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    The right way to handle the pandemic
    I get calls from state and federal officials all the time asking about how I would handle the pandemic. So I thought I'd make a substack article that they could all read and implement.
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    OK, I was kidding about getting calls from public officials. It was a joke. No public official is going to call me asking for advice. They all get their orders from up top.

    But if I ever did get a call, here are some changes I would recommend.

    NOTE: This is not a complete list. Nor have a spent time refining it. It is just a collection of some of the most obvious changes I think need to be considered.

    1. COVID vaccines shall only be available by prescription only.

    2. The government will no longer make the COVID vaccines available for free.

    3. The liability exemption is now lifted. Patients who have been harmed by the vaccines can now sue the drug company for damages up to $100M per case of fatality or disability.

    4. Informed consent provide shall include any and all symptoms that are elevated in VAERS by 10X or more over “baseline” reporting rates.

    5. The public should be warned that the most up-to-date risk benefit analysis shows that the vaccine may kill 117 kids for every kid that is saved from COVID.

    6. Require autopsies for anyone who dies within 2 weeks of getting the vaccine. The autopsy reports should be posted in a public database with Names and other PHI related data redacted

    7. Failure to file a VAERS report for anyone who dies within 30 days of COVID vaccination shall be liable to a fine of $100,000 per incident.
    1. Instruct public health officers to recommend that businesses post signs saying WARNING: face masks are NOT recommended. They have not been shown to stop COVID and mask wearing may be harmful to your health.
    1. There should be no restrictions whatsoever placed on any person who has recovered from a COVID infection.

    2. Vaccinated and unvaccinated people should be treated the same way since they are equally likely to be infected or spread COVID.
    1. Lockdowns for COVID are now illegal. COVID is endemic. We are all going to get it sooner or later. So let’s just get it over with and move on. Once you are infected, treat with early treatment and now you are unable to transmit any subsequent re-infection to others.
    1. It shall be illegal to coerce anyone to get any vaccination. That goes for miltary, employer, school, etc. mandates. Vaccination shall be solely up to the individual. People should never be threatened with termination for not being vaccinated. This is especially silly for a vaccine which is toxic and relatively ineffective.

    2. It shall be illegal for any organization to require anyone to wear a mask. Mask wearing should be completely at the option of the wearer. For people who are convinced they work, fine, go wear the mask knowing you will be protected (even though you won’t be).
    Inadequately tested drugs
    1. Newly approved drugs with less than a 1 year safety record shall be so labelled by the drug manufacturer in a prominent place that the long-term effects of the drug are unknown.
    Early treatment
    1. Put all early treatment protocols with a 95% or higher hospitalization and/or death reduction in clinical practice in hospitalization on a list of recommended treatments in the NIH COVID treatment guidelines

    2. Any drug with at least one positive Phase 3 result (effect size 20% or better) or at least one published systematic-review and meta analysis for use against COVID shall be listed as recommended on the NIH treatment guidelines.

    3. Supplements with a 20% effect size or greater in clinical trials shall be listed as recommended.

    4. All public health officials shall encourage the public to talk to their doctors about the approved early treatment drug / supplement protocols listed on the NIH website.

    5. The public should be encouraged to have on hand drugs for at least one of the early treatment drug / supplement protocol.

    6. Doctors shall comply with patient requests for medications to be administered if there is a sound scientific basis for the request and no sound scientific basis for denying the request. Physicians who ignore this are subject to having their license to practice revoked.
    Right to medicine
    1. Revoke the license of any pharmacist who refuses to fill a prescription for an off-label drug where 1) there is clear scientific evidence of a benefit or 2) where the medication is prescribed in dosages that have been shown to be safe (e.g., dosages approved for the labelled use).
    Scientific integrity
    1. Any publisher who revokes or causes publication delay of a scientific paper without a scientific reason, shall be liable for damages to the author of $100,000 per day.

