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    But people will not research these vaccines and will line up for them because they are afraid. Fear causes us to make bad decisions. Ugh. How many will get sick from this vaccine?
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    Very concerning Sparrow. Do you see this actually moving in the article's direction? I know Canadians are not coming to Arizona (snowbirding) this year due to travel restrictions. I have heard from several people locally that they can fly here but there is a 2 month limit or they lose their national healthcare. Not sure if that is true. I do know I do not see ANY Canadian license plates and by October, we usually see quite a few.

    The article is very dire. So, the IMF is setting this up? I know I have read many articles about the global reset and the central banks of the world trying to do this. Trump seems to be moving in a different direction. Except for the really liberal states (Cali, NY, NJ, etc) the unemployment is less than 8% and that is a drop from mid crazy virus times. So in only a few months, most are in a recovery. Here is AZ the stores are packed. We are still wearing masks :rolleyes: but the stores are literally super busy. Most schools are back to in person with an option for online but my daughters school has 2/3 to 3/4 capacity back in person. Again, they have to wear masks but they are in school. School buses are running. My daughter is playing volleyball (school team) and the games are open and a lot of people, especially the students are going to the games. Last night the school had their football game opening and the field was packed. I see this in other states as well, except for the crazy ones. Oddly, the churches are still like ghost towns. The diocese of Tucson is very restrictive but Phoenix diocese is moving to fill their churches again.

    I say Trump seems to be moving the economy in another direction as he has brought the Fed into the Treasury and so enjoys some more control over the central banks and how they operate. The interest rate is not raising like in other countries and austerity measures are not being implemented. At least that is my take on it and I could be completely wrong.

    I will put Canada and her citizens in my daily prayers. I really hope this is not true. How very frightening. Tyranny at the doorstep.
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    Another question....

    The individual would also have to agree to partake in the COVID-19 and COVID-21 vaccination schedule

    What is Covid 21? Is that the morphed virus or is this something new that has not been sprung on us? I thought we were dealing with Covid 19
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    It sounds to me like they mean to release a new bio weapon as part of their plan to subjugate people. Utterly diabolic.
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    Tanker, it's not the first time I have read this so I'm just a little worried. I trust God but my daughter is more worried as she has 3 yr old and a 1 yr old and has not had them vaccinated and she has all kinds of awful things running around in her mind. I tell her to pray and not read this stuff.
    Everyone knows our PM is a leftist puppet of Soros and we believe that the last election was rigged as there is NO way he should have gotten voted back in after all his ethics violations and blackface scandals. He bows before China and has actually praised their regime! So this stuff may be true.. I wouldn't put it past him.
    Thank you for keeping Canada and us Canadians in your prayers.
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    it came to my mind today that the next conclave may have to be held because of some technological tool, considering the time we live in and the age of Pope Francis
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    Canada is a scary place Sparrow!!

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    I think if I were a Canadian I would tap into what Mark Mallett has been saying about the coming persecution.

    Looks like Canada has already fallen to the new world order.
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    Melbourne, Victoria - population has been imprisoned for 100 days --

    Restrictions in Australia's second-biggest city were eased slightly today following a steady decline in new coronavirus cases, but officials stopped short of ending a controversial "stay-at-home" rule.

    More than 100 days after the lockdown was imposed on Melbourne's five million residents, authorities lifted a two-hour limit on the time people could spend outside their homes for permitted activities.

    They also extended from 5km to 25km the distance people could travel from their homes for several activities, including exercise, shopping for essentials, socialising and work in essential professions.
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    Coronavirus is no longer a health matter but has been criminalised. Gardai checkpoints set up to check on people venturing too far to parks and beauty spots.

    RTE: More checkpoints as gardaí focus on crime prevention

    Crime prevention patrols will be increased nationwide, particularly at locations such as public amenities, parks, and natural beauty spots.

    What about catching burglars, rapists, murderers, thieves and drug-barons?
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    Justin Barrett's speech at Let Ireland Live Protest 11 Oct 2020
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    Also, articles like the following keep popping up all the time. Makes you wonder. I know we have many many Chinese immigrants here...
    Yes! Ever since our PM Trudeau got elected.. he's as leftist as your Democrats!
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    Professor Dolores Cahill - explaining in an articulate manner why you should not take any Covid 19 vaccine.

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  19. Trump Says COVID-19 Vaccine Won’t Be Mandatory, Biden Says It Should Be

    The Facts:

    It doesn't seem likely that a COVID vaccine will be mandatory under the Trump administration, but Joe Biden recently shared that he believes it should be.

    Reflect On:

    If the vaccine did become mandatory, would you take it? Will there be too much of a backlash if the vaccine is made mandatory, or mandatory to travel for example?

    What Happened: US President Donald Trump told Stuart Varney on Fox Business Network’s ‘Varney &Co’ that he doesn’t plan to make the coronavirus vaccine mandatory for American citizens, because “there are some people who feel strongly about the whole situation,’ alluding to the idea that people should still have freedom of choice when it comes to what they choose to do with their own body.

    On the other hand, presidential candidate Joe Biden said he would urge all state representatives, governors, mayors and council members to make the vaccine mandatory, just like some have done with masks. He acknowledged that such a mandate would be difficult to enforce, but stated that “we should be thinking about making it mandatory.”

    Trump has long been promoting alternative therapies for COVID, many have come under scrutiny by mainstream media. The scientific and medical community have both promoted these therapies as well as criticized them, the only difference seems to be that those who support them don’t seem to receive much media attention, while simultaneously become subjected to a censorship campaign by media and social media outlets.

    Scientists who share opinions that contradict the World Health Organization (WHO) have also been heavily censored. Michael Levitt, a Biophysicist and a professor of structural biology at Stanford University is one of many who have criticized the WHO as well as Facebook for censoring different information and informed perspectives regarding the Coronavirus.

    The Great Barrington Declaration is experiencing the same thing for questioning lockdown measures, it’s now been signed by nearly 40,000 doctors and scientists.

    A paper recently published in Global Advances in Health and Medicine titled Ascorbate as Prophylaxis and Therapy for COVID-19—Update From Shanghai and U.S. Medical Institutions points out:

    A recent consensus statement from a group of renowned infectious disease clinicians observed that vaccine programs have proven ill-suited to the fast-changing viruses underlying these illnesses, with efficacy ranging from 19% to 54% in the past few years.

    The paper also promotes the use of alternate therapies like intravenous vitamin C and provides evidence showing its success in COVID patients. It’s one of multiple studies to do so, but vitamin C has been heavily ridiculed and censored by mainstream media and social media for being able to provide any help when it comes to healing from COVID, or to help prevent it.

    We are being made to believe that a vaccine is the only answer. No other suggestions seem to be acceptable. Why?

    Why This Is Important

    Why is there an authoritarian ‘fact-checker’ patrolling the internet and censoring information? Sure, a lot of stories may be completely false and irresponsibly written, especially ones that don’t provide any sources for their claims, but a lot of legitimate information is also being censored. Should people not have the right to examine information and opinions that go against the grain and decide for themselves what is, and what isn’t? Are we not capable of this? Can the mainstream media make the minority feel like the majority and the majority feel like the minority?
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    I just saw an article that Ireland is considering locking down through 12/31.....

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