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    For discerning minds:
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    So sad, prayers.

    The Catholic Church in France is doing wonderful Charity Work.

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    COVID hospitalizations at our local hospital are now worse than the first wave in the spring. They originally had one floor reserved for COVID patients, but in the past week they had to open another floor that is about to exceed capacity. They are now in the process of reopening a closed nursing home to handle the overflow. There are available beds in the ICU, but it's pretty full. The good news is that the majority of these patients are recovering.
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    This is so disturbing. May God have mercy on all these poor people.
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    I wonder if this is related to the Pachamama Idol?


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    Pachamama idolatry was the great betrayal at the Vatican.

    Not so much smoke of satan billowing out of the Vatican but a raging fire of apostacy
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