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    Beth….flagging this article. Maybe worthwhile reaching out to the Johnson and Paul offices…. Maybe they can apply pressure ? But other part of article was mention of their asking federal healthcare agencies to allow use or budesonide inhalers. Maybe this is also worth investigating and bringing to hospital folks ?
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    Miker…thank you so very much! My sister had the NY legal firm call her back yesterday. I think she’s holding off a bit because he was showing a slight improvement . It was recommended to her to instead try to use a hospital advocate to intervene on her behalf. Shes not allowed in the hospital. She’s trying that now before she threatens a court order. I’m praying he keeps improving so she doesn’t have to go legal….her hands are so full now. Her other son has Covid now and she babysits her grandchildren daily in another city. I’m not sure how she’s managing!

    I looked at the medication your referenced….her husband is too far gone in the infection to benefit, but I’m showing this to my sister! She is likely to get Covid and she has risk issues. She would benefit greatly with this because she has lung issues.
    Her husband was too late for this and also for the antibody treatment. After seeing all of this up close, I really would tell anyone who has any symptoms to treat it as early as possible! This Budesonide is a therapy I’ve never heard of before…it might help a lot! So glad you shared this!
    Thank you!

    Inhaled Budesonide Reduces the Risk of Emergency Department Evaluation or Hospitalization in Early COVID-19
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    oh my gosh….thank you! I’ll look at all of this and forward it to my sister in the morning. This is unbelievable what they are doing to people!
    The hospital not letting her use the ivermectin and then not letting her leave! This is insane…..

    This is exactly what I told my sister tonight. This is the medicine that they are giving him. “Hospitals just want to prescribe Remdesiver because it is expensive and the hospitals supposedly get a 20% percent kickback.” It can be dangerous….
    He improved slightly, but they said he’s going back and forth..

    I really appreciate this….truth for! I hope he improves so she doesn’t have to go legal. A firm in NY did contact her, but I’ll pass this on. Miker gave us some leads too!

    I’m Glad you posted this here because other members might be dealing with this at some point soon too!

    Great info!
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    Oh how terrible…they left before such young children!
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    Sorry for the suffering your sister and brother-in-law are experiencing. The following explains concerns about remdesivir:

    Dr. Ardis reveals hospitals’ COVID “death protocol” to Jeff and Shady – Brighteon.TV
    Friday, September 10, 2021 by: Ramon Tomey
    Tags: acute kidney failure, badhealth, badmedicine,, covid-19 pandemic, COVID-19 treatments, death protocol, drug cocktail, hospital protocol, Jeff & Shady, pulmonary edema, remdesivir, The Matrixxx Grooove Show, Wuhan coronavirus

    (Natural News) Dr. Bryan Ardis revealed the “death protocol” used by hospitals to treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients. He told The Matrixxx Grooove Show hosts Jeff Peterson and Shannon “Shady” Grove about this protocol during the program’s Sept. 2 edition on Brighteon.TV. A staunch critic of ill-advised hospital protocols, Ardis defended the use of more effective treatments for COVID-19 patients.

    Peterson and Grove opened the show by emphasizing the importance of standing up for one’s rights. “We need to start learning how to stand up, and Jeff and I are trying to present you ways to stand up that you guys [are going to] really enjoy,” Grove said.

    Peterson then welcomed Ardis and noted how We The People had no idea about their rights as patients. The doctor acknowledged this fact, mentioning that thousands of people have been reaching out to him on a weekly basis. “Every week, they’re pleading with us that he have a loved one in the ICU [intensive care unit] who is dying. [They] want help getting those people on different protocols and hospitals, but the doctors won’t listen,” Ardis said.

    Ardis continued that hospital administrators were “not being helpful” with their insistence on using drug treatments that cause more harm than good. He revealed that these same hospitals used an “ICU cocktail” made up of three drugs – the antiviral remdesivir, the anti-inflammatory dexamethasone and the antibiotic vancomycin.

    The doctor remarked that remdesivir caused acute kidney failure in 35 percent of patients who used the drug within five to ten days. When combined with dexamethasone and vancomycin, it caused acute kidney failure in up to 45 percent of patients in a span of five daysn. Ardis added that research on remdesivir only attested to the drug’s negative effects on the renal system.

