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    Oh dear.
    Well the plan you gave her is a good one. I had something very like covid last Jan although I tested negative. I used raw honey in green tea and drank tonic watercwhich has quinine and took quercetin and zinc and D3. The infection lasted about 7 days but after a bad day 4(tight chest and general Ugh-iness it suddenly stopped. And I was amazingly well. Credit to Katfalls who shared her regimen with me.
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    Dr Mobeen Syed is probably the best source of Covid information on social media. His videos are a mine of information about the virus, the immune system, cell structures, spike proteins, etc. Athough a strong supporter of vaccines, he is not an hysterical fear monger and respects people's choice to not be vaccinated. He is on good terms with Dr. Marik and Dr. Kory, and he answers questions put to him by people on his YouTube livestream. After YouTube removed some of his videos he now also uploads them to the Odysee platform.
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  3. With prayers for your Dad
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  5. [​IMG]

    after 5 years....
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    Ah but that won't be necessary Jason, because they have figured out how to put vaccines in plants, in food (because it will be in various fruits & veggies, grain), in water and they also already have self-spreading vaccines so lineups will be a thing of the past. There are also vaccines in pill form and probably patch form too (for those boosters) and let's not forget those GMO mosquitoes that Gates funded to inject people with some sort of "malaria prevention" medication.

    Today's needles and lineups are only part 1 of the plan to get people roped into the whole idea that if you just take this thing now, you can get your lives back.... But it's not going to go that way folks!
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    Praying for your father Malachi!
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    Can you summarize or tell us a bit about this video. We can not see it in the USA, at least, I can't.
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    Oh no. Not good news. Its manifesting in Maine too.
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    Prayers please, both my daughter and I work at neighboring hospitals and NH hospitals are now starting to require the jab for all employees. We both will be filing for religious exemptions. Prayers that we are successful, otherwise we will without work. :(
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    Praying that you will both be granted religious exemptions. Please keep us posted.
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  19. Be brave...
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