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    I have never read that but wonder if, as with Padre Pio, did Dom Camillo tell others of these experiences during his lifetime? If he did, there would be somewhat of a record of sorts of first-hand, primary witness testimony to this following him throughout his life o lend support.

    All of what we know from Fr. Michel is what he has told us himself, correct or not? I haven’t heard of anyone from his past attesting to the fact that Father has had the types of communications he claims to have had with God the Father, Our Lord, Our Lady, etc. throughout his life. So, unless someone fills me in on this SPECIFIC thing (no tangents, please!), then I am forced to rely solely on his word.
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    I loved those stories. Also Tevje in Fiddler on the Roof.
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    wow, can I get the source of this story, weblink please. Thanks!

    "You're going too fast" comment is looking more like his visions are not true at all...
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    Countdown website
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    Hello Advocata, The Little World of Don Camillo is a work of fiction, and Don Camillo, is the protagonist and a fictional character. Guareschi wrote several books in the Don Camilo series, and what all these have in common besides the major fictional characters, is that in all, Don Camillo carries a constant conversation with our Lord.
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    Never heard of it
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    sounding like the automatic writing which is condemned, imho
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    Oh, okay. I had no idea as to anything about this character. I’ll have to investigate. Thanks for the explanation on that.

    But, I am still hoping someone can answer whether or not they know/have heard/ have read if there has been any documented statements from others over the years attesting to Father Michel’s experiences. Or is it that all we have is his word that all these things actually happened to him? Isn’t there something much more convincing about objective vs. self validation?
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    Have you seen this video from Father Goring?

    Fr. Michel Rodrigue: initial impressions - Fr. Mark Goring, CC

    If you read the comments of this video on Youtube, you can read about Fr. Michel from people who have met him and some who knew him when he became a priest. Just for context in your search for discernment.

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    Thank you. I watched the video and scrolled and read many comments. So, here are my own:

    1) I don’t agree with Fr. Mark Goring’s opinions here. I would not have drawn the conclusions he has.
    2) Many commenters are drawn to Fr. Michel’s personality and it seems it is that fact that makes them more likely to believe him. Also, since many are followers of Fr. Goring’s YouTube channel, they would tend to support what he would.
    3) Those who did not believe in Fr. Michel’s claims were NOT your typical trolls. But they sure had a common theme for their incredulity: they saw something as being not quite kosher. I follow them in their feelings of believing there is something not quite right in all of it.
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    Glad you found the video useful in your discernment.
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    Yikes. You're right. Although in The Way of Divine Love Our Lord dictated to Sister Josefa. But He was physically there with her each time. And the devil tried to burn her diary. It was saved by Our Lady.
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    I get where you are coming from completely. I leave Fr Michel alone--especially since his Bishop's statement. But I have spent a lot of my life with French Canadians or Americans originally from French Canada and that funny jolly way of talking is very much their style. I liked Fr M almost immediately because he reminded me so much of many dear friends I've known over the years. I dont doubt for one second he is sincere. I just want a Church judgement on the messages. Til then.....
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    I got the “not quite kosher” feeling very early on.
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    I, for various well-intentioned reasons, most sincerely pray that Fr. Michel is not under a deception of the evil one. Maybe I’d better leave it at that. May God bless us and the Holy Virgin protect us! Amen.
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    Fr. Michael Scanlan – Prophecy of 1980
    Ralph Martin of Renewal Ministries posted another prophecy given to Fr. Michael Scanlan in 1980. For the first prophecy of Fr. Scanlan posted, click here:

    The Lord God says, “Hear My Word: The time that has been marked by My blessings and gifts is being replaced now by the period to be marked by my judgment and purification. What I have not accomplished by blessings and gifts, I will accomplish by judgment and purification.

    My people, My Church is desperately in need of this judgment. They have continued in an adulterous relationship with the spirit of the world. They are not only infected with sin, but they teach sin, embrace sin, dismiss sin. Their leadership has been unable to handle this. There is fragmentation, confusion, throughout the ranks. Satan goes where he will and infects whom he will. He has free access throughout my people—and I will not stand for this.

    My people specially blessed in this renewal are more under the spirit of the world than they are under the Spirit of My baptism. They are more determined by fear of what others will think of them—fears of failure and rejection in the world, loss of respect of neighbors and superiors and those around them—than they are determined by fear of me and fear of infidelity to my word.

    Therefore, your situation is very, very weak. Your power is so limited. You cannot be considered at this point in the center of the battle and the conflict that is going on.

    So this time is now come upon all of you: a time of judgment and of purification. Sin will be called sin. Satan will be unmasked. Fidelity will be held up for what it is and should be. My faithful servants will be seen and will come together. They will not be many in number. It will be a difficult and a necessary time. There will be collapse, difficulties throughout the world.

    But more to the issue, there will be purification and persecution among my people. You will have to stand for what you believe. You will have to choose between the world and me. You will have to choose what word you will follow and whom you will respect.

    And in that choice, what has not been accomplished by the time of blessing and gifts will be accomplished. What has not been accomplished in the baptism and the flooding of gifts of my Spirit will be accomplished in a baptism of fire. The fire will move among you and it will burn out what is chaff. The fire will move among you individually, corporately, in groups, and around the world.

    I will not tolerate the situation that is going on. I will not tolerate the mixture and the adulterous treating of gifts and graces and blessings with infidelity, sin, and prostitution. My time is now among you.

    What you need to do is to come before Me in total submission to My Word, in total submission to My plan, in the total submission in this new hour. What you need to do is to drop the things that are your own, those things of the past. What you need to do is to see yourselves and those whom you have responsibility for in light of this hour of judgment and purification. You need to see them in that way and do for them what will best help them to stand strong and be among My faithful servants.

    For there will be casualties. It will not be easy, but it is necessary. It is necessary that My people be, in fact, my people; that My Church be, in fact, My Church; and that My Spirit, in fact, bring forth the purity of life, the purity and fidelity to the Gospel.
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    This lines up with Father Altier's talk on detachment.
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    I've always wondered about St. Teresa of Avila's writings. Sisters reported that they came upon her and saw her writing away
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    Pedro Regis – Jesus Will Not Abandon You
    Our Lady Queen of Peace on the Feast of Saint John the Baptist to Pedro Regis on June 24, 2020:

    Dear children, you are heading towards a future of doubts and uncertainties, but My Jesus will not abandon you. Trust in Him who loves you and knows you by name. Many consecrated will be contaminated and will abandon the true faith. In the House of God, there will remain few defenders of the truth. I ask you to intensify your prayers for the Church of My Jesus. Great confusion will spread everywhere. I ask you to be courageous. Imitate John the Baptist and defend what is of God. Everything in this life passes, but the Grace of God in you will be Eternal. Onward in defense of the truth. This is the message that I give you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for having allowed Me to gather you here once more. I bless you in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Be at peace.

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