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    She may well be right. I wouldn't know. All I'm saying is that I don't find her convincing. She was preaching to the choir in that presentation. A different audience might not have been so receptive. Are the people you intend sending the video easily convinced? For example, would they want something more than a picture to convince them that what she called a parasite is actually a parasite and, more importantly, would they accept that picture as proof that it was in the vaccine?
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    Transhumanism is basically the mixing of human and animals -- cats with human intelligence, humans with fur, etc. It's related, BION, to the Nephilim, described in Genesis 6.1-4. They are purported to be the result of fallen angels "taking human wives". We know that angels, being solely of spirit, cannot mate with humans; however, they can use their intelligence and spiritual powers to manipulate the genetic makeup of an embryo.

    In any case, the story of the Nephilim is a warning to us in our day against mixing of types. It's one thing to try to mix the genes of different fruits, for example, to create a variety that is resistant to a blight -- fruits are of one type. It is quite another to modify the human genome to give the person usable gills, for example -- fish and humans are two different types. It is this creating fish-men (or other "improvements") that is the goal of transhumanism.
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    Yes, except that understanding of transhumanism as being a mix of human and animal (perhaps the biggest endgame being giving humans animal "superpowers" like seeing into the spirit world like some animals seem to be able to do) has moved also into the realm of uniting humans with machines/computers/AI. There is talk of amputating perfectly good limbs and replacing them with bionic ones, implanting chips or fusing cerebral lace onto the brain, to be able to communicate and do things purely with our minds... And then ultimately uploading all of our minds into the "hive mind"...a collective consciousness where we're all tapped into each other and everything and one's thoughts are no longer his own or private. The reason given for this is that by 2045 or so, we will reach the Singularity, where artificial intelligence will supposedly surpass human intelligence to the point that humans as they are now (the way we were created by God) will become obsolete. Transhumanists argue that we must become transhuman, humanity 2.0, to even be relevant in the near future.

    I believe this is why God is going to intervene soon. There's no way He would let this happen to His beautiful world and humanity created in His image and likeness.
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  6. Elon Musk's Neuralink brain chip demo explained

    This is one of the examples of Transhumanism.
    Could be a future Mark of the Beast.
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    Oh dear God….this makes sense. Did you see anything connecting this transhumanism to the vaccine?
    Only briefly did I hear someone comment in a recent conversation that they thought there was a connection?
    I didn’t know anything about it and your post fills that gap…did you see anything relating to the Covid vaccine? I feel like if this MRNA vaccine technology is a first, could it possibly be linked changing our dna? This could be way off based, but I think this was the link that was being referred to in my conversation…?

    Transhumanists argue that we must become transhuman, humanity 2.0, to even be relevant in the near future.
    How is this transition supposed to occur…? Fauci has been playing with splicing humans with animals in a earlier post relating to mice and a baby skull. If this guy isn’t the definition of evil, I don’t know who is.
    He was just caught lying about the funding of gain of function with US tax dollars….a charge that he previously denied. Now reports have link his funding to the experimentation and torture of dogs.
    He lied before Congress and should be in jail, but instead, he is the highest paid government official and is pushing this vaccine and it’s mandates. How long is this going to continue….?
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    This certainly could be a vehicle to that end…the technology exist…
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    Anything can become the mark of the beast if all the other conditions are in place. The danger of transhumanism is man gradually coming to believe that God is irrelevant because immortality is achievable by our own means.

    Over the top reaction to Elon Musk's plans are counter productive. I know that Evangelicals are well intentioned but they come across as crazy luddites. Look at this full video of Musk and his plans. Put yourself in the position of the typical youngster raised in the society we have now. Then ask yourself whether that youngster will be won over by Elon Musk or hysterical warnings about the mark of the beast, Yeshua and the Rapture. Put yourself in the position of someone suffering from some of the illnesses he talks about alleviating. Then ask yourself whether you would see this as a blessing or a curse. Musk comes across as intelligent, rational and intent on helping to cure the sick. It will take an intelligent, rational and caring response, otherwise we feed the narrative that Christianity is an old superstition that should be consigned to the past. Whipping up fear, possibly with a dollop of political bias, is not helpful.

