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    Thank you Christy for the above Sound Catholic teaching .
    Let us all remain obedient and faithful to the teachings of Our Holy Catholic Faith.
    Jesus be praised! Lord; Thank you for giving us Your Holy Catholic Church

    May God protect his faithful from the diabolical confusion rampant in these times.
    Mother undefiled pray for us
    St Joseph Terror of demons pray for us.

    Below is the letter of Diocesan Administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara of 2017, which apparently still stands.

    Letter from the Prelature of Itacoatiara presents the Church's position on apparitions in Itapiranga
    April 18, 2017

    The diocesan administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara issues a letter with the official position of the Holy Church on the events of Itapiranga, with regard to the apparitions of the Virgin Mary.



    Fr. Graciomar Gama Fernandes, at the mercy of God and the Apostolic Holy See, Diocesan Administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara, using the powers conferred on him by the Code of Canon Law, in view of the official position of the Holy Church, on the events of ITAPIRANGA , with regard to the “SUPPOSED APPARITIONS” of the Virgin Mary, COMMUNICATES :

    With a letter dated February 7, 2017, the congregation for the doctrine of the faith, DOES NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE AUTHENTICITY OF THE SUBSTANTIAL APPEARANCES AND, THEREFORE, OF THE MESSAGES FOR "HER" SPOKEN.

    At the same time as the aforementioned dicastery DETERMINES :

    1. The alleged messages are no longer being disseminated within the Itacoatiara Prelature;

    2. No mention should be made, in the divine service, celebrated in the sanctuary dedicated to Our Lady Queen of the Rosary and Peace of Itapiranga or anywhere else in the Prelature, about the alleged apparitions and messages that Mr. Edson Glauber would be receiving;

    3. Mr. Edson Glauber and the Association of the Queen of the Rosary and Peace of Itapiranga (ARRPI), ABSTAIN from a greater DISSEMINATION OF THESE MESSAGES;

    4. Regarding the letter of introduction that Monsignor Carillo Gritti gave to Mr. Edson Glauber de Souza, on the alleged apparitions, Bishop Carillo's successor will take all the appropriate decisions.
    I also inform you that this communiqué will be sent to each priest in our prelature to be released in the respective parishes and to the Metropolitan Archbishop of Manaus, Dom Sérgio Castriani.

    Given and passed in the Curia of the Prelature of Itacoatiara, on the twenty-fourth (24) day of March in the year two thousand and seventeen (2017).


    Fr. Graciomar Gama Fernandes

    Diocesan Administrator of the Prelature of Itacoatiara
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    Thanks, Christy and Josephite, for your very helpful posts.
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    Thanks, Josephite! I think the Church's position on these messages is clear. The Countdown authors, however, insist on their website that they have the perfect right to continue to disseminate the messages and that the ruling doesn't affect them.

    This is their argument. I believe it to be wrong, for a number of reasons. They are still arguing in favor of Fr. Rodrigue, so at least they are consistent!

    Dom Carillo Gritti, Bishop of the diocese of Itacoatiara, approved the 1994-1998 phase of the apparitions as "supernatural" in origin on May 31, 2009 and personally laid the cornerstone of a new Sanctuary in Itapiranga on May 2, 2010. The messages to Edson Glauber, which total over 2000 pages, are highly consonant with many other credible prophetic sources and have a strong eschatological dimension. They have been the object of Many studies, and leading Mariologist Dr. Mark Miravalle of Steubenville University devoted a book to them, called The Three Hearts: Apparitions of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph from the Amazon.

    Since Dom Gritti's death in 2016, there has been an as yet unresolved conflict between the diocese of Itacoatiara and the association established by Edson Glauber and his family to support construction of the Sanctuary. The Diocesan Administrator contacted the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and obtained a statement in 2017 to the effect that the CDF did not consider the apparitions supernatural in origin, a position also maintained by the Archdiocese of Manaus. The CDF, under Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller at the time, did not mention the second seer, Maria do Carmo, who likewise met with approval by the now-deceased Bishop Gritti.

