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    yes, although the largest group is still the elderly and people with comorbidities (who could often live with the disease in the medium or long term) but the virus shortens that time.
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  2. Luan Ribeiro

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    there were people who got the vaccine and died days later (the explanation given is that it takes two weeks to take effect after the second dose)
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    That is an interesting explanation given.
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    You're very welcome. The info is not spiritual nor uplifting, but important signs. Yesterday's posts were the blitz of what I read in the morning's, here are a few more:

    Dating apps teaming up with White House to include vacxine status

    More states implementing lottery incentives

    Big pharma spends the greatest amount on marketing and other money-making activities than on R&D

    Emergency use of mRNA shots herald new era for vaxcines ....

    ...with everything being treated with them from (HIV, cancer, blindness...)
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    I’m so sorry, but the push to vaccine everyone, using every incentive including bribery, doesn't add up......
    Now they are pushing it on the children.....
    No, I’m sorry, this is a untested vaccine with unknown side effects, and we’re pushing it now on children who are either mildly ill or asymptotic IF they get it at all! They don’t need it.....why the push to get then the jab? Nooooo....this feels very, very wrong.
    Again, thank you for your post!
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  8. andree

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    You're welcome, I hope the posts help with discernment and faith. They do that for me, but now I've just about had enough of looking at the world.
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    Wee need our resident doctor, Brian, to explain. So those who've been vaxxed can't donate blood to covid patients because the vax wipes destroys natural antibodies from people who've recovered from covid.

    THE INJECTION DESTROYS NATURAL COVID ANTIBODIES. Is this why in previous covid trial all the animals died when exposed to a wild corona virus?
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  10. BrianK

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    No, I think it’s the other way around.

    “Natural” Covid infection (Covid isn’t a naturally occurring virus but a result of gain of function research to create a bioweapon) causes the body to make the appropriate antibodies to multiple particles of the virus, including but not limited to the spike protein.

    The Covid jab causes the body to make many multitudes of copies of the spike protein itself, in the hope the body will then make antibodies to that one tiny piece of the virus.

    Unfortunately as studies continue to prove, the spike protein itself, even in the absence of the whole virus, it responsible for much of the symptoms of Covid 19.

    Since the blood of those jabbed is polluted with these billions of copies of the spike protein the vaccine is inducing the body to create, their plasma may only make Covid victims worse, not better.

    And we have no idea how long a body, once hijacked by the jab to make spike proteins, will continue to do so. Quite possibly the rest of their lives.
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  12. garabandal

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    This winter will tell a tale --

    Those who are vaccinated might then be vulnerable to wild viruses, influenza or even the common cold?

    I hope I am wrong.
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  13. HeavenlyHosts

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    “Dr. Shi [Zheng-li, the ‘Bat Woman‘ who now runs the Wuhan institute] was trained by Ralph S. Baric of the University of North Carolina in building ‘chimera’ viruses — taking, for example, the spike protein from a new virus and splicing it to the backbone of a known one like SARS. He invented ‘no-see-um’ techniques that left no trace of the splice.”

    But here’s the key sentence:

    “Then, to see if the new chimeras could infect people, they were tested against human airway cells and ‘humanized’ mice — mice bred to have human ACE-2 receptors on their organs.”

    Read more at the link.
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    I hope you are too.
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  15. AED

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    Dear God in heaven! "The evil that men (and women) do. ..."
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    I totally agree.
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  19. Beth B

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    Geeezzzzx! Just Nuts!
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