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    One of the first few books I read when I found my faith 35+ years ago was The Way of Divine Love. It was in learning about Fatima and reading Sister Josefa's mystical love and experiences that opened my heart to the mystical and realized that God works in mysterious way and has throughout salvation history. I believe He is doing this more so today then any other time in human history.
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    May. 19, 2020
    Beware of So-Called ‘Church Approved’ Coronavirus Prevention
    Claims of apparition endorsement aside, such oils have been used for centuries in witchcraft for “protection.”
    by Susan Brinkmann
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    Thank you ETA-I’ve never heard of her. A crown of thorns around the world. Maybe like Corona.
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    Very good post, and I will heed this advice. Thank you,
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    Very interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    This is the latest message from the Blue Book of Fr. Gobbi's messages given to the California Soul. The number of the message just appears before him and we are to read it/meditate upon it "as if it were happening now": And this one certainly applies to these times. So much of what was given to Fr. Gobbi only began then but was to continue into the future where it would continue to make even more sense.

    On May 18th, 2020, this Californian soul “saw” the number 269 from the Blue Book, a message originally given to Fr. Stefano Gobbi on August 15th, 1983, Feast of the Assumption:

    In the Light of Paradise
    Today, beloved sons, I want you to be spiritually here in paradise, so that you may be filled with trust and hope, looking at your Heavenly Mother, assumed into the glory of Heaven with her body too. With your heart and soul behold the paradise that awaits you. Paradise is your true goal. You have not been made for this earthly life that now so greatly absorbs, wearies and consumes you. Life on this earth is like a long and sorrowful antechamber through which one must pass before entering the kingdom prepared for you by the Heavenly Father. In this kingdom, my Son Jesus has already prepared a place for each one of you. The Angels are joyfully awaiting your arrival, and all the saints pray and burn with love in expectation that all of these places will one day be forever occupied, and occupied by you.

    Today you must look more intently at the Paradise which awaits you, if you wish to walk in serenity, in hope and in trust. In the light of paradise, you will better understand the times in which you are living. It is a time of suffering. It is the time described in the Apocalypse in which Satan has established in the world his reign of hatred and death. Those who are the very poorest, the weakest, the most defenceless, my little ones, are so often overwhelmed by sufferings, sufferings which become greater every day. Oh, the Lord will shorten the time of trial, mindful too of the sorrow and fidelity He sees in you. But that you may be consoled, today you should look up at the paradise prepared for you. In the light of the paradise awaiting you, you will be better able to read the signs of your times.

    The days through which you are living are evil, because the hearts of men have become cold and barren, closed tight by so much egoism, no longer capable of love. Humanity is travelling the road of rebellion against God and of obstinate perversity. And so it is that the fruits you are harvesting today are themselves evil; hatred and violence, corruption and impiety, impurity and idolatry. The body is lifted aloft as an idol,* and pleasure is sought after as if it were the supreme good. How many signs the Lord is sending you, to invite you to repentance and change of heart; sickness, misfortune, incurable ills, ever widening wars, threats of imminent harm! In order not to despair in these times, and to travel the road of unshakeable and certain faith, it has become urgent for you to live with your gaze upon paradise where, with Jesus, your heavenly Mother loves you, and in her glorious body, she even follows you.

    In the light of the paradise awaiting you, above all you will know how to fulfill to perfection the design I have for each one of you, in these times of the great struggle between the Woman clothed with the Sun and her Adversary, the Red Dragon. In profound detachment from the world and from creatures, you will become truly little, trustful, humble and good; you will travel along the road of contempt for the world and for yourselves; you will be capable of mortifying your senses, and once again you will offer me the gift of your penitence. It is my desire that you also return to the practice of fasting, recommended so much by Jesus in the Gospel. Thus you will become true disciples of Jesus, and in this pervasive darkness, you will shed the light around about you. For these reasons, I invite you today to look up to paradise, which exults in the mystery of the bodily Assumption of your heavenly Mother, who encourages all and blesses all.

    *Today, the body is idolized to the point where even freedom, the sacraments, and charity must be suspended in order for the flesh to survive at all costs.
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    Hello. Just to note, I have found some differences in translation when reading from the Blue Book source used here and quotes taken directly from the book itself. Not saying it’s specially this quote—that would need to be checked—but others I have seen in passing. I am guessing that may be because the book itself is translated from Italian into English whereas, by looking at the website’s name, it’s possible that the online document may have been translated from the original Italian into Arabic(?) and then into English.(?) If anyone else knows for sure, please reply. Thanks!

    (Also, my comment here should not be meant as my assenting to the words ascribed to the California Soul. Don’t know enough about that person and am okay with that right now.)
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    I have known of this faithful couple, family, father of which receives the messages/numbers for one to be read "as if happening now", for some years. They have had for their spiritual advisor, Fr. Seraphim, of Divine Mercy (the second column as noted in the Diary). I can attest to the miraculous phenomena give to them.

    Only a few, beyond the prayer group itself, were given the numbers that were given to this messenger and when the numbers alone were given people would just use the published Blue Book that they personally had for reference. Now, through a friend of this family, Mark Mallett, who has stayed with them, these continuing communications given to this man via the number chosen by heaven appearing in front of him, as described at the "Countdown to the Kingdom" site, many more can benefit.

    You can purchase what is commonly called "The Blue Book", at the U.S. regional center for the Marian Movement of Priests. It's English translation (assumed to come from the Italian) therefore approved for reading by the chosen appointed Church authority over the region/National Director, and those translations offered by other regional centers of the world would be looked at similarly.

