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    Dramatic drop in cases following Japan's decision to permit free purchase and prescribing and new US study confirm high efficacy of Ivermectin. Not that any other govt. will take any notice.

    Ivermectin and COVID 19 - YouTube
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    Says it all, doesn't it. Modern life in a nutshell.
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    My Hero!


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    The Botswana Variant. It originates from S T D's ,

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    I Read about this a couple of days ago. It is far more serious than they are saying. They are not having these high level meetings for nothing.
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    It's so depressing. Sad times.

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    I don't know if anyone thought the same as I did, but with Europe becoming the epicenter of the pandemic again, maybe the 3-year synodal process (2021-2023) that is taking place in the Church will be compromised, and the completion stage will be postponed again
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    They love a good variant to scare people.

    There was beta and mu variants as headlines at one stage that disappeared off the radar.

    They can keep this pandemic going on forever with their scary variants.
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    Well I haven't watched it but how much fear porn are we willing to indulge when reality and experience tells us there is nothing to be alarmed about from the beginning. Covid will not even feature in any deadly disease chart in any history books apart from the mass hysteria and delusion it caused for ulterior ends
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    My intuition tells me that you are correct.
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    Ramping up for another dark winter. :(
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    I’m not sure if the dark winter will be caused by a variant or the government control, but it’s going to be dark. Wickedness is rampant.
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    All just in time for the closing year of St. Joseph. We are blessed to be having a 12 hour Adoration on the Feast of Immaculate Conception. Will offer for everyones intentions on this forum. St. Joseph terror of demons, protect us.
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    I could be wrong but I think the Botswana variant may be used to try to cover the vaccine's inability to stop any variant and to cover for the coming wave of vax injuries and health problems.

    Just praying we can get to spring intact at this point.
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    Oh, wow!!! I can absolutely see this.
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    The timing is curious. Right on the heels of articles about how covid seemed to "skip" Aftica.
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    I agree, and I agree with the above comments. And thank you, Francine, for your prayers in front of the Blessed Sacrament.
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