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  1. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    ALL of the above have good points to make which makes the presiding point of view that in these times ..."confusion will reign" which is very evident on this forum!

    Sometimes I feel its like.... holding your breath under water and ...waiting til its over the best we can hope to do!

    "Whoever can persevere until the end will gain eternal life" No one ever said it was gonna be EASY to live in a state of confusion for as long as we have far!!
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  2. AED

    AED Powers

    I have heard this from other sources too. I avoid him. This whole business is a snake pit. Best to keep far ftom it.
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  3. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Just please understand that everyone has a right to hold their own point of view(for whatever their reasons).

    To beat someone over the head by insisting on your point of view is the correct one and because its your duty to do so for the good of the others soul is just plain counter productive. No need to hurt anyone's feelings. Just back off!
  4. AED

    AED Powers

    I repeat: this whole mess is a snake pit. Best to avoid altogether.
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  5. WTW

    WTW Guest

    I think it’s bs when people complain about the “naysayers” for discerning and trying to warn others but then also distance themselves from the website/messages.

    They should take a look at the comments the countdown videos are getting. There are so many people thinking that they are reading credible, vetted, just not yet approved messages. I don’t know if it’s only sycophants commenting or negative comments are deleted but either way it’s terrifying.

    Does it not bother anyone that “God’s messages” are being used to sell books and essential oils? That people who are living paycheck to paycheck are being encouraged to spend money they don’t have on 3 months of food and water and essential oils? That people are being told to sit around rubbing grapes together?!?
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  6. Well, "at this point" there IS NO condemnation by it would appear that it's those who would like to invent one who are the ones who won't accept the facts of reality as they currently stand. Rather, it's better to stand with what the Church herself is currently permitting as the evidence of the matter no matter how much you personally would like things to be. The 8th commandment seems to be at play within these comments.
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  7. That is such a nice statement. My own opinion is that Father M. may be bipolar. Just like other persons with this disorder, like Kanye West, he needs prayers.
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  8. Earth, it’s as if you are wearing blinders and earplugs at the same time. You repeat over and over and over the same things whether or not they address peoples concerns. Then you throw DIGS in about commenters going against the 8th Commandment of God. You write as if Fr. R were the Pearl of Great Price and you simply reject sound arguments by a growing number of people which are exposing some pretty unbalanced things concerning this priest. And I see it even if no one else pointed any of it out! But I am glad to know I am not alone.
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  9. WTW

    WTW Guest

    That was perfectly stated.
  10. WBTW, I have considered all major possibilities. But we may never know. Often, certain things combine—moral, mental and spiritual—in such a way that only God or someone’s Confessor know the truth.
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  11. I wish I didn’t feel I had the need to say it.
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  12. Christy1983

    Christy1983 Guest

    Jimmy Adkin and co-host Dom Bettinelli posted an in-depth podcast exploring The Warning or The Illumination, using Christine Watkins and Daniel O'Connor as sources.

    This podcast was posted on October 15, the day before the Fr. Rodrigue podcast.

    It is SHORTER than the Fr. Rodrigue podcast, only one hour and 21 minutes!

    Edited to add: Adkin and Bettinelli also discuss UFO contactees. He ties things in, so it doesn't go totally off track. Adkin sees parallels with UFOs. Starts on "prophetic consensus" at 25 minutes.
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  13. Timothius722

    Timothius722 Archangels

    I like Father Michael...from his own video's he is certainly of sound mind...his messages are centered toward our Lady and Jesus and the Holy Family. I don't see the big fuss.
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  14. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Jimmy Atkins is yet another controversial Catholic journalist, Christy, that you have sited to support your point of view. Why is that?
  15. ellen

    ellen Ellen

  16. ellen

    ellen Ellen

  17. WTW

    WTW Guest

    Ellen - why don’t you attack the arguments instead of the person?
  18. non sum dignus

    non sum dignus Archangels

    Praying that Our Mother guides all of us to the truth.
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  19. Donna259

    Donna259 Powers

    isn't Fr M's predictions supposed to come true this fall? Won't we KNOW very soon? Charlie Johnson pops to mind...he had a hard set date and it came and went and proved him false.
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  20. ellen

    ellen Ellen

    Thats EXACTLY what I am doing!!! If someone claims that a particular idea is true and it obviously only an OPINION..then I do not "attack" that opinion because they have every right to hold that point of view... I try to point out that the OPINION is merely that and not a fact!
    BTW... I think most of us on this forum are truly seeking the will of God. Thats why we are here. But... some of us included, get caught up in our weaknesses and say things that are not in the best interests of that search for God. I am just as guilty as anyone else.
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