    "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons" Book Containing Messages 1973-1997

    Perhaps you could go to the source offerer of the English and inquire of them:

    Your inquiry may even be providential since reference to this U.S. center offers the following info today:

    May 20, 2020 - by Editor

    Dear Members of the MMP,

    You are invited to participate in a live streamed MMP cenacle conducted by Fr. Jolly Sebastian and Fr. Jeo Poulose from St. Louis Catholic Church in Memphis, TN.

    Date: Thursday, May 21, 2020

    Time: 7 PM eastern/ 6 PM central / 5 PM mountain/ 4 PM pacific

    I hope many of you will be able to participate.

    In the Immaculate Heart of Mary,

    Fr. Richard Cortese
    National Director
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    Hello, Earth. I believe you misunderstood my question. I have had, in fact, several of the Blue Books in my possession over the years. I am quite familiar with them and, as I have none currently, I will be obtaining more.

    What I was attempting to communicate was that the translation you used—an online source—does not always match the words the way they are written in the actual Blue Book itself. So, anyone else reading this, PLEASE order one for yourself for accuracy.

    What I WILL caution is that it is my understanding that these messages of Our Lady to Father Gobbi were specifically meant to be read within the Rosary Cenacle and NOT for any other purpose.
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    Nevertheless I think you can get the gist. And the point of my offering to you what the national director offers for reading is to give you some comfort in your fear since these directors are the most familiar w/ the original messages given to Fr. Gobbi. If your question is simply one that you think can't be answered to your satisfaction then I suppose you're stuck in your conundrum. Sorry.

    The family has conducted an MMP cenacle prayer group for years but many who are unable to attend that prayer group are offered what is given there to similarly meditate upon. The supernatural now involved there offers a more specific "color" to reading and meditating on the same messages as instructed. It too is for the same "purpose". Anyone obviously can read and meditate upon the messages as they are offered in their published form. The cenacles choose specific ones for concentration at that time only.
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    My head hurts.
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    Thanks so much, earthtoangels, for this introduction to Sister Natalia.
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    Thank you for this! In my heart, I kept agreeing with your every sentence. All this chatter of the latest “words” out there is starting to take its toll on some impressionable souls. Ones head can spin, there are so many predictions crossing the internet waves. And I’m certainly not inclined in the least to rely on some self-proclaimed clearing house of private revelation to guide me in all of this. A cynic? A disbeliever in things still yet-to-be Church approved? No, I am neither. As for—to use your example—Garabandal, I also hope it’s predictions come to pass despite their epoch immensity because the world needs “BIG” right now.

    And what makes Garabandal different from a great deal of the latest out there? I have witnessed a fairly steady occurrence among people of conversion, resolve and peace with God. Contrasting with this, there are people currently who have become frantic, worrisome and practically hyperventilating over hearing so much that is supposedly to come in the next few months that they need to stop, drop and roll! Forget about spiritual prep—these folks can only think of economics and living logistics because they’re being told by a warm, friendly, charismatic-type priest all about material refuges!

    I seriously cannot understand this phenomenon, but Our Lord did predict it. God help me for saying this, but WHAT IF our good Father so often brought up here or anyone else like him is being deceived in some way? There’s not been enough time to test it, as there was in Betania, for instance. No, now it’s all rush, rush! I know, they say it’s because the times call for it. How convenient.

    The evil one is sly beyond belief. Pray always not to be deceived!
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    Total agreement
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    Years ago, I was able to listen to Father Gobbi in a church in Omaha. A humble soul he was. A soul who understood and believed in what he was given. One thing I learned early on when my faith was awakened is, I opened my heart and mind to what God wanted me to understand through the gift of His Holy Spirit. I learned we have all we need to discern when we were given the Holy Spirit in the Sacrament of Confirmation. I never used this gift when I was confirmed in 3rd grade. It took me till I was 25 years old to cooperate with this precious gift. One does not have to be "approved" to discern and use this sacramental gift. Today, this gift seems extinct. So many religions, yet one Spirit. So much confusion in His Church, yet one Spirit. So much confusion in prophecy, yet one Spirit. This gift is their to discern, but human elements of doubt enter in, which is not from the Spirit of truth. More prayer to the Holy Spirit in these times is necessary to traverse the confusion coming from and within the Church and society as a whole. Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of thy faithful!
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    I am told, three of the four founders at "Countdown" website, they are former members MoG. They left after a dispute here, I believe (heard).
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    Or maybe they are still here with different nicks
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    Here are a couple of wonderful source pages for the remedies, spiritual and physical, given through several of the chosen messengers for these times that we have discussed on the forum for a while. I had asked Mark for such a source section on the new "Countdown to the Kingdom" site and here are a compilation of those helps in a kind of "one stop shopping" place so we don't have to try and remember the various pages from the different messengers on our own. This new site has been a blessing for many. Thanks Mark et al from the site!


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    Dispute? No, it was they got tiered of some on MoG putting down and sometimes slanderous talk against Pope Francis. They, like a few others who were once active on this forum did not want to participate in the beat down of a sitting pope, which sometimes went way beyond modest criticism, but attacks like we still today on some threads on other topics. Rational discussion often turns irrational depending on the subject at hand. They are kept quite busy in their own mission of evangelization and have their own website to carry out their work and God Bless them for doing as much, as many have benefited from their work.
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