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    Before buying the horse paste, I did an internet search for the excipients. For example, among the results for a search for "Bimectin excipients" I found this:
    A search for "Noromectin excipients" produced this:

    Most brands have three or four ingredients in addition to Ivermectin. Find the list of excipients and do a search for each one to find out what they consist of. For example:
    Silica Colloidal Anhydrous is one of the excipients in Bimectin:
    Titanium Dioxide (E171) is listed among the excipients in Noromectin:

    I have read that it's important that Ivermectin is the only active ingredient. Pastes or injectables with an additional active ingredient often have "plus" or "extra" in the name.
    I'll say a prayer for your full and speedy recovery.
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    Here's link to Michael Matt's 11 min video from Catholic MN Remnant newspaper... he and his family got Covid-19 about 5 days ago and are quarantined in their home.

    (His video hasn't been taken down as of yet...interesting though to read some of people's comments. Michael also inserted/add comment in the very first comment in comment section ...about more on his symptoms he's been feeling.)
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    This is good news!
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  4. Yes, he said he is taking Vitamin I hehe
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    Didn't want his video removed for mentioning ivermectin directly lol
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    Thanks for this info. Noromectin is what I have. I'm not overly concerned about the E additive since it's only a small amount I'm taking and those additives are already present in many of our foods, unfortunately. More of a concern when they're consumed regularly over a long time. Most processed foods are slowly poisoning us.
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    I also have Noromectin although I haven't taken it yet because I had been taking the liquid stuff that only contains ivermectin, glycerine and glycerol formal. The problem with the liquid is that it doesn't have a long life span after first use.

    Unless I missed something, the article (dated May 2021) about E171 doesn't actually say that its approval has been withdrawn. I took it to mean that they were recommending withdrawal of approval because although the evidence of its toxicity was inconclusive, its safety couldn't be established. I could well have completely misunderstood the article. It's best for everyone to do their own homework on these things.
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    Vitamin I….guess we’ll need to add that one in:D!
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    Does ivermectin kill other viruses in the body.
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    The FDA votes against boosters for most groups….but the NIH said they are not bound by the vote and they may tweak it! Biden will still push it:

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    Ivermectin is anti viral so I would think it does kill other viruses. The Amish take it when they are getting colds of any kind…they have been for years.
    Additionally, it’s a anti inflammatory. My friend took it for Covid and it cleared up a skin problem she had for years. She takes one dose each month now.
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    'Stella caeli exstirpavit', a medieval chant petitioning the Blessed Virgin for protection from the plague.

    The chant has made a comeback among Catholics since the outbreak of Covid.
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    The idea of a Vaccine passport is being escalated around the world with a new ruling by German lawmakers that people who refuse the COVID 19 vaccine will be barred from entering grocery stores, leading people to speculate that the vaccine is more about control and power than it is about people’s wellness.

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    Rest In Peace .
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  18. Beth B

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    Let’s hope that the Covid death of such a high profile American will awaken folks to the fact that the vaccine does not offer immunity for long…maybe four months….? The negative side of this experimental drug are yet unknown. Probably the elderly are at most risk. The heart disease is now known as well as tinnitus. More will be coming I’m sure….

    Powell was “ fully vaccinated “ and died from Covid…what more do people need to see.
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  19. Beth B, the MSM reporting that Colin Powell is fully vaccinated and yet died will really scare a lot of the pro-vaccine people. So I hope they will stop these insane vaccine mandates...
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