    Herr's the full video. Those of us with supernatural faith can see the dangers, especially in the Q&A session, but I believe that outright denunciation is probably not the smartest response.

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    I am listening to this as I write, but I think you might have misunderstood my comment. My comment simply implies that the technology exist, not that Musk is trying to achieve this transhumanism.

    We are currently using electronic devises in the brain for the hearing impaired, electronic devises for the heart, etc. These are all positive technological advances. Musk is I believe trying to advance medical technology. Musk himself acknowledges that the future is “ going to be weird”…just how weird? I think this is a real concern considering this technology can control human behavior. Yes, I think we need to question the potential misuse of this technology…not necessarily Musk…but yes, the technology. I don’t think this is whipping up fear…it’s simply pointing out the factual potential threat that exist.

    The point is…that the technology exist and if someone with evil intentions were to pervert it, it’s possible to achieve a evil goal.

    By the way, one only needs to acknowledge that the “ gain of function “ technology that Fauci used tax payers dollars with illegally might have resulted in a leak from a lab in China. This technology was supposed to negate the possibility of weaponizing a virus …it’s now possible that a leak might have actually resulted from this and possibly created this monster virus.
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    Dr. Carrie Madej is here in the Atlanta area and I saw her speak in person to a group of about 150 of us last summer. The ladies who brought me to her talk had met with her privately earlier in the year. I found her extremely credible for the following summarize, she was an up and coming rising star doctor here in the Atlanta area heading up 2 clinics. About 10 years or so ago (may be a bit longer, may be less) she was invited to a big symposium held here in Atlanta. All the big pharmaceutical companies participated, the heads of various hospital systems here in town, the CDC was there (they are headquartered here), the NIH was there, all the big wigs. She said they invited her to some private break out sessions and basically invited her "in" one of the sessions, they talked about a virus that was already in development and a vaccine for it that would be used to get "the problem" under control...the problem being overpopulation which would kill mother earth. It was presented as a very positive plan for the good of the whole population of the earth, otherwise overpopulation would cause other worse viruses and catastrophes that would endanger all of our survival. She felt it was a nefarious plan and told them she wanted no part of it and left the conference, and they were not happy about that and told her so. A few days (mabye weeks?) later her best friend was killed in a still unsolved murder, and she felt that it was a warning to her. She fled the country and has been living in the Dominican Republic for years.

    Early in 2020 she read/listened to the reports of the COVID-19 pandemic and realized this was the plan they had told her about and it had begun. She said she had an "epiphany" and felt that God wanted her to come back and tell the truth about what she knows. She says they have had the virus and the vaccine patents in place for many years and were just waiting to let the plan loose. At the talk I was at she was asked "aren't you afraid for your life" and she answered that no, and grabbed the cross around her neck and said "because I'm a child of God and I know I'm not leaving this earth one moment before God deems it so, and when He does I know where I'm going".

    She talks now about the transhumanism and says that's the next step in their plan. I have no idea about that but completely believe what she has said is true, I've vetted her background as an up and coming doctor here in town who then left the country years ago and has been living in the Dominican Republic until last year, her story checked out.
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    No, Beth, I understood and for the most part share your concerns. I wasn't trying to dismiss your concerns or undermine your warning about the dangers inherent in these procedures. All I'm trying to say is that a measured response is the way forward. The woman in the earlier video was whipping up fear. I saw nothing in her presentation to convince me that there's a link between transhumanism and the vaccines available now. That kind of emotionalism might draw the crowds of likeminded people but it won't sort out the good from the bad in these new technological advances.

    There is a new vaccine going to human trials. It's the work of an Australian company. I was all excited when I first saw Dr. Mobeen's video about it. Excited until I saw the man who devised it receiving a blessing from a Hindu god. Anyway, the vaccine itself was developed as a treatment or cure for cancer and is being adapted to treat covid. The method is brilliant. It uses what they call a nano cell filled with medication to kill the virus (or cancer) and only targets infected cells. That would be a huge breakthrough in cancer treatment. The two people who invented it did so after watching a friend die of cancer. The friend was a brilliant young man who, on his deathbed, told them to find a cure for cancer. The first trials were on mice. One wealthy Australian with terminal cancer tried it and it appeared to be working but the trial ended when the man died of a bug contracted during a stay in hospital.
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    Yes, I see ….and admittedly I am still trying to understand that full definition of this transhumanism, how it is to come to being, and what exactly all this entails. That is why I asked others here more knowledgeable on this subject/ term as to what this actually means.
    I have absolutely no idea, nor am I implying that the Covid vaccine has properties that will cause “ transhumanism “….even if the video did. I’m not even sure of what exactly that entails except for the possibility of controlling human behavior.

