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    Interesting. A curfew. Not enforceable by law but the threat to make it one is certainly made. Baby steps of fascism couched in public safety.
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  2. AED

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    Yep. Understatement.
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  4. padraig

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    Most of this goes back to the total wickedness of the Chinese Communist Party
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  5. Mario

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    It is like a black hole, extinguishing all light! And those who are useful idiots, they buy off!:cry::cry:

    May the Lord turn His face toward them, especially at the Warning; may the Communists bear witness to the inestimable Mercy of Jesus' Sacred Heart!
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  6. Julia

    Julia Immaculate Heart of Mary, pray for us.

    Isn't it all ironic really when you come to think of it.

    How many people resented the Church telling them what to do. Meaning Keep the Ten Commandments.

    Now, God might just leave them/ and us to their/our own ways, and the communist mentality or diabolic mentality is do what you are told or die or go to prison if you don't get shot in the process when they get their grip on society.

    That is how I am seeing things these days. Rules under the guise of self preservation, when God asks us to love our neighbour as ourselves, and think of the other person first.

    These Covid plandemic scares are abusing our natural Christian inclination to think of our neighbour, and comply out of charity for His sake. This is such a clever abuse of how God intended us to love one another. IMHO
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  7. HeavenlyHosts

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    Diabolically clever.
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    You are right.
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    Well said, Julia.

    Lord have Mercy!
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    Very insightful. So true. Very, very sad but true.
  11. padraig

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    I tired to read a biography of MaoTse Tung several years ago. But I had to stop because he was wicked I just could not bear it anymore. Totally, totally evil, so evil he just never stopped. As far as I could tell he seemed to have been born evil. Often this showed in smaller things.

    Such as during the Cultural Revolution which he inspired he and his friends and family were holed up watching American Hollywood movies, something he would have others put to death for.

    Such as he had young girls brought to him , specially selected ,so he could have sex with him, like and Ancient Emperor.

    When millions were dying of hunger because of his agricultural collectivation he and his fellows stuffed their gourmond faces with the best food brought to them from all over the world.

    Anyone who got in his road even slightly he had killed at once. When the Reds took over Shanghai he had his opponents put into the furnaces there, slowly, their screams could be heard all over the city.

    ( The same kind of thing happened in Havana, Cuba when Fidel Castor took over. Che Guevara and his comrades took over the old secret police HQ and they tortured their opponents to death all night there too)

    Just total , total mind blowing evil. Like demons in human bodies.
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  12. Joan J

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    They are SELLING desperate to everyone willing to believe them.
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    The Christmas crib in our parish church was moved out to the yard this year because of the virus. I know that the intentions were good and it was probably a sensible decision, but I'm wondering whether it occurred to anyone that it looks like there was no room in the church for the Holy Family at Christmas.
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  14. andree

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    The influence of Big Pharma on the WHO

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    Demons in human bodies says it all.
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