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    The lockdown starts Wednesday and will last for six weeks. It won't be as draconian as the first lockdown. Schools and creches will remain open, and I think it will be OK to to call in plumbers, electricians, etc. for repairs to our homes. I'm not sure, but I think that travel will be limited to 5 or 10 kilometres from home. I'm wondering whether the hairdresser might be able to squeeze me in tomorrow. The last lockdown taught me that I don't have a talent for cutting my own hair.
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    Are there members on the forum who live in California who can confirm the truth of what this person is saying?

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    I think it may be true, there are multiple reports circulating about this. I wonder how the governor will monitor thousands of holiday gatherings. Totally insane. ;):LOL:
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    Now it makes sense that there are Trump rallies reported in California. This could bring a heck of a lot of Californians over to vote for Trump if enough people get to hear of it before the election.
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    Thanks for this. I see various reports about these things, but never know if they are accurate with respect with what is actually happening in the laws. For example, I've read that in Quebec, the police have the right now to go into homes to check how many people are gathered. So that is one way that authorities will monitor, but the most obvious means are probably through the use of those numerous spy devices that we have all willingly accepted on our persons or in our homes (smartphones, PCs, tablets, Alexa-type devices, cameras, wifi or even the new lighting can be used to spy according to some people). I even read about a fire detector that was on the market a few years ago which was found to have hidden cameras in them and no where in the user documentation was there any mention of this. The manufacturer basically just said "oops, sorry about that" and that was it.

    To me accepting all this tech is like accepting that bowl of lentils which was meant to steal something of higher value. Having said this, the internet has served God's plan too and has helped wake a lot of people up.
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    The governor here in Rhode Island is restricting Halloween trick or treating before it gets dark which is before 5PM around here as it gets dark early this time of the year
    There can be no indoor Halloween parties and everyone has to wear a mask
    I have heard of someone being fined 1000.00 for having a private party this summer

    The governor has just mandated companies to cancel breakrooms for employees for 90 days.
    Oh yes and she said anyone wanting to travel for Thanksgiving can forget it.
    It's just getting ridiculous
    Welcome to the Twilight zone
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    Do the numbers warrant these lockdown measures? Are the numbers not going down? The fatalities are certainly going down so not sure how they are packaging this stuff.

    California is run by a nut so it doesn't really surprise me. He has canceled Halloween. And the holiday gatherings rumor seems to be true. My brother who lives in Cali said he heard that there are NO holiday gatherings. These people are absolutely nuts.

    I try to tell people that safety is an illusion. You are never "safe" is an illusion. There are always people out that might harm you. There are millions of germs around everyday. You might get into a car accident or trip and fall and break something or worse. It is crazy to be afraid. It really is.
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    Trick or treating is happening in my corner of Massachusetts. Halloween falls on Saturday this year, so if the weather is good it could be a big night around here. I am will not be answering the door this year, I plan on putting out a pile candy on the porch, and when it's gone, it's gone. We are planning a pizza party for the grandchildren so they can wear their costumes, and we can have fun taking photos. :)
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    This morning the Republic of Ireland has become a prison - people not allowed to travel beyond 5km of their homes --

    3 people 'died' of covid yesterday.

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    ‘Overwhelmed’ Mater Hospital Dublin is EMPTY

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    I was outside the supermarket a few months ago with my trusty and favourite Jesus Lamb of God t shirt on in the middle of a line waiting to get in. An aquaintance and his wife made a remark about the t shirt and tittered. I heard during the week that himself , his wife and their young daughter all came down with the virus, that they both have co morbidities and were seriously ill with the virus.

    Life throws up so much strangeness. Please pray for them all.
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    Jesus Lamb of God, please help and heal this family.
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    Praying for Ireland and that the fear be lifted.
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    Over 99.6% of people who get covid survive.

    1.2 million have died worldwide from covid 0.00015% of the world's population.
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