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Discussion in 'The Signs of the Times' started by bflocatholic, Mar 26, 2020.

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    Well I listened to the podcast by Jimmy Akin.

    From the 1:20 mark on it becomes quite alarming.

    A recording of Fr. shows him making a big joke of a possesed person spinning around and around. And then he mocks Bishops who he says are power tripping for enforcing rules on who can perform exorcisms in their Diocese...A legitimate use of their God given authority.

    Obedience to legitimate authority is key.
  3. thomas21

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    That's criticizing authority, not being disobedient. The prophets in the Old Testament called people stupid people who had no sense of discernment and the prophets approved by authorities false prophets.

    I mean, he might be wrong. But if someone is going to peg him as a false prophet the arguments shouldn't be specious. If he is a true prophet we'll be answerable to God.

    This is why a formal declaration would clear it up. That would be a judgement from the Church, and not easily confusable.
  4. Fatima

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    As you stated about the Warning, " People often cite St. Faustina's diary, but the diary talks about a cross appearing before the end". Your "end" is not the "end" the prophets of our time speak to. You refer to the end of the world and the many credible prophets of our times are referring to the end of these times, and era, then an era of peace promised by our Lady of Fatima and Revelations 20. We will all see soon enough, as it is all prophecised to happen in our life time and not at the end of the world. What good would a "warning" do at the end of the world anyway?? Makes not sense unless it were for the end of an age!
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    This Becky Malmquist information has been posted before, to show the Warning is not part of Catholic teaching or approved private revelation. The concept may well be the result of a mistaken interpretation.

    The meaning of the phrase "Era of Peace" (period of time) has never been settled by the Church or reputable theologians.
    Some argue that the fact the Cold War never turned into a Hot War may be the fulfillment of that Fatima prophecy, which focused on Russia.

    Where are the "credible prophets of our time" of which you speak? Are you talking about those on the Countdown site? The Countdown authors have already had to make public retractions on some of their assertions.

    It is not my "end" at all! If you have issues with the timing of St. Faustina's cross, that is an approved revelation.
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    Try listening to the Jimmy Akin podcast, discussed above. It might clear up confusion.
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    Belief in private revelations is not necessary for salvation. If we do not believe in someone’s private revelations we will not be held answerable by God.
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    Not for ignoring it, but for persecuting the true prophet who was sent on the mission by God--ultimately working against God Himself, who sent him for a reason. Even if you don't believe he's from God.

    Our judgement needs to be sound.
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  9. Joan J

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    All I'm going to say further is -
    he is but ONE voice!! There are many true prophets of & for our time. All this rhetoric is getting lost in weeds.

    We best pray for right discernment AND pray often to get out of the way of the Holy Spirit!! I have been doing just that for quite a while now. I no more have direct certain audible communication with our Blessed Mother or Holy Spirit/ our Christ than most on this forum.

    Please don't take my words as any absolute!! They are my opinion through the best of my own discernment. If I could find a holy priest who knew anything about such things as the Warning, St Pio, Faustina, etc I'd seek them out. I have tried contacting Mother Miriam to no avail. Therefore I do the best I can, as most of us do, through prayer and much increased Rosarys!!

    Criticism from other directions of ill will or gross disapproval does not help. It only discourages further communication & postings. What is part of the True Magisterium does not need to continually be badgered. Private revelation and locutions are JUST THAT. Some may WELL BE prophetic.

    Time will tell. Prayer to the Holy Spirit, Blessed Mother, St Michael in the meantime!!

    Blessings & peace to all.
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  10. WTW

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    I will continue to post my disapproval because I believe it can help other people make their own decisions. It is not out of malice but concern for other people.

    I was a cautious believer in Father M early on. As I spent more time watching and reading I would find things that didn’t sound quite right. I chalked them up to language differences, misunderstandings, sense of humor, etc. At one point I realized I had explain away or ignore a lot in order to believe in the messages.

    Father M has either straight up said or heavily implied many things that haven’t come true.

    Said in 2019 he wouldn’t travel in 2020. Travelled in March 2020.

    Said general confession had to be in 2019. There are still opportunities to have that confession now.

    Said and implied there would only be a window of time in the summer to prepare for the fall. You can still do or buy whatever now.

    Said he was starting a monastery for priests but it’s actually a lay association of the faithful.

    The only website promoting him treats legitimate questions like attacks from the devil. They website pushes bizarre natural remedies and are selling MLM essential oils. (For anyone that hasn’t heard of MLM it’s a basically a pyramid scheme where you sell product to make it legal.). The same people telling you the world is about to end are putting a great deal of time into building their website and brands instead of praying and preparing. It only gets worse after the bishop’s negative judgment where they are telling people to ignore the church’s rightful authority to continue following the website.

