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    This is so sad and so unnecessary. At least it is heavily documented so the truth came out.
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  2. Big Pharma says most adults have mental illness and require prescriptions for expensive pharmaceutical “cures”

    "To keep the gravy train moving, the pharmaceutical industry has teamed up with the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) to recommend that all adults in the United States under the age of 65 be screened for anxiety disorders."

    "Love of money is a root of all kinds of evil" -bible
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    Just saw this study from NIH and it is making my blood boil! The spin….. nothing to worry about… all within range, etc. But yet they conclude more studies need to be done. So, if all is fine, why more studies. Something rotten here.

    Anything that changes even slightly a woman’s cycle in my humble opinion means it’s screwing around with hormones. And if it’s doing that, what’s to say it will not impact ability to conceive and have safe pregnancies?

    My 24 year old nurse daughter was forced by the state of NY to get 2 of these horrible jabs in order to keep her job. A healthy 24 year old who had gotten COVID naturally before vax was available. But still despite natural protections forced to take this poison which now creates more of a risk for her to have children.

    God please forgive my anger but I’m just so so mad right now.

    I need to turn it over to God and if it’s His will, when it’s tine my daughter will be able to bring a healthy new life into this world.
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    I'm upset along with you, miker. I believe God will give a blessing and a healthy new life through your daughter. We need to have that faith.
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    Folks, this is the greatest, greatest, best film I've ever watched, on what's happening with the "pandemic"... But especially with what's happening in regards to the vaccines and in what they're planning to do....
    Its an absolute must see!
    I'd be keen to hear people's thoughts..
    The fella that made it spared nothing in his research. Take a look:$/embed/ENGLISH/bbfa236978482fab60f253acb9f249407f4fcff5
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    Wow! The level of evil behind all of this is mind boggling.
    So true, the world was manipulated into accepting the unacceptable. Problem is, many will never wake up to the fact that they were decieved. How many would watch this film, and still get another booster. :(

  9. Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films
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    1 million per cent true!!!!
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    I understand your anger and admire your approach to turn it over to God. Yeah, you're right, I need to do that too. My daughter, 21, was forced to get the shot because she was in ROTC and attempting to pay for college by means of the military. She resisted for a while, but they kept wearing her down, and she finally gave in because of their threats. She felt cornered. It almost reminded me of how a young woman must feel in circumstances of abortion, though obviously it was very different. I don't know what will come of this, but it may be a lifelong cross. But God works through all things, and crosses and hardships provide Him fertile soil to bring virtue and eternal joy. Amen!
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    Yes. You are right. Coersion is not full consent of the will. I believe God can work through all of this. I am trusting Him.
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    Double horrifying!

    Safe in the Refuge of the Immaculate Heart!
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    Prayers for your daughter; miker's daughter as well as my younger daughter have succumbed to the pressure; they found no other way out given their personal or familial situations. Let our prayers be united with one another! Amen!:notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:
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    And my sons and daughter.
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    My sister started having heart problems the month after she was forced into it to keep her job. Of course, the doctor said it had nothing to do with the job. Eye roll here. It's a worry.
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    On top of that, I somewhat believe i was injured by shedding from her vaccine. People quickly dismiss the idea of shedding, even people who accept the vaccines are dangerous, give me eye rolls at the idea that this could have been a contributor to the things I've gone through. But only God knows for sure.

    It's crazy that the government, and the media, are still pushing these things. But there's a video on YouTube that they haven't taken down as of yet that considers the idea of the vaccines are not as safe and effective as they claim. So maybe the tides are turning.
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    The evidence is mounting that these vaccines are risky, and even deadly for some, so the tides may be turning. I think the blinders are beginning to come off for many, people aren't exactly lining up for the latest booster.

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