    Given that the apparitions are no longer formally approved (but not formally condemned), it may legitimately be asked why we have nonetheless chosen to feature material received by Edson Glauber on this website. The juridical actions undertaken by the CDF only restrict 1) official Liturgical promotion of Edson's messages, 2) "wider dissemination" of his messages by Edson himself or his 'Association' in Itapiranga, and 3) the promotion of the messages within the Prelature of Itacoatiara. We remain in full compliance with all of these directives; and, if his messages are formally condemned in the future, then we will remove them from this website.

    While it is true that Dr. Miravalle withdrew his book after learning of the CDF document, it is also worth noting that several websites around the world featuring alleged prophetic material that are known for their faithfulness to Church teaching have nonetheless decided to continue publishing translations of the Itapiranga messages. This is perhaps best explained by the fact that, during Dom Carillo Gritti's lifetime, the Itapiranga apparitions enjoyed an unusual degree of approval and a number of commentators have raised questions regarding the procedural regularity of the Diocesan Administrator's actions. Furthermore, the urgency of the messages' content is such that suspending the dissemination of this material until the resolution of Edson Glauber's case (which may take several years) would risk silencing heaven’s voice at a time when we most need to hear it.
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    An interesting comment from D.W. Lafferty. Does it fit the Countdown authors, among others?

    "...One of the many good reasons to be cautious about end-times speculation, especially when it involves prophecies of an imminent chastisement, is that it may give rise to a certain perversity of thought regarding the course of world events. Those who hold firm to such prophecies may on some level welcome chaos and destruction in the world, because they see these as foreordained signs of the Second Coming—or, in the case of some Fatima devotees, of a new era of peace on earth. They may, in surveying the news, focus only on the bad things happening in society, and the troubles the world is facing, to convince themselves they are approaching or living through the narrative of the end times. If they are among those adherents of Marian apocalypticism who believe that, according to prophecy, the Church itself will one day fall into apostasy, they may be more likely to exaggerate the failings of the Church or see heresy and apostasy wherever they look. Anyone who has spent time in the Catholic media-sphere has certainly come across examples of people with such tendencies...
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    Sure why are they worried about any chastisement when the authors like the Pope have bought into the Climate catastrophe narrative?

    Sure global warming is going to kill us all anyway.

    Unless of course you follow the new command to reduce your carbon footprint.

    Since when does a Catholic have to buy into the Pope's private opinions on such things as global warming?

    The authors of said website have no time for any Catholic who questions such things. They are scathing of anyone who dares to qustion anything concerning this Pontificate.

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  6. Christy1983

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    What a perfect example of the Straw Man Fallacy!

    You don't want to engage the points made in the post, so you go one- or two hops out to find something you disagree with on the hosting web site.

    You don't even know if the particular author is one of the founders--they take article submissions from many different people, BTW--but you lump that person in with those whom you label "scathing of anyone who dares to question anything..."

    [Edited] But choosing different grounds to argue tends to derail threads. The point is not climate change, and it shouldn't come into play here.
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    You can see the signs of the times and still think the website and messages are bad. They are basically throwing everything at the wall and hoping something sticks. It doesn’t matter that the seers fit a general theme when they are all contradicting each other. They cannot all be right. This cannot all be from God.
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    What is true is that the world will come to an end one day. Unlikely to be any time soon.

    But also a bus could run me over in the morning.

    Hence I care neither about global warming alarmism nor physical chastisement.

    Indeed, it seems likely that we are living through a great spiritual chastisment, which is in my opinion much worse than any physical chastisement.
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    You're right. We all see signs of problems, no doubt about it. But there are many people who ignore any cautions or any countervailing evidence because they are convinced things are so bad they must act at once. I believe the Countdown authors and their followers have a tendency to deny any and all red flags. I think they rushed to get the website up and running without doing the hard spadework of fact-checking.