    Since the goalposts keep moving I don’t know what it will take for people to let go of these messages. I’m glad Father M put a deadline on the events and didn’t give himself an out.
  11. non sum dignus

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    Mocking your Bishop is not just criticizing. Especially when it is about the Bishop exercising his legitimate authority over you.
    And saying it is because the Bishop is on a power trip?
    That shows a lack of respect for authority.

    Listen at the 1:20 point forward.
    Could you imagine Padre Pio saying such a thing?

    The question still is not answered about him being an official exorcist. A position only a Bishop can confer, and exactly the thing that the priest mocks his Bishop about.

    And pointing out apparent inconsistencies in the alleged seer's testimony is not persecution, it is discernment.

    Promotion of unapproved private revelation, if proven false, will also have to be answered for.

    How many promoted Gianna Talone Sullivan (Emmittsburg), Bayside, MDM, etc. etc. ? Have any of them recanted or apologized for possibly leading other into error or destroying their faith?
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  13. garabandal

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    You quite rightly point out and critique those who claim to be prophets.

    But can I point out that you are using a 'self-proclaimed theologian' in this regard in the form of Jimmy Aiken.

    Aiken may well consider himself a theologian but he make serious errors and holds an erroneous position on contraception.

    Aiken 'It doesn’t even address all situations that may arise in marriages, because there may be situations in which the law of double effect would allow the toleration of a contraceptive effect as long as this is a side effect of the action rather than being intended as a means or an end.'

    Here Aiken is in serious error and even holds an heretical position on contraception because the Church teaches always and everywhere that contraception is an 'intrinsic evil'. Thus, it can never be justified because the act itself is contrary to the will of God and therefore evil. The law of double effect cannot apply to intrinsically evil acts.

    What is good for the goose is good for the gander. In my opinion there are too many reputed Catholic theologians online who teach false doctrines.

    Aiken has no training in theology and is best avoided.
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  14. WTW

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    Christy and others have also pointed out that the bishop made a negative judgment and that he is doing so with the backing of the church. If someone doesn’t want to listen to the bishop I certainly wouldn’t expect them to want to listen to this guy. Nonetheless some excellent points are made in this particular podcast.
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  15. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    That's fair enough.

    Just pointing out that Jimmy Aiken's erroneous position on contraception may lead some Catholics into error.

    This is an era of disorientation and as pointed out there are too many 'self-appointed theologians' online as well as erroneous 'prophets'.
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  16. Christy1983

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    Akin does not claim to be a theologian, to my knowledge. He calls himself a Catholic apologist. The Catholic Answers website has a generally good reputation (for example, mentions in other mainstream Catholic media).

    Akin's hardly making a definitive statement of anything: "doesn't even... may arise...may be situations... law of double effect...would long as..." That's your heretical statement? I am certainly aware of the law of double effect, for example, in the case of a dying patient and pain management. I can even imagine that there may be instances where condom use could be condoned. I don't see anything wrong with speculation.

    As for "self-proclaimed theologians," three of the four Countdown authors lay claim to master's degrees in theology/sacred music (going from memory). They note their credentials, perhaps to bolster an "argument from authority."

    I take Akin as more of a journalist and media personality. He stays with facts, cites sources, plays snippets from talks. I thought he presented a well-substantiated case.

    I would take that kind of approach over the wide-eyed ones taken by the "self-proclaimed theologians" at Countdown. I totally disagree that Akin should be avoided.

    Have you listened to Akin's podcast?
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  17. WTW

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    I agree it’s too easy for lay people to speak on behalf of the church. I generally avoid non religious Catholic personalities. They lack any authority and don’t have to answer to anyone. Plus when you make who you are into how you make money you are looking for trouble.

    I see this with the countdown contributors. They are having a hard time separating themselves from the messages and are too close to be able to be objective. In addition their reputations, and thus livelihoods, are at stake. They are riding the wave of popularity right now and in a worldly sense it is in their own best interest to continue promoting Father M and building their brands as much as possible. I worry for them and all the people trusting them.
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  18. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    Not interested in listening to Akins. I came across him before before you quoted him.

    I am not the first to point out his errors.

    You cannot speculate with church dogma. Contraception is intrinsically evil. It is a settled issue.

    Perhaps you don't agree with Humane Vitae?
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  19. garabandal

    garabandal Powers

    I dont read or follow that website. I do read the debates on this thread and occasionally contribute.

    There is a lot of false Catholic teaching online and I agree we need to be careful.
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  20. WTW

    WTW Archangels

    They absolutely tout their credentials. Even ones they haven’t earned yet! Haha. I remember Daniel O’Connor having to clarify that he is not yet a PhD candidate but taking PhD classes. He also let people believe he was a full time professor at SUNY (I think) when he’s actually part time at a community college.
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