    Regarding current technology and the vaccine, that’s a whole other thing….It’s no wonder though that many speculate about its origins and why the world governments have imposed mandates trying to coerce the world population into getting it especially when it is not “one and done” as it was sold as and it is causing many to have negative side effects, even resulting in deaths…not acknowledged by those pushing even children into getting this now. The worldwide protest about these mandates are justified. Fauci lied and admitted that saying that he “ moved the goal post “ re who needed to get it. He lied about the funding of “ gain of function” in the China lab, lied about the efficacy of it. Is it any wonder that people speculated about the intentions of the government and evil men like Fauci who continues to lie about a vaccine that every human being is being coerced into getting? This is a guy who financed using a babies skull attached to mice?

    The speculation as to why effective, cheap, and available therapies that currently exist are being prohibited by the government agencies regulating this virus is absolutely suspect. The evidence was and is constantly being suppressed by the government and the media….so why is this? When there exist therapies to treat patients with Covid to prevent them from being hospitalized and they are not made available and patients then die, it’s no wonder that people begin to attach any number of negative motives to this…and no, I’m not talking about transhumanism. I don’t know what the motive is here, but it’s not healthcare. It were healthcare, this government would be pushing therapies, but they are not. They are pushing vaccinations….now even for the least at risk…our young children.
    I’m sure you’ve observed some of these same questionable practices. So my point is, with so much illegal, deceitful behavior surrounding this vaccine, it’s not hard to understand why many are going to assign any number of negative motives for it…that’s all.

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    Agree with both you and Beth. Is it possible Elon knows their evil plan and is trying to use nano technology, Artificial intelligence , Genomics, etc., for the good of mankind? After all he has refused to take these vaccines. One of his closest managers is Cathie Wood, who was taught by Art Laffer, who is a wonderful conservative during the Reagan era. We must pray for the Holy Spirit to enlighten them to help humanity, not destroy it. The seer Maria Esperanza has said if we include God in our technology, the possibilities are endless.
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    Watch this interview with Cathie Woods. It’s very interesting.
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    Wow, thank you for explaining all of this! I watched the video of her being interviewed about what's in the vaccine and I, too, had wanted to know more about her. That "creature" she found in the vaccine sample is horrifying. I sure wish we could find out what it is.
  17. Beth B

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    I’m headed out for a bit…if anyone finds credible information about any of this, please share…
    I know folks can get suspicious on practically anything, but we need to depend on sources outside of the government/ political narrative. I don’t know, as most of us probably don’t know where this leads, but something is serious wrong folks.
    Given the history of this virus and vaccine to date, we do have a problem. We were lied to…id like to know what the truth actually is…the truth might not be revealed for some time, but I’m convinced that we’re not getting it from Biden or Fauci…that’s for certain.
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    I stood about 20 feet from her at her talk and recorded the whole thing so my daughters could see her speak, you get a much better feel for someone when you can look in their eyes and hear them speak in person. I trust her. Another good sign is that she's constantly getting attacked (if you're over the target...) with her internet being shut off during interviews, etc. (the talk we went to was threatened by Antifa and it was outdoor and this very high tech and fast drone came and hovered over the crowd including directly in front of 2 of the other speakers seemingly trying to intimidate). She said the lab here in Atlanta that let her come in to use the high powered microscope was going to let her do it again but this time video record the whole process but I've heard nothing yet re. if that's occurred. If they don't want that info getting out they'll figure out who that lab is and try to intimidate them to shut it down.
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    I’m leaving , but want to read this later…!
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    Anthony Fauci led NIAID funded horrific experiments where scalps of aborted babies were stitched to the back of lab rats

    Tucker Carlson asked Daleiden if Anthony Fauci has accounted for this to which the latter answered in the negative.

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