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  1. I believe they are panelists working inside the FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) in the US government. Just go to the time 4:20:15th minute, it would just take around 3 minutes to know the thoughts and honesty of Steve Kirsch.
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    Yes everyone needs to watch this!
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    The Greek word for “sorcery” in the book of revelation is what we derive the word “pharmacy” from.

    “By your [pharmacies] were all the nations deceived.”
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    And it makes more sense all the time. Look at all the aborted fetal tissue being used, all the fertilized embryos. No earthly good could possibly come of this huge diabolical movement to vaccinate everyone. Even the new drugs advertised on TV and given to doctors use Frankenstein methods and ingredients. The only salvation: Jesus. I will not put that stuff in my body.
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    That’s the Greek word derivation
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    When you think about it, modern medicine tries to extend human life through chemicals. To an ancient man it sounds like sorcerers brewing potions to artificially extend life.

    We are on the verge of times where we try to cure illnesses by changing what we naturally are. Thinks like modifying DNA and RNA and treating our bodies like machines to produce spike proteins. Transhumanism.
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    Exactly right again.
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    Are you sure you have the correct times? I'm two hours into it and only heard Kirsch once when he asked something about natural infection. I've just listened to the Israeli representative presenting a positive take on the vaccines, including the booster. Lots of back slapping but not a word about early treatment or why it continues to be denied to people who are sick with the virus. They put all their eggs in the vaccine basket and now are justifying that decision.
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    Go to the 4:20:15 mark. That's 4 hours, 20 minutes, and 15 seconds in
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    It's frustrating seeing all the news articles about the FDA decision completely ignoring all of the hard questions posed by panelists...such as:

    Why is everyone ignoring the fact that heart attacks are 75 times more likely in the vaccinated than unvaccinated?

    Why were there 5 times more failures in protocol in the vaccinated group vs. the placebo group in the trial?

    Why are doctors' licenses being threatened when they try to ask questions that don't follow the narrative handed down from above?

    Why have at least 150,000 people died from the Covid vaccine?

    Why are we killing 2 people with the vaccine for every 1 person we save from Covid?

    Why are we rushing to vaccinate the entire planet so that we won't be able to distinguish vaccine adverse events from Covid?

    Why did Covid numbers and variants skyrocket after vaccine programs began?

    Why were the boosters approved by the vaccine makers for age 16 and up when only ages 18 and up were involved in the study?

    These and many more honest questions were presented by experts all over the medical field in this panel discussion. Watch the video before it gets removed and you'll never know what they said...because the news is not going to tell you.
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    One head ER doctor from a hospital in New Orleans said 65% of his staff are refusing the vaccine. He said (I'm paraphrasing), "These vaccine dissenters aren't actually stupid and against science. On the contrary, they're the ones actually coming to me with real knowledge and statistics. If you want me to convince these people to take the vaccine, you need to present me with some evidence based on large, properly conducted studies. But there are none! Where's the evidence I can give them that taking the vaccine is not going to be more or as harmful than contracting Covid? Where's the evidence?"
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    Listening to all these people speak has actually given me hope, even if they're ignored, because they aren't just all under some kind of mass diabolical hypnosis, blindly following what the elites tell them. They do care about true science and our real health and safety. But they're being silenced. They're as confused as we are and incredulous. I heard many of them say they are shocked at how the narrative is being controlled and how political and anti-science all of this has been.

    Our poor doctors. We need to pray more for them. They are in such a terrible spot right now.
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    Here's my screenshot of a slide presented by one of the FDA panelists, showing the huge amount of side effects/deaths from the Covid vaccine compared to all other vaccines combined

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    Here's another slide showing the massive explosion of variants after the vaccines were introduced

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    At first blush... I knew that I wasnt going to be able to make it through this video chock full of of "medical static".

    I did however see a couple "expert testimonies":

    I saw a Dr Amanda Cohen (sp?) who said.. "Its abundantly clear that the un vaccinated are driving up cases in the US "
    THAT is just not true!

    AND .... the doc at 7:09 said "If you cant control the infection with first two doses ...then that's a compelling case for the third dose."
    WHAAAA?? So.. if the first two dont work ..... a third one will??
    I'm no doctor... but that makes zero sense!!!

    From what I could make out ..these pple were not in the least interested in finding out how to control this virus .. but were vigorously searching for a way to make the public need/want even MORE vaccines!

    I did go to Jasons suggestion 4:20: 15 min.

    Whose this Steve Kirsh guy?
    NOT what these pple wanted o hear!!He was very factual and forthright...minced no words!

    All his statistics pointed to "Vaccines are deadly!!! and here's proof!."

    He said that" early treatment proved to be better than the vaccine"

    His final point .... " Cases of Covid in Israel have skyrocketed ( even though Israel is %90 percent vaccinated) and a town/area? in India is COVID FREE and almost NO ONE is VACCNATED!":love: (can you say..IVERMECTIN?)

    The response to Steve's eye opening statistics was..."NEXT":sleep:
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    A very frustrated Steve Kirsch's slide

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    Ah! Thank you. I was beginning to lose what's left of my reason. The woman from Israel was the last straw. I did find it strange that Israel decided to use the vaccines because they had FDA approval. I would have thought that the Israelis were advanced enough to do their own studies and make their own decisions rather than relying on outside sources. When, in support of the vaccines and boosters, she said they are having up to 10,000 cases per day, she sounded like someone in a hole who can't stop digging.
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    Huge difference! Did they provide a slide or speak to these as percentages of total vaccines given? The number could look more in total because they have inoculated so many? I’d line to see if the percentages are higher too.

  20. By the way, I saw this Rumble video which is a good summary of that 4-hour FDA video in just 8 minutes

    BOMBSHELL: FDA Allows Whistleblower Testimony that COVID-19 Vaccines Are Killing and Harming People!

    Rumble — The FDA held a Vaccine Advisory Committee meeting on September 17, 2021 to discuss authorizing a third Pfizer COVID-19 "booster shot."

    Surprisingly, the FDA allowed dissenting doctors to comment during the open session.

    The committee voted 16 to 2 AGAINST recommending the booster shots, and several doctors gave stunning testimony on just how dangerous the already approved shots are. We include the testimony of 3 different doctors from the 8 hour long meeting here: Dr. Joseph Fraiman, Dr. Steve Kirsch, and Dr. Jessica Rose.

    (Note: these doctors were NOT part of the committee voting, but commented during the "open session," but at least their testimony is now a matter of public record.)

    Full article:
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