    I think there is confirmation bias at work, both among messengers and promoters. (
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    Some of these posts remind me of an interview with Fr Malachi Martin from years ago about the state of the church and world that touched on satanic prophecy as part of the discussion. Until that point I didn’t even know that was a thing. I just find it really strange that some of these alleged “prophecies from heaven” read more like a wish list for satan. I can see how they would lead people to look forward to destruction and chaos in the church and world. And some of the “protections from heaven” make no sense to me. They are literally telling people to rub grapes together.
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    Shame on anyone who passes judgement. Pray for everyone no matter their position. Don't read the site if you believe it to be wrong. I focus on getting my own life in order and praying that all believers are doing the same. Their are few enough of us as it is and the numbers are shrinking by the day. Let us lift each other up instead of working so hard to be right.

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  12. Advocata Nostra

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    Well, I am, for the first time on this forum, just about to place myself in a category that is all my own.

    Firstly, I would never use Where Peter Is and especially DW Lafferty as a source. Back when I had a twitter account, that man’s tweets were lame and, sometimes, ridiculous . I won’t say more except that it does not seem we are part of the same Church. (Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions with this one. I won’t waste my time— already did that back a while ago.)

    Second, I do NOT have a problem at all with the possibility of a spiritual era of peace or a “middle” coming of the Lord. Never did. (*No. Not a thousand calendar years.) Please read here to understand from where I am coming:

    Finally, it is sad that the article cited puts the idea of a warning/illumination of conscience in connection prominently with the authors from CDTTK so as to always make it look like it is primarily their baby. Not true. There has been talk of this coming from long-standing prophesies in the Church. Where on earth was this author going with this, with all due respect?

    Logically speaking, I would almost expect a new movement of the Holy Spirit after experiencing a deep knowledge of my sins before God, one in which the true followers of Jesus Christ would be able to then recognize Him very profoundly within the Holy Eucharist and in those who would faithfully partake of the Blessed Sacrament.

    Have I become a rebel here? Hopefully, I’m one with a cause.

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  14. WTW

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    You make some really good points. I don’t think any of us fall neatly into little boxes where our belief in one thing means we have to hold certain other beliefs as well.

    I know there are some posters that I generally strongly disagree with on this thread but then strongly agree with them on other threads.

    For what it’s worth I’m someone that was initially a fan of Father M and countdown. I read all of Father M’s messages from an attitude of belief. At one point so many red flags had piled up for me that I had to reevaluate. I’m open to being proven wrong and I appreciate the occasions my questions are met with thoughtful answers instead of judging me for judging.
  15. Advocata Nostra

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    Thank you for this, WTW. My thinking is similar to what you shared about yourself. I also had began listening to Fr. Rodrigue and soon enough saw red flags, one after another. This has all been quite a lot about which to discern.
  16. AED

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    Yes. Exactly.
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  17. AED

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    Me too. Pretty much my story.
  18. Dolours

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    I think that's an over-reaction. I confess that I only read the paragraph you quoted. The author is not familiar to me but I'm not a fan of that website. I first came across it during the controversy over Amoris Laetitia and I don't recall anything on the website making the case for the dubia or the Cardinals who submitted them so I wouldn't call it balanced. If memory serves me the overall attitude was a kind of condescending disdain for those of us who were unhappy with AL.

    The fact is that we have been in the end times since the Resurrection, and there will be a great apostasy. That the hierarchy will be somehow spared from falling into,apostasy seems like wishful thinking to me.
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  19. Advocata Nostra

    Advocata Nostra Archangels

    In my opinion, Christy has done awesome research concerning this thread. But, my sentiments concerning that website are similar to yours, Dolours. ~AN
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    The naysayers are tone deaf to the times. There is nothing happening, nothing to see, so they would like us to believe. It reminds me so much of those standing outside the ark mocking Noah and his family, right up to the day they entered the ark. The waters came and washed the naysayers away. Was it not our Lord himself that said it would be the same before the He returns?
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