our Lady will understand that I had good intentions and on the next first Saturday I will be careful to do exactly as she asked.

    In every way God has blessed my attempts at deepening my spiritual life, much as I don’t deserve it. There’s a good thread on being holy that was started recently and that has to be my focus.
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    This is very good, Clare. I am glad you brought up the sin of sloth. Hmmmm.
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    Which one is Robert?:unsure:
  10. andree

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    Reminder for today and tomorrow in this month of the Sacred Heart.
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  11. miker

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    thanks for reminder. Getting set to head off for the morning Mass here! Remembering the intentions of all on the forum. And praying as our Lady asked. Peace.
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    Thank you for your devotion and prayers.
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    I was able to make the 5th Saturday today, now I'm ready for anything! :D ...I felt such joy and gratitude to our Lord during the communion. Before the mass I was reading "The Hours of the Passion Of Our Lord Jesus Christ" (Luisa Piccareta). Last time I left the book right before the last supper, so I read that part today. It was truly beautiful (but also heartbreaking) to read why and how our Lord established the Eucharist. Our priest had also a powerful homily about the Eucharist that reiterated what I read before.
    So all these things just connected in me to create a sense of immense gratitude for this gift, sense which transformed into a burst of loving joy when I received our Lord just as the apostles received Him on that day. And just as them, I am still confused by this great mystery of transubstantiation. But even more I am humbled by the greatness of His love for us, no matter how dirty, stinky and sinful our heart is... He cried when he kissed and washed with his tears the feet of a man that was about to betray him and loose his soul. How his heart must have hurt at that time is incomprehensible. It pains me to think how the hearts of Jesus and Mary are suffering today being betrayed everyday, even by the elect... I hope that this Saturday's reparation have brought their united hearts at least some comfort.

    Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed
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    :):ROFLMAO:How wonderful, Dusica! What joy it brings to Our Lady's Heart!
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    will be off to the 9 am Mass soon. Prayers for all your intentions. Peace
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    Thank you!
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