    Even though the use of the three-drug cocktail has caused the kidneys to shut down, Ardis said hospitals have been adamant on following this protocol. Incidentally, Ardis said in early August 2021 that remdesivir was still approved by U.S. health authorities despite having a high death rate. “[Dr. Anthony Fauci] knew … for two years before he mandated this drug that it was deadly,” he said that time. (Related: Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?)

    Hospitals covering up the truth about COVID-19 deaths
    Peterson then clarified: “This acute kidney failure basically makes [COVID-19 patients] fill up with water … and they think it’s pneumonia, but it’s really the poison that’s killing their kidney – making the body fill up with water in layman’s terms?”

    Ardis replied in the affirmative, saying that acute kidney failure causes the bodies of COVID-19 patients to retain water. He explained, “When you cause acute kidney failure [in patients] with drugs that they’re using in ICUs … while they have an intravenous drip that is putting water into their body – their abdomen, heart and lungs eventually fill up with water.”

    The doctor continued the resulting pulmonary edema – water accumulating in the lungs – is then wrongly diagnosed as COVID pneumonia. “[Hospitals] are misdiagnosing that as COVID pneumonia that you continue to hear – [when] it’s actually pulmonary edema,” Ardis said.

    Peterson also played an earlier video with him, Grove and Ardis talking about a lawsuit filed by lawyer Thomas Renz. Renz’s lawsuit alleged that the federal government covered up 45,000 deaths caused by the COVID-19 vaccine within a three-day period. Out of the government’s 11 different reporting systems for vaccine injuries, Ardis said “one of them alone has 45,000 [deaths] and they have not released the total.” (Related: Thomas Renz discusses how hospitals’ covid protocols are killing patients who aren’t infected – Brighteon.TV.)

    Given the 45,000 vaccine deaths from one reporting system being covered up, the doctor described moves to vaccinate children for COVID-19 as disgusting. He said: “Now, they [want to] push it on every child, and they passed a law that by September [2021] … they’ll [be] able to vaccinate every five-year-old in America before they go to school.” has more articles about how the medical system conceals the number of actual deaths from COVID-19 treatments and vaccines.

  6. Did Fauci knowingly fast-track approval of drug with deadly COVID-like side effects?

    An international legal group heard testimony that Remdesivir was one of four drugs in a clinical trial for Ebola in 2018 and was dropped from the study before it was over. This was after a safety review revealed that it had the highest death rate of the drugs being tested.
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    Sunnyviel, This is the protocol I believe my brother in law is on. He is retaining fluid and being given lasix. I’m almost afraid to show this to my sister but I think I have no choice. Regardless if she tries to object to this treatment, they are doing it regardless. They ignore the patients and their families. She may find she needs legal intervention after all.
    Here is a guy with four nurses in his immediate family and they are being shut out by the hospital ….their request for therapies are ignored. This is insane. If anyone gets Covid, do everything you can to stay OUT of the hospital.

    Thank you Sunnyviel for this important information….but I’m dreading sharing it fearing we can’t change it.
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    Oh Remdesivir had the highest death rate! Oh what are they doing?

    Thank you Jason…..
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  9. Beth B

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    Thank you !

    This video is reflective of what we are currently dealing with. We are devising a plan now….pray for our success.
    Please watch the video that theflyingnun posted. YOU May need this critical information folks…

    Here is the link again:
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    Praying to Our Lady of Good Success.
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    FLCCC Weekly Update September 15, 2021: Pharmageddon Unleashed on Ivermectin

    September 16th, 202142,806 views

    This week's FLCCC Weekly Update hosted by Betsy Ashton features Founding Members of FLCCC, Dr. Paul Marik, and Dr. Pierre Kory, and also attorney Alan Dumhoff.

    Paul E. Marik, M.D., FCCM, FCCP
    Pierre Kory, M.D., M.P.A.