    2. Scientists can, for good cause, publish papers anonymously (the journal will know). This protects research groups from retribution for publishing “unpopular” science such as confirming the Gundry study. See my article about the Gundry study confirmation where the science was suppressed because the authors were afraid of losing grant money.
    Social distancing
    1. There needs to be clear scientific evidence whether this is effective or not. In general, people should make their own personal choice on this. I wish there was a paper showing the effect on transmission versus distance. 6 feet seems a bit too contrived to make me comfortable it is the “right” number people should pay attention to. Where is the science here????
    1. Deliberately mislabeling a death that wasn’t caused by COVID as a COVID death shall be subject to criminal prosecution and a minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

    2. Halt the use of remdesivir for hospitalized patients. It doesn’t work and it is basically killing people.

    3. Hospitals shall comply with patient requests for medication if there is a clear rationale for the request and a lack of any data showing that the medication is likely to cause more harm than benefit.
    Medical free choice
    1. Doctors shall comply with patient requests for FDA approved medications to be administered which are supported by scientific data unless there is a more compelling scientific basis to deny the request.

    2. Hospitals who fire healthcare workers for speaking out (whistleblowers) shall be subject to a private right of action to recover 10 years of wages per incident.
    Spreading misinformation about masking and COVID vaccines
    1. Any doctor who tells a patient that the vaccines are “safe and effective” or that cloth or surgical masks can stop COVID shall be called to show the scientific proof of this and lacking such proof shall his license revoked for spreading medical misinformation that can cause patient harm.
    1. Any person who is suspended by a social network for communicating truthful scientific data and opinions shall have a private right of action to recover statutory damages of $10,000 per day for ever day the person is suspended.

    2. Any person whose social network post (text or video) is not false and misleading but is erroneously labelled false and misleading is entitled to sue the platform for $10,000 per day that the post is mislabeled or removed by the social network.
    1. Criminal prosecution against FDA, CDC, and NIH leaders who are suppressing the science in favor of the narrative.

    2. Today, CDC employees like my good friend John Su at the CDC, don’t have to answer a single question from the public. Neither do the outside committee members. Instead of a public speaking portion, the public should have the right to ask question of people who are sitting on these committees or make invited presentations.
    That’s my list. Not exhaustive, but you get the idea. We need to stop treating this virus like it is radioactive. There are many safe protocols for treating COVID and once recovered, the patient is always better off than if they were vaccinated.

    Treating COVID with early treatments of a cocktail of repurposed drugs is the right approach. Vaccination with an unsafe, leaky vaccine in the middle of a pandemic is a recipe for disaster. We need to get off this treadmill ASAP.

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    omicron's speed in infecting young people?

    They need this fear marketing tool so as to reach their children vaccination quotas...
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    omicron being a mixed up version of the word moronic is doing the rounds.

    Just in time to roll out the boosters and vax the kids. Surely we have reached peak lying and God is going to pull the plug on this before long.
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    Thanks be to God!!!!
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    Someone on Twitter called it Ohmyacon. I thought that was pretty good.
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    Amazing Bishop!
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    A good doctor running for governor discussing Covid, the USA response and questioning why the government took a hands off approach to therapies to treat it before needing hospitalization. Good discussion:

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    Excellent. It deserves it's own thread, IMHO.
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    Yes! This is gold!
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    He is saying this variant has been found in New Zealand. I live in NZ and we have not had any cases of this variant here as far as we are aware. We have been told all our known cases of Covid have been genome sequenced and Delta is the strain we are battling at this time. If we get this new variant it will be all over the news. It certainly is on everyones radar here and is the talk of the town, since Friday.
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    Govt's and Health agencies using media hype instead of science and reality to extend and expand totalitarian powers.

    ‘It's Coming': NY Declares State of Emergency Ahead of Potential Omicron Spike
    Omicron variant symptoms ‘unusual but mild’, says South African doctor

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    Ohhh, yes…they are going to spread the fear porn now…..
    Pray for the children, the next big target of this cabal.
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    Sometimes this odd thought comes. Maybe we give them more credit for scheming than they deserve. What if they really thought thd vax would work. But God's call for purification went unheeded so more variants appear. Missing the point they double down and get militant about it out of fear. IOW maybe they are running around grasping at straws and God's judgements continue...and they keep missing the point. Every once in awhile I get this sense. Padraig said when this first appeared that if it was allowed/sent by God nothing man could do would fix it. Only repentence.
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    Truth here Ann!
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