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  1. Actually, it is not common use, to quote entire articles.

    Well, "actually" it has been on this forum. If you would like to apply your personal Rogers Rules of Order here then you might want to educate the forum directors on their error all these years and request your change to be initiated. It would have to relate to copyrighted articles.....not the latest public forum of daily news articles which is usually the case here. "Moreover, if the original work or your use of it has news value, this can also increase the likelihood that your use is a fair use."

    Meanwhile it's often done for those who are unable to locate the link to do the same thing the entire article. Makes it easier for a one stop shopping experience!!
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  2. Yes, French. You didn't know the source is French? It's Quebec! Always good to go to the source for accuracy.
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  3. Christy1983

    Christy1983 Archangels

    ETA, But, this problem has been pointed out before.

    You cannot say, "well, I've always done this," to a police officer who stops you from speeding. That makes it worse. People earn a living from writing/editing... you must show respect, ask permission, before you take possession of their work for your own use.

    The "copyright symbol" is not required for material to be copyrighted. Copyright "attaches when something is formatted." It even applies to unpublished information. Certainly, it applies to daily news articles, with/without copyright symbol! And, to material on websites. Best, always to assume unless someone prints/says it is all right to publish anywhere.

    It would be so much easier, just to follow the "fair use" law. So much more fair, more Christian, too.

    And, if it's "Always good to go to the source for accuracy," go and look up copyright law yourself! It is easy to find. Here is another article,
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  4. A little more clarity from the Apostolate's constitution, approved by the Bishop:

    The Fraternity is constituted and recognized by the local bishop for the priority service of small Christian communities. Priests and deacons will be incardinated in the diocese from which the Fraternity originates and, in agreement with the superior and the bishop, will work according to the charism of the Fraternity in the diocesan circles designated by the agreement between the superior (Fr. Michel) and the bishop. All brothers and sisters share the same goal and the same spirituality.
  5. I did.....and what I applied to the news articles offered on the forum is stated. Miss that? There's that "public domain" part that weighs "already in the public domain".

    One might just guess that your objection is more geared toward a personal animus rather than delving into any expertise re: copyright law, etc.
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  6. Christy1983

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    Only, if you are one to project motives, ETA.

    The "information" in a news article is public domain. The particular phrasing of a particular article, from, say "Washington Post," is not in the public domain. You can summarize an article, quote the "gist," but cannot reprint an entire "Washington Post" article without their permission. Opinion articles, not in public domain, belong to individuals/publications.

    For example, "The Washington Post today reported President Trump is..." but not their whole article on President Trump.

    Anything published by a government, though, is in "public domain," no copyright.
  7. Better call the copyright police then.....on twitter/facebook/google as well. Operative words here "news value"!
  8. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    Very,very helpful. Thanks!
  9. garabandal

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    Often on this site we quote portions or even chunks of the Catechism or from the Bible.

    I would imagine this is fine - don't think there is copyright on the Word of God (except maybe for specific translations) nor on quoting sections out of the Catechism for educational purposes.

    As for the original article quoted from the Fraternity set up by Fr Michel, I don't see a problem because it came in two separate posts explaining the various roles of the laity, diaconate and priesthood already in the public domain.

    The original 'complaint' was not about copyright at all but about the two long posts.

    I read them and found them interesting and informative.
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  10. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    I give up. (By my own volition, for my own peace of mind.) Lesson learned. Best I don’t say anymore.
  11. Christy1983

    Christy1983 Archangels

    No, the "Operative words here are "limited." Not the whole article and illustrations.

    Garabandal, "The original 'complaint' was not about copyright at all but about long posts."

    No, it was about posting whole articles from other places, not long posts of a member's own thoughts. ETA calls posting published works "one stop shopping." That is unfair to the original authors if all their work is taken. From legal website -- which I quote "in part,"

    "Under the "fair use" defense, another author may make limited use of the original author's work without asking permission. Pursuant to 17 U.S. Code § 107, certain uses of copyrighted material "for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching (including multiple copies for classroom use), scholarship, or research, is not an infringement of copyright."

    "As a matter of policy, fair use is based on the belief that the public is entitled to freely use portions of copyrighted materials for purposes of commentary and criticism. The fair use privilege is perhaps the most significant limitation on a copyright owner's exclusive rights. If you write or publish, you need a basic understanding of what does and does not constitute fair use..."
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  12. Christy1983

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    My father used to call this kind of "but, but, but" exchange, "carpet bombing." When we kids wouldn't stop arguing...:rolleyes:
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  13. garabandal

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    Simply too long!
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  14. garabandal

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    Talk about going off on tangents lol:eek:
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  15. Christy1983

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    We are not limited to "original complaints," are we?!:ROFLMAO: We make new and better complaints, all the time. Dropping like unguided bombs...

    Whole articles, "grabbed from somewhere else," they raise all sorts of questions! And, truly, it is not fair to use them.
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  16. garabandal

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    I agree -- I think we need be careful with copyright and site the source or give a link instead for some articles.

    But you can post up to 1000 words of the Catechism without breaking copyright.

    And as much of the Bible as you want but needs to be a public domain version.
  17. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    To be fair, I thought it needed to be addressed, thus, my original comment which some may think was tangential. This is not an apology for that comment, but only a clarification. A thank you to those who took their time to properly address my initial question.
    ——->Before I post this reply, I am asking Our Lady through one Hail Mary to wrap Her mantle of clarity and good will around my words and, in fact, this entire thread from this point forward!...Amen)<——-
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  19. Fatima

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    This was an excellent piece of work by Daniel. He put allot of time, study and facts into his work in this book and glad I picked it up to learn from.
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  20. djmoforegon

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    Me too, AED.

    I was blessed to be able to visit Sr. Josefa's convent and kneel in her cell where she wrote her visions for her superiors. I doubt I will ever be so thrilled again in this life!!
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