    This episode discusses the issues that doctors and nurses are facing writing prescriptions for their patients and how pharmacies are blocking needed prescriptions from being filled. Alan Dumhoff discusses the legal implications of all of this for healthcare providers and patients. They also discuss what to say to the Pharmacist when they tell you their is no Ivermectin and they said that they would be coming out with paperwork to help you at the pharmacy.

    Here is a sample down below:

    Please watch it at the 48:10 mark to at least to the 56:00 minute mark.

    At the 48:10 mark Dr. Paul Marik who is part of the FLCCC team said the following:

    "So, it is such an interesting discussion because rarely there is no specific standard of care. If you look at the science. The NIH recommends 2 drugs for the treatment of Covid, period. The 1st one is Remdesivir. Another study came out today showing Remdesiver is of absolute no value, none. So, because the NIH are still promoting the use of Remdesiver although it is totally an ineffective drug which costs 3,000 to 5,000 dollars a piece, patients are still getting Remdesivir. And then you have to question what is the standard. I mean the standard should be physicians at the bedside should prescribe for their patients interventions that they believe are helpful to their patients. The 2 current drugs recommended by the NIH Remdesivir and Dexamethasone 6mg are completely ineffective. So, it has created a complete circus. It is so offensive that we are even talking about this, that you have a drug which has a proven benefit and yet it is being questioned, while the drug that is being promoted by the ABC institutions of our country is of no benefit. I mean it is a complete absurdity. If you had landed on this planet from a different Solar System you would say what the F is going on here. This makes no since".

    Dr. Pierre Kory says that the Cocharane review which was almost soley focused on anyone who says anything negative about the vaccine. It was a masterful move by the opposition and he thought that the FLCCC would be branded as
    misinformation. We know that the medical literature is severely compromised and the Cochrane review is one of those examples and that is one of those things that we have to understand that is out there that we have to fight against.

    "Dr. Paul Marik then says "Just one point that i think is really important and you have to look at it as a global thing. And, it is truly astonishing that this drug called Ivermectin is promoted and endorsed in 79 countries across the world. Japan recently came out. The Tokyo medical association formally recommending the use of Ivermectin for every patient with Covid. So you then wonder how can it be safe and effective in Japanese people yet it is a toxic dewormer in Americans. Are we so genetically different. And then you ask what about in other countries. In Botswana they came out with a statement that the data of from Ivermectin is Irrefutable".

    At the 1:12:12 Dr. Pierre Kory shares with the viewers about how anonymous letters have been sent to the medical board concerning he and some of his colleagues stating that he has become an underground Ivermectin supplier. They said that the world has gone completely mad.
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    I'm sorry. I really debated whether to post this but the truth is important for everyone. Of course how you use it is a matter of discernment. I have been praying for your brother-in-law.

    Yes, stay out of the hospital. We went to a presentation by Dr. Ryan Cole last week . He began his presentation saying: covid is a clotting disease, covid is a clotting disease, covid is a clotting disease. He recommends taking aspirin at the 1st sign of illness. He said BUILDING A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM and EARLY TREATMENT are key. As sunlight becomes less he recommends high Vitamin D levels as well as zinc, quercitin, ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine etc.
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  13. Dr. Ryan Cole is a hero for our times.
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  15. Beth B

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    Could someone help me look up the link that shows how medically dangerous it is to get vaxxed after you’ve had Covid? I have two family medical situations going on now and need help looking this info up. I actually had the links but can’t put my hands on them quick enough because my nephew who has Covid is going to get the vaccine now and we’re trying to show him via the data that it’s totally unnecessary and possibly dangerous….especially if you don’t wait at least five weeks after a Covid infection.

    if anyone here can post those links, I would appreciate it. My sister needs it ASAP so her son doesn’t get the vax as he is now planning on,

    Thank you in advance!

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    No…it needs posted. Everyone needs to know the truth!
    I thank you!
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    Beth, Go to Lifesite News and search Natural Immunity and lots of links and info published by them on this subject pops up. Too many to post here. Hope this helps. Keeping your family in my prayers.
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    Praying for your situation Beth.

    Also here are a few links that could help:

    Several links to studies in this article on natural immunity v shots:

    For your nephew if he is a teen:
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    Yes! Thank you!just did!
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